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Found 355 results

  1. Cayuga Report Was out with 2 trips on Sunday. Fishing was very good. North end. Temp break was about 35 foot. Parked my riggers at 40 foot with sliders and the silvers were chewing good. Had 3 salmon 5, 7 and 8 lbs. A 6lb brown. 2, bows 5 and 10 lbs. Weeded through a ton of short silvers and the lakers were up there too. I did have the divers out 275 and did a few lakers there but it was better out 160. Green dot spinnies with green flies. Warrior flutter spoons in purple alwife and firetiger with gold cups on the riggers and sliders. 10 color core down the chute with a watermellon spoon took a lot of fish too. I was out sunday the 9th and Monday the 10th with similar results. Fishing the same spread. I'm off for a couple weeks but will be out quite a bit in August. Good luck to all. RR
  2. Cayuga South End Tough day for me on Cayuga South End today 7/19/17. Launched at Treman at 6:15am. Headed to the west side to troll northbound. Blank screen FOREVER. Periods of debris that was a pain. Lots of fleas. Several snags on limbs. Dirty water. Boo hoo. I never had a hit. Never saw a fish check out my lures on my Lowrance. Picked up and ran North for a mile or so and set up again in spots that worked last time. Pulled out at 12:15. Kept riggers at 70-100 nearly all time because when I did see a fish on the screen it was in this range. Temp down 90ft was always around 45deg. 10 colors on my lead core, even threw out some Rapalas on a flatline. Used spoons of all colors, flies, spin docs, Dodgers, never got to the dipsies though. Did I mention I NEVER even got a hit? I'm gonna kick ass on them next time though. if you fished the south end today and caught fish I'd love to hear from you.
  3. Cayuga debris Pic taken this afternoon near SW corner of Cayuga.
  4. Salvo derby Good luck to all fishing the salvo derby tomorrow thanks to some quick work by a1 marine in moravia my motor is back running and we are all in on it! Everyone make sure to post updates of board if you stop into weigh or gear hear it over vhf!
  5. Cayuga sun morning Fished Cayuga today north & south of Taughannock, 6am - 10:30am. Picked up 5 lakers and 2 salmon. Most were in the 17"-21" range, but finished up with my personal best laker, 30 inch, 13 lb. Successfully released. So great to be out there. Looks like the water temp is gonna rise pretty quick the next few days.
  6. derby i read some were there is derby on cayuga on july 8 , 9 can some one fill me in on it . thanks
  7. thunder fishing showed up to deans cove with a thunder storm banging on us . sat it out with the help of a thermos of coffee . it pass and we got launch ,went out in front of the ramp set up in 60 fow and trolled north working 70 to 130 fow .started out slow ,when the skies open up the fish started hitting. the harder it rain the more fish we caught . fish were coming in one to four at a time with the rig rods . the fish were running small for us today. after several bows and LL not one keeper the lake trout were around 4 to 5 lbs with just two weighting around 7 to 8 lbs ..thank god for the goretex bids and coat today it rain so much my auto bilge came on, all and all i enjoyed the fishing adventurer this morning .
  8. Back from LA and heading to Cayuga for some silvers Hopfully will be able to keep out of Lakerland for some silver action
  9. fleas how the fleas on cayuga
  10. Salvation army Derby FDpamplet2017.pdf I hope this works. Just trying to create a little buzz for this derby.I fished this derby last few years. Yes, they do send you a 1099. I am going to go to Ithaca today to try and sign up . They do not publicize this derby very well I will try to figure out locations to sign up. I will be going fishing somewhere that weekend it might as well be Cayuga.Ive got some local made trinkets (lures) to try out. You never know when you might get a big one. I will have my Navy son with me that I haven't seen in a couple years. It will be nice to have a young reel er in er. I will tucker him out in the skinny water reeling in. Then let him rest over deep water looking for a big one....
  11. Cayuga 2/24 Back at deans cove for some more lake trout pounding . started fishing just outside the cones in 40 fow and soon started hitting small and LL and bows . we trolled east to the shoals we spent the last 3 times out . i was running Gamblers rigs micro frog behind a green pro troll on a dipsy rod out 160 ft of wire . lost count how many lakers this set up took . the other dipsy was set up with a spiny two face and Iron Duke uv wild child fly out 250 ft of wire . witch was also productive , but the micro rig did better . the seth green rigs with mi stinger spoons in goby and copper back , frog , uv pink . std barney , and white and green dot took LL and lake trout the lead cores on boards didn't do well for us at all, took 1 LL after several changes . the wind kick in and made it hard to stay on the shoals i wanted to stay on and after a while i trolled back to the west side to finish up a grate day of fishing . just before deans was in sight in around 200 fow the dipsy with the micro set up took a ripping hit before i could get the rod from the holder it was over , when i got the flasher back in the micro was gone ( BUMMER ) seems the over hand knot was not very well tied .. we took no pics today release all fish as soon as possible .. the west wind push the weeds pods off the fishing grounds and a sight bit of fleas showed up on the braid lines of the seth green rods ..
