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  1. I did a quick search to see if there was any hot off the press information.


    Chinook35 is right on the August 9th date confusion.  The US has different timetables in mind.  So, they are not in sync.


    Also, those dates are specific to land/air travel only.  The information I read is clearing indicating that travel by water is still prohibited.  That’s totally backwards for any fisherman who only want to float in their boat!

  2. It is my understanding that the incident Grady95 mentioned is what finally led to both countries cooperatively changing the rules regarding boat travel in and out of USA/Canadian water.  After that incident you no longer needed to call or check in with customs providing you do not go ashore, anchor or “make significant contact” with another vessel.


    The countries really screwed things up with Covid though.  Instead of leaving things alone…they went back to the old rule of not being able to cross into Canadian water.  So…they are stopping everyone…and they should have just left the rule alone in my opinion and there would be a lot less confusion.


    I have been stopped AT LEAST once every year for the last 20 years or so.  Most recently (and immediately before the Covid changes) the Canadian authorities stopped me in American waters.  The agent told me that there is now some mutual patrol agreement between USA and Canada…where both sides patrol both sides…. But I never bothered to look into it; not that I really care actually.  I mean, the lights come on and you stop!


    For whatever its worth, I have found the authorities to be very nice; and I don’t want my kids to get nervous.  I usually ask them about their boat, their equipment, their guns…etc and things go really smoothly.


    Moving forward I understand after August 9th (as I type I have to confirm that) they are resuming travel if vaccinated.  But, I’m not sure how they will adjudicated that when it comes to crossing in and out by water.


    I’ll figure that out very soon as I troll Canadian water almost exclusively for Musky and I have been dying to get out there…my boys and I got a real nice 54” female a few November’s ago!


    Have fun and be safe!

  3. Thank you again…

    I have Digitroll 10’s and in checking the manual they are rated at 30 amps each max.  I suppose there would be a good chance that we could be clearing two rods at the same time (I use the Auto UP feature) most likely when I have my boys on the boat with me.  With 15 pound weights I’d be getting pretty close.  I see that company makes a 60 amp as well.


    I should be able to get something to work.  Maybe I can shoe-horn the converter into the tip of the bow.


    I knew I should have bought a bigger boat!  haha

  4. Hello there everyone,


    I currently have a 36 volt Terrova with 3-bank batteries in the bow.  Not wanting additional batteries in the boat, I am separately pulling 12 volts off two different batteries in the bank to supply power to two different Cannon downriggers.


    A problem develops when also running the Terrova (ie. auto pilot while trolling) regarding differential battery drain.  After a long day of fishing, the Terrova is pushing the voltage too low on the batteries that are also powering the Cannon downriggers.  It’s pretty much the series connections that prevent the batteries from self equalizing.


    My thought is to use a DC DC Converter to take one 36 volt input from the bank and split it into two 12 volt outputs; one to each rigger.  That was all the batteries will be brought down together.

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