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  1. 413792446_GennyFish.thumb.jpg.5c4a1647e2fddb99006fb53ec593800a.jpgHi!

    I recently relocated to the Rochester area (lived here before in the late 80s to late 90s).  I fished the western Finger Lakes primarily when I lived in the area before.  Now, I'm fishing mostly Lake Ontario, bays, and tributaries.  I fish out of a 18' Kenner and am primarily a bass and pike angler, although I do also fish trout, salmon, and about anything else.  Just learning local water, but I've been lucky enough to do pretty well with Genny salmon and bay pike (very fast action, at times).  I fish all "styles" (cast, spin, fly), even with antique rods, reels, and lure.  I collect antique fishing equipment, as well.  Hoping to meet and fish with others with similar interests, after we are past the pandemic!




    Late November Pike.jpeg

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