  12. CAYUGA FLEAS Any sign of fleas on Cayuga yet? Thanks.
  13. 250 years worth of outdoormen on Cayuga Take a kid fishing! No cell phones in hand on this trip! Age of crew,93,80,58,and 13. We had a steady pick all morning. I had a hard time getting enough time to eat a sandwich. We boated about 15 lakers many in the 6 to 8lb range. everybody landed fish but most were reeled in by 13 year old Jake. He did a great job and we were teaching him rod control and by the end of the day he was guiding the lakers between all the lines like a pro. We fished 90' to 195' FOW . Most fish were 90'to120' down. only 2 fish on 500' copper. Ben's memorial fly " Quality Time" caught the most and biggest fish. You can get this fly from Iron Duke Trolling Fly's and I always have this fly down in memory of my boy, Iron Duke has many other colors that are as good or better. This fly has purple in it and my spoon and paddles on wire were purple as well. Spread the joy of fishing
  14. Species confirmation I caught this beautiful 10.5 pound fish last summer in Cayuga Lake. I'm pretty sure it's a brown trout, but I've never seen one so golden looking. Just wanted to confirm with you guys because I've been curious for a long time now. Anybody? Is it a brown trout? Managed to land an 8.5 pounder 2 days after also, which I'm positive was a brown, with slightly darker color. Thanks in advance!
  15. Cayuga 5/11 Mix of 1 laker, 3 browns, 3 salmon. Boards were 150 back with spoons and sticks. Riggers were down 15 feet down 150 back. From 8 am-1 pm
  16. taughannock launch Could someone tell me if it's possible to launch from taughannock state park now? Thank you
  17. Cayuga 4/21 Put in at Myers and headed south until it got too muddy then back up West side. Despite the loads of debris and rain storm we had a pretty good day. Boated 5 LLs and 2 browns as well as two large pike which was a surprise.
  18. cayuga lake Any body get to the lake today ? thinking about launching out of Taughannock park tomorrow. Need to know on lake conditions. THANK YOU !!!!
  19. Cayuga South End 4/21 South end of Cayuga was loaded with debris this morning, grass, leaves, and branches. There are also some pretty good size logs floating around. Did not even think of deploying the boards, lines on the downriggers kept popping due to the debris. The ramps at Treman were clogged with debris as well.
  20. just a shout out to an LOU member that is a straight shooter. I recently posted a WTB for a small insignificant elec trolling motor.. No bow mount/foot control, just a cheap little thing for a little Jon boat.. I dunno, I wanted to spend maybe 50-75 bucks or so .. Forum member HOP [real name is Gary] PM'd me and told me he had one laying around, and if I didn't mind the drive up to OVID I would be welcome to have it-free. I thanked him for his kindness and generousity, and went up and picked it up, and was shocked.. Its a gorgeous old Evinrude, in simply spectacular condition, very well built, and very unusual in form, never saw one like it, and they simply don't build them like this anymore. Gary could certainly have sold this for a decent buck, but instead chose to give it to someone he only met once for about 2 minutes. My only "payment" is he wants me to show him how I jig for lakers,, Pretty brutal price to pay , right?.. My techniques should increase his catch by a FULL 2 or 3 fish a YEAR! lol.. Also a shout out to ontherise ]Joe]another member that sold me a very nice 2007 Tracker/Fisher Jon boat in VERY nice shape for $200... Most I had seen before buying his were a LOT older, in a lot worse shape, for a lot more money. I got a really really nice deal on a nice little boat. I appreciate guys like this, and when I see a member here that has a need or simply a want, I will certainly do the same as I was done... Over the years, I have bought/sold/traded stuff here, and never had a bad deal, always positive.... thanks again!... bob
  21. Cayuga 4/15 Had an awesome time on Cayuga this morning we caught twelve Lakers all but Three were over 7 LBS the biggest was 31 inches 11.5 LBS the most amazing thing is we had 6 rods in and 9 of the 12 fish were caught on the same rod with a Spinny and a Iron Duke Fly. Another interesting thing was one of the Lakers was covered with a red blood and rash like skin, this fish looked like it went through a war even had one of his front fins missing. Not sure if the skin defect was caused by Lampreys but sure did not seem to be, will post pics of biggest fish and injured one. Also all fish caught today were released to fight another day.
  22. Cayuga 4/9/2017 First trip with some new guys first time on the boat. Ended up with 6 lakers, 3 8lbers. 600' copper, purple dream weaver down 90' and wire rod with the Iron Duke " Quality Time" fly that was made in memory of my Son Ben did most of the damage. This rig took the biggest fish of the day although we dropped a bigger fish that was caught on copper at the back of the boat. Ran into Stinger and we were able to chat at the launch. Tight lines! Wes
  23. Cayuga conditions? I'm thinking on trolling tomorrow on Cayuga. With the recent rains, I was wondering if anyone has a lake condition report? Is the lake unfishable due to mud ect? Thanks
  24. Lake Level - Taughannock Falls State Park - 4/9/17 My buddy took this picture yesterday at Taughannock Falls State Park.. Lake is very high and the docks are underwater. -Pete
  25. Cayuga flood stage...no motor boat rumor I don't know if it's true or not, and I heard it word of mouth, that because cayuga lake is at flood stage there are no motor boats or wakes allowed. I was planning on trolling this Sunday. I can't find any news articles stating this ban. For all I know it is just a bunch of bull. Anyway, does anyone know if this is true or not?
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