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  1. So I just purchased a 9.9 Mercury to use as a kicker for my 4.3L Islander.  The four stroke outboard is carbureted, electric start and set up for the 8 pin throttle control which I plan on mounting to a 10" lift bracket. The question I am working though is whether to connect the outboard to the Alpha drive with EZ Steer linkage and set up steering control for the Mercruiser or just go with something like: http://panthermarineproducts.com/electro-steer-and-steering/ .  If money grew on trees, I'm sure I would be looking at a full blown Garmin autopilot, linked to my...  But this is a budget build and I'm looking for an economical approach to keep the boat going fairly straight without fighting with the wife... 


    Greatly appreciate experienced answers with helpful suggestions... 

  2. So I actually purchased four rods & reels, 2ea 8.5' and 2ea 10' to do just that Sk8man. Wasn't sure beyond that which way to go.  However thanks to some excellent feedback - believe I know the direction forward.  Like the idea of ziplock bags also.  

  3. Unfortunately due to the fact that I will probably be storing more than using...

    Liked the idea of getting all the wire off the and stored on the reel. Plus I also was thinking that the long leader length could be adjusted to easily change the action with the added bonus of making it a bit easier for single hand netting. But totally get there are easy work arounds and those benefits probably don’t outweigh the ease of making changes wearing glasses...

    I do appreciate all the feedback.

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  4. Sliders caught my attention for two reasons; one because it got the wire off the rod and in my opinion helped protect it, the other because you could play with the leader length.  But something definitely to be said about clip and go set-ups... 


    Thanks for the responses!

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  5. I’m setting up a couple wire diver rods and I’ve been debating between fixed diver or a slide diver. I know the short answer is try one of each and see what works. Well it ain’t exactly fishing season yet and I have been fortunate to get some great advice from LOU, so thought I ask the question: Which do you like and why?



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  6. Slayer et al., had a few moments to not only read the Rochester Reel Repair Facebook post on the Cold Water Reels, but to also check two of my own new reels. First off I truly want to thank you for that great tidbit of information. Excellent read and useful to know the belleville washers spring load may be causing too much load on the drag in connection with the wrong viscosity of grease.  Easy to understand how a little dust, dirt and possibly heat could cause things to act up.  Fortunately for me at this point, both reels seem to function as advertised.  However, perhaps because it's cold outside, I have decided to get some  Cal's Reel Grease and clean/re-lube as well as change the spring load on all the reels before I have them spooled. Thanks again to everyone's thoughts and comments. I still believe the CW series is a great choice and worth the extra $10. bucks... 

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  7. Thanks Charlie, and everyone else for that matter... Reels showed up today and thought I'd try a few tests to see how they respond. I chose them for the price point, but while researching them I did come across a few older posts that mentioned a couple issues. Thought I'd reach out and see if the problem had been corrected by Okuma or not. 

  8. So I just pulled the trigger on four Okuma cold water CW-303D's that I intend to use for wire divers,  wondering if anyone might have experience with this set-up and what to expect with the standard drag.  Wondering if before I spool them up I need to consider upgrading the drag? 

  9. Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions.

    I have previously taken her out on a salmon charter on a less than perfect day to judge if she has sea legs or not. She did great and truly enjoyed herself. Unfortunately during that trip I was a little disappointed that my questions were dismissed and I began to feel the captain was more concerned about turning a profit. But to be fair, the booking was through fishingbooker and I never was able to get ahold of him prior to and discuss my goals for the trip. So I do plan on going again and booking the next trip differently.

    Regarding auto pilot and the wife... Totally worth the cost of that aspirin! I do plan to practice on Cayuga until I am confident in myself and have her experienced in what comes next. Figured a few trials of two lines then four, etc. moving them port to starboard etc. should help as well.

    Now for another question, is there anyone on this forum or would you recommend a person to talk with at a local tackle shop? I prefer to do business locally and not always stressed on getting the best price as I prefer quality of service. I googled a few things and taken a couple road trips but really hadn’t come across what I was hoping to find.

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  10. Having done some reading and some online window shopping, I am getting closer to wanting to pull the trigger and start getting geared now rather than wait until I'm rushed into buying the wrong damn thing when spring hits... Unfortunately, I still have plenty of questions and felt the need to reach out and ask before I pull the trigger. I know my questions will have variables so let me start out by saying I will be fishing out of a 22' islander while the wife drives and helps get the fish on deck. We are in our fifties, still very agile and love to learn. As we start this, we most likely will be warm weather folks that don't mind a jacket, but don't really care to head out too early, or late in the season in search of Salmon.  My understanding so far is fishing during that time of the year will most likely be pushing us further offshore in search of colder waters and deeper fish. So my first couple questions are; how deep is the thermocline typically that time of the year and how should I be rigging my boat?  I was thinking two lines on each of the port and starboard downriggers. I am open to running some dipseys, but wasn't wholly convinced I could get deep enough to be effective. 





  11. https://www.thegpsstore.com/Garmin-ECHOMAP-UHD-93sv-with-LakeVu-G3-Charts-and-Transducer-P6195.aspx


    So I found in my email this morning what appears to be a great deal on a Garmin chart plotter. Before I pull the trigger, I wanted to confirm with anyone that would know for sure if this package contains the right transducer for Lake Ontario Fishing. Little concerned about the max depth, and sideview depth.  Greatly appreciate experienced input... 



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