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  1. Erie buck you're intuition is correct you should run a glow fly with a glow flasher the whole purpose for the glow is either in low light conditions or deep water presentation again low light so it makes sense that the fly should stand out as well as the flasher or at least be visible 

    Is there any harm in running glow stuff in normal daylight not super deep? I suppose if it was a partial glow with UV qualities it would reflect some light and be okay.

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  2. good info thanks @relaxer.  Makes sense to run meat behind the bigger spinny w/ diver.  Interesting black and white are your go to!  Don't mess with the green??  I have a number white glow/crush and white with different tape color combos, but I think I only have 1 black flasher, an 8 inch black/uv spinny.   I have lots of stuff with black accents/dots but not mainly black.  Doesn't look like many on the market besides the carbon 14   

  3. Thanks @Keep'n it Reel makes sense.  I'm going to label my glow flashers with a sharpie mark and probably separate them in a different box along with the glow flies.  Some of them are all glow but others just have a small piece of glow tape the ladderback in glow.   At what depth would you consider deep water, low light, assuming full sun.  > than say 70ft?

  4. I’ve always paid attention to finding good coordinating color combinations for flasher/flys, but what about glow?


    Should you match a glow flasher with a glow fly ? Does it matter ?


    I was in my shop rigging up all my flasher fly combinations and then I turned out the lights and was surprised what I saw… flashers I thought were glow weren’t and vice versa, same for the flies…. I had glow flies on non glow flashers and glow flashers with non glow flies.


    I’m trying to do better at paying attention to the smaller details to become a better fisherman… but if I’m overthinking this stuff please tell me to STFU!!







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  5. Anyone ever run the 10 inch spin doctors off divers? If so, when and with what behind them?

    I have a handful of them but not sure if I should waste valuable time with all the other good stuff in the boat. I have 10+ 8 inch in both e chip and spin dr.

    For meat I typically run the 11” paddles or 13” fish blades off riggers. Or will put a meat head behind an 8inch

  6. I am doing some planning for my late July trip out of Wilson and was just wondering if you guys know of any companies that will ship out cut bait?   I don't believe there's anything in Wilson.  I can always drive out to Boat Doctor in Olcott and grab some, but would rather focus on fishing once I get in town.  


    Familiar Bite https://cart.gltsupplies.com/cut-bait/  used to ship them out but everything on their site says out of stock, so not sure if they are still in business.  


    What is your preferred way to run meat -- with the 3 teaser flies or no teasers, just meat head behind the flasher?  

  7. Shortbus makes the triangle rotary flashers but they also make 11” paddles, check out their website.  Big paddle flashers are a staple out on the west coast/Columbia river and also the ocean fishery with cut herring behind them.  I run meat rigs behind the 11”ers.  Behind the triangle rotary flashers u can run pretty much whatever u want (I like to run meat with no teasers).  If u walleye fish try running the small rotary flasher directly off ur bottom bouncer rig with a worm harness or gambler rig behind it.

    Are their 11s similar to protroll?

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  8. If you’re running meat (you should be) def get some of the kingfisher/fish n chip style flashers as well.  I’ve also got some west coast shortbus 11” paddles that have been very effective (no echip).  Got a new Gibbs flasher I can’t wait to get in the water….these flasher are not as speed forgiving as spin doctors (seem to take more fish at a little slower speed) and 11+” flashers have more drag and can make fish act weird when u get them near the boat….but man are they effective for chinook.

    Nice, I haven’t tried any of the fish blades yet will have to pick up a few. I’ve seen the o’ki and salmon candy ones will have to check out Gibbs

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  9. I’ve been running split rings on all my spoons… but I’ve read some posts about people saying if the manufacturer doesn’t include one, you don’t need one. I just assumed they were trying to save a nickel by not including one to improve the profit margin… seems like the ring allows the natural actual of the spoon to take over but I guess I’ve never really experimented without the ring…


    What are you guys doing?



