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  1. A quick afternoon shakedown, was beautiful on the water, good to be back. Fished 2pm to 530pm went 7 for 8 on the lakers. The little guy has become quite the rod hog!
  2. Launched at Taughannock at 9am. Good news,,, water level is much higher than the last time I was there (3/29/18). I would say 18"-24" higher. The ladder on the dock is in the water!. left inlet and shot straight across to East shore. Trolled north until we got to the power station. Is that power station still operating? Boards with sticks, riggers with spoons. No hits till we got to the power station, all spoons on riggers, all lakers, 80fow. Surface temp was 38 deg. Saw very few fish on screen. Was very happy to pick up half dozen lakers (8 passes in front of power station). Continued on North for 45 minutes, crossed over to west side, trolled back to Taughannock. All fish caught were in front of power station. Pulled out at 3pm. Great weather today.
  3. Fished south end out of Taughannock from 3 to 7. Trolled Thundersticks, Rapalas spoons and streamers on boards and dipseys. One small brown and one pickerel. Water temp along west shore was 37 with clear water. East shore was 40 and cloudy. Only one other boat trolling. Found lots of lakers and bait very deep near Bolton Point. Lots of perch fisherman in front of Canoga.
  4. Checked launches at Treman. Still looks to be 3.5 down from normal levels. Owasco lake is reported to be low as well. Not a lot of snow for future runoff. Anyone have any insight as to what they are doing with the locks?
  5. Has anyone been to the launch recently? I’m headed over there on Tuesday and was wondering if the water is up and launch is clear. Thank you in advance.
  6. Does anyone know of a decent place to launch on the north end of Cayuga? I checked out the launches at Union Springs, across the west side at the state park, and most of the ones in between. The water level is way too low for any of those launches. My boat is a 16.5 foot with a 90 HP, not huge but not small either. The web page with the Cayuga lake water level shows it up about a foot since last weekend but I don't think that would be enough. On another note, does anyone know when the state launch on the west side of Skaneateles will be unlocked?
  7. Has anyone been to long point launch? Is the water really low ? Thank You In advance.
  8. FYI In case you use Taughannock launch: The Taughannock boat ramp will be closed 3/5/18 to 3/9/18 and perhaps into the following week. So states a sign posted on the dock. a contact number 607-387-6739 is also posted.
  9. Tried to launch out of Treman at 8am. Channel is clear but the water was so low my Fishmaster 196 got stuck in the mud at the ramp. Finally got it back on trailer and scooted up to Taughannock. No problem getting in and out here. Trolled West side. Worked the boards in close this time. Stayed in 30fow or less most of the time with sticks off the boards, both shallow and deep divers. Picked up 10 LL, biggest was maybe 22", but most were 12-14". Picked up a nice brown that was close to 3lbs. Moved out to 100fow for about an hour and ran the riggers down 80' and picked up 4 lakers ( the 22" LL took a deep diver off the board in 100FOW). Pulled out out 1:30pm. Water was a steady 37.7deg. i see a few reports of Browns caught out of Irondeqoit and Olcott. I assume Sodus is still locked up with ice?
  10. Our lake house is about 2 miles north of the power plant on honoco rd.. we were do I g work today and I took a few casts with an old ugly stick bait. Lake trout following almost every cast.. landed 2 over 6 lbs... in 2.5 f ow to 6 inches..... puking up 2 to 3 inch gobies https://ibb.co/dxMUy7
  11. Any word on dean's Cove launch? THANKs!
  12. Launched at Taughannock at 10:30am, pulled out at 3:00pm. Air temp was 23 deg at 10:30 and 33deg at 3:00. The water level is LOW but was able to get my Fishmaster 196 in and out. Started to troll north after exiting inlet but too many ice chunks so we turned south on the west side. Planer boards with small rapalas and riggers at 70' with spoons was our plan. Picked up half dozen lakers on riggers and 4 LL (12 inchers) on sticks. Water temp was 37.1 deg from surface down to 70'. Ramp area clear of snow AND there was rock salt spread on ramp. Saw one other boat.
  13. Looking for a cabin to rent over Memorial Day weekend from mid to southern Cayuga. Doesn't have to be on the water. Preferably to sleep 6. Hard to believe my hunting and fishing partner is graduating from an Ivy League College. Figuring my pickup with fishing and hunting stickers will stick out like a sore thumb on campus! Willing to trade weekend in our cabin along beautiful Penns Creek in central Pa. Excellent fly fishing (google Penns Creek Green Drake hatch). 3 bedroom cabin with all amenities.
  14. 6 more weeks? I need to move south for 3 months...God help me
  15. Hope it’s O.K. to share this ... but I wanted to reach out to all that might be interested in joining us during the season for our kayak fishing series throughout the state! I’m more than happy to answer any questions. But these tournaments are open to all ages and skill levels! It’s a great way to check out new lakes and rivers,meet amazing people.... and win some amazing gear and CASH! Check out WWW.NYKBF.COM
  16. How are the launch conditions on the south end? thinking about giving it a try. Any suggestions?
  17. DEANS COVE........ No wind on Tues.! Yay! I try to fish according to the wind. West shore....NNW wind.....go fishing.....Total....11 for 13 Lakers. Most seemed to be small, but a couple of fish were around 8 lbs. ALL fish were below 79-80 ft. Some were 100 ft. down. Saw baitfish on the bottom in 160 ft. of water. Is this normal? Some fish out in 150-160 ft. of water. My graph showed most fish on the BOTTOM. Active fish 100 ft. and above. Not a bad day to be out. ONE other boat out.....did exactly like me. YAY!
  18. Trolling bite shut down So I am new to this style of fishing. I just started to understand some of this fishing and it shuts down. Does it typically do this in the fall to winter months. If so when does it generally pick back up. Or am I totally off and they are still hitting just not what I am doing lol. Thank you for your input in advance.
  19. Cayuga 10/8 The only good thing was no fleas! Temps were deep. we got some short salmon and a couple of small lakers. Lost a nice brown 50' behind the boat. Weeds are still a big problem. All spoon bite . almost every time we pulled rods they were fouled with weeds. Marked tons of bait and one of the lakers I cleaned had three smelt in his gut. I have not seen that in years. Wes
  20. Hunter315

