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    I run NK 28's at a down-speed of 2.2 to 3 mph.  The speed range allows me to run stingers in the stingray size. at the same time (for the most part).  I always have NKs in the water.
    My favorite colors/patterns:
    Black, green/glow strip with a white back
    White, blue/pearl strip with a white back
    George Bush Pattern with a white back
    I am not saying I do not have other patterns and colors but I start with these in the am and adjust as the sun comes up and as I lower or raise the range of depth I am fishing (due to the difference in light penetration).  I always have one of the three mentioned in the water.
    As a side note, the older NK blanks are what you want; the newer ones are NOT the same weight and do not run the same next to the older ones.

    Good point on the old nk 28s, I remember a guy at the marina telling me this. I’ll see if I can pick up some vintage nk-28s on eBay. Interesting the white backs are your go to’s. White backs are underrated

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  2. When buying spoons it is important to find out which speed they can run at. Some perform at 3 mph but suck at 2.3 mph. Super Slims are popular because the perform anywhere between 1.9 and 3.00.
    Matching the hatch while fishing at 60 feet down is complicated. that's why your beginning setup has different sizes and depending on which spoons get hit you can adjust your size. Don't over think it,enjoy it!

    Very good points, thanks

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  3. NBK
    Gator UV
    Green Glow alewife
    Green Glow alewife UV
    Tuxedo UV
    Purple Glow Alewife
    Diehard UV
    Seasick Waddler UV
    Froggy Glow

    I think I’m going to go with a combination of the different companies in the different sizes as it seems that each shines within these specialties.

    Moonshine Mags
    Stinger Stingray
    Dreamweaver Super Slim

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  4. FYI.... you can Albright knot any of the lead core lines and if tied properly, it will NEVER let go.  The knot is a little larger since the lead core is doubled over, but I have never had one fail in 40 years of fishing.  FYI...it's rather easy to tie once you have done it several times.

    When I do a double uni with the lead core sheath, i find that area turns into a huge mess
    a tangle as it twists very easily and retains a lot of memory. Maybe and Albright would be better even though the knot catching on the guides might get annoying

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  5. I run mostly Stingers and run them in Stinger, Stingray and Mags.  Some days one works better than the others.  I find the Stingray size works best for all species most of the time.  

    Thanks gambler. Would you say mags get bit less often but catch bigger fish? Will you always run a slider or stacker off your riggers? Smaller spoon on top?

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  6. I’m working on my spoon collection and picked up this great new box from fish usa... I’m pretty new to the game but seems like a lot of salmon fisherman like the Moonshine or mags and Dreamweaver super slim. Watching various YouTube videos it seems like on Lake Michigan they primary run super slim size with occasional mags. I’ve heard the old saying “match the hatch” to size your baits to the actual bait fish the fish are eating at the time... so I wanted to get the experts comments on what’s been your experience on Lake Ontario with size of spoons (regardless of brands) at different times of the year...


    Thanks in advance for your comments!IMG_2047.JPG



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  7. On 3/18/2017 at 8:31 PM, Legacy said:


    The line counter on the reel is not accurate enough for these measurements. I use a Berkley clip on line counter http://www.berkley-fishing.com/berkley-tools-and-equipment-tools-berkley-fishingear/berkley-line-counter/1285890.html

    Legacy - are you still using this Berkley clip on line counter?  Found this threat very useful, much appreciated!  Just need to figure out the best way to measure my line going on the spools without an expensive machine

  8. 580 how do you find the microlead handles compared to the stealth core?  Can you do a willis knot to your leaders?   I can see why the 30% smaller diameter would be helpful on the 10 cores.  what size reels do you use for your 10 colors?  thank you sir!

  9. I just bought my first Okuma Reels, 553LS for 300 copper setup, I wasn’t aware of this drag issue. You guys think I should proactively get the drags upgraded or is there a chance they’ve corrected? Hate to find out it’s not with a big fish on the line.

    I normally run Shimano or Daiwa but seemed like everything in the larger sizes was sold out or discontinued. I wanted that high speed Daiwa Saltist but was told it’s discontinued.

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  10. 18 hours ago, Iceman said:

    E B;

    I am looking at this suspension system (two units for the front seats), as it can handle heavy weights  (like me). They are expensive, but you can't put a price on comfort & safety.




    Good luck with your search, & let us know what you end up with.



    John, appreciate it!  Here are a couple more options I've found:



  11. 52 minutes ago, cjc said:

    What cable would you replace it with that would be better.

    Going to try 49 strand (7 x 7) stainless steel wire.  I had read in some other posts I saw that people had switched from the Cannon 7 strand to 49. 


    I found this product on ebay (from Australia lol) and bought it.  https://www.ebay.com/itm/323970070042.  98kg equates to 216 lb test which is 66 lb better rating than Cannon's wire and the diameter is very similar, only 0.004 bigger.  It still goes through the Cannon terminators with a little help and the line counter should still be accurate.  The 49 strand wire seems much easier to work with -- it doesn't have nowhere near the stiff "memory" of the 7 strand which can really tangle, twist, and kink easily.  I'm looking forward to seeing how it performs.  If this doesn't work well, I suppose I will try braid like many have started using.  


    The Malin wire company out of Cleveland also makes 49 strand but I was having trouble finding a diameter that was that close to the original cannon wire.  

  12. Appreciate your efforts Yankee -- you're a good man.  I will be sure to pay closer attention to the how the line is winding.  Crazy there isn't some sort of level-wind guide on these... hopefully they will incorporate into future designs.  What made you switch to braid?  Any problems with fleas?

  13. Do you guys still buy the line counter version of the reels for your downrigger rods?  That's all I've ever bought because the price isn't much different, but I may pick up a couple non-line counter Tekotas to use on the riggers.   Only thing I don't like about them is how far the line counter sticks out which can get in the way a bit while reeling for people who aren't used to them and it makes the below deck storage on my boat a little challenging.  

  14. 6 minutes ago, tuffishooker said:

    As previously posted your problem is the cable ! Any twist or kink will weaken the cable along with a bounce with a wave ! Who said salmon fishing is cheap , I tell all " newbies " be prepared  $$$ ! I doubt Canon is the problem !

    Wire on 1500$ downriggers shouldn't snap that easy... it's ridiculous.  They need to address the problem that so many are experiencing.  Google it -- this isn't a couple incidents with newbies.  Step 1 would be for Cannon to acknowledge there is a problem, which it appears based on my experience with them, they aren't really good at listening.  Step 2 would be to start equipping these powerful modern downriggers with cable that can actually handle the routine stresses they face out on the lake.  The cable is probably the cheapest component and they are using the same stuff from the manual crank days.  It's like putting donut spare tires on a Ferrari.  

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