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  1. Couple initial questions if I may...


    1.)  Is the recommendation to go with SeaStar helm pump and cylinder tee'd into an Autpilot pump and use the OEM hydraulics as a power assisted slave cylinder with main power on?


    2.) What negative effect is there in AP mode with the main power off and trolling with kicker? 


    3.) Is there any safety concerns operating in AP with the Main and needing to manually take control? 

  2. IDK: Being new to this type of fishing and trying to absorb as much knowledge as I could by reading as much as I could, I found I was starting to develop brain swell... For me, I took an opportunity to visit a descent tackle shop that had most of the brands and after really putting my hands on each of them, the instant comparison of cost, features and construction made my decision much easier.

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  3. Have done some reading and wondered what the experienced folks say about the need for fluorocarbon leaders. Seems like there are more benefits to keeping it simple with mono, especially with a wire diver.


    If you don’t mind, can you please be specific about your reasons as I would really like to understand the thinking.



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  4. Sounds like there is growing support for the EZ Steer... Thanks Captain for weighing in on this. Collective decisions are usually the best decision.

    Rather than starting a new thread, any words of wisdom on the best approach to setting up the steering on an old cable-assist Alpha?

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  5. KIR: Appreciate you speaking up about your set-up and experiences. I initially was looking at the ez steer set-up and using assisted directional control off the Alpha outdrive. However I recently met an Erie fisherman with an Islander and he was using the Garmin Reactor. In his opinion an autopilot on the kicker was the way to go.  I am curious to see how the Islander performs with just the kicker in light to moderate seas. It's a light boat and as Pierless stated may be subject to points of wind a bit more that i would prefer.

  6. Appreciate the vote of confidence...

    About the only thing this kicker didn’t come with was power tilt so I am fortunate in that regard. There is one question I was debating on; the best location for the throttle controls. Have seen a few set-ups with them located aft. Any thoughts on that?

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  7. Well I do have a great first mate that needs to be in charge of something... So I really don't need an autopilot for the I/O while we're not fishing, least I haven't so far with my previous sport boats. But your comments do raise a couple questions about overwhelming conditions and the ability to maintain control. Islanders as probably most aluminum boat that style are light and have a large sail area especially if you have any canvas up. Having said that, I really like the idea of independently controlling just the kicker, and after reviewing the Tailfin vs the Panther, I see the value in the Tailfin with a future upgrade of throttle control if it works out. I'm thinking that will be my first direction, worst case it might show up on the classifieds... 


    Appreciate the input! 

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