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  1. 20220620_170117.thumb.jpg.c2c138bf4859216df5dffcb53ff54f51.jpgimage000000(7).thumb.jpg.4da87c743fad3b957d0a47dd1ebe3557.jpgMy son and I met you launching out of Sandy yesterday.  After setting the probe rigger and getting the first diver down, we landed a teenage king and a shaker in about 250 fow. We then started heading for deeper water which was the original plan.  I remembered the old saying never leave fish to find fish, so we turned around to keep hitting that spot.  Went 9 for 11 keeping 2 matures, 2 steelhead and the teenager.  All mag spoons with sea sick wobbler and NBK being the hot ones.  100 feet down where temp was 44.  Marked huge bait pods as well.

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  2.   Stopped by Gambler's house for some laker gear this afternoon.  Good guy and definitely knows what he's doin' (some nice bucks on the wall as well)!  Heading out again Saturday but can't decide Oak or Sandy?  Would prefer Sandy, but the low levels and thoughts of being pulled out by a crane have me a bit concerned.😒

      Two recent trips out of the Oak yielded zero when fishing the gin clear inside waters.  Moved out to 120' and brought in some some lakers on some 20 year old cowbells and peanuts.  Looking forward to running the new stuff!

      Family coming in from out of town to fish with me Saturday afternoon, and can't decide if the NW blow will make the inside waters worthwhile.  Time will be limited, and I may just head straight out with the new Gambler rigs.

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