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    10 hours ago, ifishy said:

    Spin drs are very speed forgiving so they work well in a lot of spreads they are also adjustable for action this versitility makes them a favorite other styles work well but if I only had one it would be spin docs

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    On your Spin drs. which hole do you hook your fly 1) hole closest to fins = less action, 2) other hole = more action?  

  11. Do you guys see any real difference between all the brands out there?   What have you found to be your go-to for divers, long lines, riggers?  I like the pro-troll e-chip stuff for big paddles for meat on riggers, but they don't seem to have the fancy color options that some of the others have to use them in 8 inch -- anyone out there custom painting them?  Spin doctors seem to be the standard people use for 8 inch it seems but just curious to hear what people like out there.   

  12. ^^^ eriebuck, thanks again for selling me the items I paid for here on the classifieds which you said you shipped just to refund my $ and renig on the deal.

    Bty if you read Yankees previous posts he has graciously written for us so we can have the success he's having- that he normally runs the coho stuff off boards on fishusa stealth leadcore up higher. Almost like what you were going to sell me.

    #1 lure of 4 Musky Inc National Champions in last 3 years.

    I PM’d you earlier that I can ship them now and ready to sell. Sorry, I was trying to figure out my spread and had some second thoughts based on new info I had learned and experience with new reels I had ordered which is why I promptly refunded you. Sorry you are mad and not empathetic. If you want them still — they are yours, if not — no problemo. Tight lines!

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    Been a great couple of weeks tourney fishing the West end mainly with a Coho/Steelhead program. We won the Niagara Pro Am, and had a great comeback this Sunday to sneak into the top 10 at the Orleans County Open. These baits were our rocks. We fished these on our Cannon Optimum downriggers in the top 60', wire divers on 3 settings from 35-60' out, and on FishUSA Stealthcore from 2-10 colors. Fishing ain't easy right now, but the Coho and Steelhead on the West end are plentiful at times.
    I heard a quote today from a buddy who fished with us this weekend. He quoted who he thinks is Michael Jordan. "You never lose. You just learn!" Tournament fishing is just that. The days your the bug are the days you pick something up and put it in your bag of tricks. I did that this weekend! When you're the windshield your don't take much away from it. But it's a good time, and a lot of fun!
    Niagara Pro Am:
    We put about 42 miles on the boat in practice and had a good pick most of the day on Coho and Steelhead. We ended up working the coldest surface water we found, and that had the best class of fish.
    Friday, we fished 50-51* water in 370-400'. Only 1 king bite all day. We boxed by 12:15. Took us 20 bites to box our 12 with short fish and dropped fish.
    Saturday, we were surprised to find that cold surface water still there with the wind that was blowing. Again, we finished our box by 12:15. On this day it took us 24 bites to get our box. We only had one short fish. We dropped a lot! We got very lucky and had 4 king bites.
    Orleans County Open:
    Saturday, we made some bad decisions and just kept pushing to find better water, or "the juice" as they say in Bass fishing. We put 52 miles on the ol' girl by the time we hit the pier heads at 2pm. We saw 70' of water, and we saw the Canadian shoreline. There were signs but we ignored them going for the gusto.
    Sunday, we settled in and had our 10 fish by 9am. We spent the rest of the day looking for matures. 7/8 rods loaded with Familiar Bite Pacific Herring and a Team Dreamweaver Rod Father mag generated 5 mature bites. We landed 1! Cracked off two rigs, and dropped the other two. We could have had the monster box but in the end it was a great time, with great friends, and we learned something.
    Ok, I'll end with this. Keep an eye on FishUSA's website. The Rod Father, a color we ran a lot in the past on Warrior blanks, will be a custom DW at FishUSA. The Coho and Steelhead LOVED the SS and DW the last two weeks, and the Kings chewed that mag all spring. The DW 6" spin doctors can all be found there as well. The flies were A-Tom-Mik Mfg. Coho flies in green/blue, green Crinkle, and hammer.
    Coho Spin Doctors
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    Awesome work in the tourney!! Where in your spread did you run your 6 inch orange spinnies? How do you balance not giving up kings but yet still putting fish in the boat??

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