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  1. Love Stinger/Stingray spoons, they flat out catch fish... BUT the paint/tape usually gets damaged after just a fish or two... this doesn't happen with the Moonshines, really wish Stinger would fix this.  How long will you guys continue to run a spoon with the paint/tape messed up?  Does anyone have any techniques on how to prevent this from happening as much -- add a clear coat?  thanks

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  2. If your talking about tying a loop in the tag end as opposed to using a snap, my buddy uses snap to snap connections all the time because it's easier and a time saver, and he still catches fish, way more than me and I use a loop.  

    Well hey that makes me feel better! Wasn’t sure if a snap rather than a loop impacted the action of the fly at all. Both methods make the fly interchangeable on different rigs but I guess the advantage of the loop is that it’s free. I started putting snaps on mine because that’s what I knew how to do…
  3. New, never run, Reef Runner Lures... these lures are known to catch monster Walleye and can be used for staging salmon/steelhead, spring trout/salmon

    18 Reef Runner 800 Deep Diver 4.75"
    19 Reef Runner 600 Series, "Deep Little Ripper" 3.5"
    2 Cordell "Wally Minnow"

    Plano boxes included as pictured...


    39 Total Lures, huge savings off retail.




  4. I'll take any. Depth, temp, jigs, live bait, smell, taste, anything.  Thanks!!!

    Different lake and different season, but some similar principles probably apply. This guy is a pro bass fisherman using bass techniques for Lakers. Ive done it in the fall in Lake Erie when they are in shallow spawning. once you find them, they are really easy to catch with vertical jigging… in the fall at least, never tried it in the summer. This time of year they are out deep, bellies in the mud.

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  5. I have caught fish on it all different times .  But I usually fish  flashers below 50 ft . 
    I find glow works well sometimes mid day high Sun for some reason . 

    I’m guessing there’s no problem running glow during the day… it’s pretty dark down that deep. A bigger issue would be running UV when there’s not enough light to reflect.

    I caught two monster steelhead in Lake Erie this week on glow, mid afternoon, ~40ft. Before I put glow on it was a slow day…

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  6. I see what you mean -- maybe, but it seems soft and malleable like braid, not rigid like 7 strand.  I'm not a fanboy yet of the stuff -- just experimenting.  We'll see... 

    Lost a three colors of lead along with the 19 strand backer when my “improved Albright” knot failed — braid to 19’strand. Not sure what I did wrong maybe tag ends to short. Frustrating, probably not worth it. Might just go with some snap weights to add versatility

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  7. hey Erie buck so no recipe is perfect except for the ones that work however imo glow should be kept for morning early hours and as the sun continues to get above the horizon start to gravitate towards uv colors the nice thing about the uv is its still effective deep as the fish are able to pick out uv at deep depths hope this helps 

    Thanks, yes I’m learning bit by bit. You guys have really helped. Much appreciated. I Used to just randomly throw stuff out there and hope it worked. But paying attention to details and understanding certain situations has improved my success. With an approaching storm front and reduced light today, I changed up my spread to some mag glows and got two bites on raspberry carbon, one a trophy steelhead for Lake Erie, 10 lbs, jumped 7 times!! I also caught a COHO in Lake Erie today, running mini orange dodger and coho fly which I learned from @yankeetroller post. Seems to be decent amount of Coho in Lake Erie if you try.. strange must come down from Lake Huron ??

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  8. Yeah man, unfortunately I don't get to make it to Lake O more than a couple times a year... I fish primarily Lake Erie where the fishing is incredible but we don't have Kings!   so I have a lot more time to think and plan rather than the more fun technique -- trying and finding out.   I want to maximize the experience for my dad for our upcoming trip -- he's not in great shape -- could be his last.  Sorry for all my posts.    

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