    Cayuga 9/22

    9/22 Fished north of long point this morning. We got 3 Lakers and 2 small bows. Green flies and spin doctor. Lots of weeds and some fleas. Nice day to be out.
  21. Frisco

    Cayuga Fleas

    Fleas Any update on Cayuga would be appreciated!
  22. First time on Cayuga this friday Going to try Cayuga for the first time ever on friday. Coming from the East about 2 and half hour drive. Can anyone tell me a good boat launch to launch from on the east side? I see long point has one but how is the fishing around there? Looking to catch Lakers and hopefully salmon. Trolling with only 3 dipsys. Thanks I will share our results.
  23. Cayuga Lou All is on let the trash talking begin lol... It will be a fun tournament with a gentleman's side bet of $30 per boat $5 going to lunker pool and the rest broke down for 1st 2nd and 3rd.... 4th and 5th place will each receive a rigged fly package from Iron Duke Trolling Flies and the largest lake trout caught will receive a prize from Gambler Rigs. . Best 5 fish trout and salmon box.. Box shall not include any more than 3 lake trout. All Dec rules and regulations must be followed.. You can launch from any port on Cayuga and Cayuga Lake is the only body of water that can be fished(That does not include tributaries).The Start time is 6am and must be at weigh in by 3pm sharp and signed into weigh and paid at the pavilion behind the club or you will not be able to weigh.. Weigh in will be at the South Seneca Sportsman's Club Sportsmen's Club( Google map link below) This will pretty much get alot of the guys on here that chat back in forth on this forum and threads together to meet and talk fishing face to face and a little friendly competition as well.. Always a good time. Anyone that would like to get in on this let me know on this thread or pm me and I will add you to the list.. Here's the link to where weigh in will be South Seneca Sportsmen's Club 6894 Yarnell Rd, Ovid, NY 14521 (607) 869-5502 https://goo.gl/maps/vhbqsSDyMJN2 Mike Lou members that are in so far Iron Duke Stoneam2006 Kayslay Cinnamon fish Magill 270 Nautitroller Suttontroller94 58 Johnson Darkwater1 Sk8man Keepin it Reel Fishstix Skach1 Quality Time Masterb8r Final Flight Lyteline (strike 3) Bobber Rodbender 1 Happy Hooker's 69 Fisherdude Ella Mae Sent from my SM-N910V using Lake Ontario United mobile app Sent from my SM-N910V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  24. Cayuga 9-12-17 Fish time fishing Cayuga today. Ussally fish Seneca but that's the dead sea this year so we moved. Launched out of taughannock and trolled north. Fished from 11 to 4pm. Went 4 for 7, 2 drink Lakers and 2 4-5 pounders. White ff combo and dodger/spin n glo on 7 color lead where the hots. Lost a screamer on the lead half way into the boat. Be at it again tomorrow morning
  25. Cayuga 9-11-17 Thought I was going to Lake O to take my cousin from Tennessee with us for some king action but at last moment he bailed on us. He said that the mornings here in NYS are too cold and he wasn't prepared clothing wise for it. I told him I'd loan him a parka and some moon boots and gloves but he opted out anyway....unreal . My son and I instead decided top go after some silvers on Cayuga and launched at Deans about 6:30 AM. Only one boat there when we parked and it appartently stayed that way through the morning as he was the only boat we saw out there. We marked a ton of bait and a bunch of fish right out from the launch in about 50 ft of water. We tried working them and gave up after no takers and headed north for a short ways with the wind until very shortly we ran into huge pods of grass all over the north so we headed back south with intermittent weeds along the way and it continued all the way to near Millican when we turned around. Mostly west side trolling in and out off the drop offs adjusting three riggers (until the board on the Digitroll on one screwed up) 2 leadcores and a wire rig up and down along the away with no success other than 4 lakers and a dink landlock. We worked mostly the 35-80 ft interval over the various depths. We saw a few fish right on the surface and a couple big ones jumped and they were silver but nothing showed interest when we tried running the riggers up there close. The lakers came on riggers and wire and were up higher than expected (50-60 ft) and we didn't seem to be able to stay away from them. We did see a apir of eagles high up and one that grabbed a silver fish and flew by with it and it was a pretty decent sized fish too. My thinking is that the bright moonlit night had the fish feeding during the night and they just weren't actively feeding and there was an abundance of bait available. Fun time anyway. Interesting how much more bronze colored and more brightly spotted the lakers are in Cayuga than Seneca or Canandaigua for example.
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