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Found 304 results

  1. Last month I was asking for advice on where to put in a kayak on Cayuga for lake trout fishing. Because of the replies I ended up putting in at Sheldrake. Great advice. I found lakers in no time. A little bit of trial and error I was able to tie into 4 fish of which I brought two home for the smoker. Funny thing is I went yesterday to Canandaigua lake to get a few perch for supper. The lake was so still that I went out into the deep and tied into another 4 Lakers and brought two home for the smoker. I am amazed at the great resources we have in our area and the willingness of other anglers to help out on this forum. Thanks to all.
  2. Has anybody noticed the odd green color of the lake. Yesterday I was driving down the west side and the lake looked way more green than I ever remembered from before. Anybody else notice this ? Any idea why the green color ?
  3. Attached is the entry form for the Barney Baldwin Third Annual One Day Fishing Derby (August 3rd 6am-4pm). 3rd Barney Baldwin Fishing Flyer.pdf
  4. Had fish on the screen like this almost all day. You can see my downrigger balls were in about the right place. Caught many had all six rods working.No lampreys,no scars. No fleas. A few weeds. BTW its a 20 plus yr old Furuno.
  5. I do not know how long they had it going but !st time Ive seen smoke coming out of the stack today. Might have to change Saturday fish plan.
  6. Have not fished in a month.Went out of Meyers around 5:30 this afternoon after the storm passed.Got out over deep water . 1st rod fired before I could get the 2nd rod down.Took quite awhile to get six rods down . Just a steady pick till we pulled them around 7:30. Quality lakers .just the perfect fish for my amateur crew members. All colors ,everywhere. I did not see any seafleas,but I run 50lb test ande line. I did see a few lamprey scars but no lamprey. I seen a lot of weeds more to the east side.Marked lots of huge bait pods with fish around them. Color or presentation did not seem to matter. The Cayuga megabite continues....
  7. What does everyone think about the algae blooms on Cayuga? I've got a vacation scheduled and wanted to bring my dog out in the boat, but we usually use water to cool things off for her. I'm concerned about her safety with the reported algal blooms. Thoughts? I also read that you shouldn't fish or eat fish caught in/near the blooms. What do they consider "near"?
  8. Nice to hit the water as first time out since the 4th. South wind so started a little above Sheldrake and put the wind at my back for the solo trip. Worked over deep water in the center of the lake Steady pick of lake trout in the 20-24" size plus a few smaller ones. Found a couple barely legal salmon which is an improvement from the skippies I've been finding over the past month. Green was the favored color this morning. The majority of fish wanted spoons vs flies. Hottest depth was 60-70 down though the 200 copper took a solid lake trout and a salmon. 80-90 feet down also produced fish. One of the larger Lakers had a recent large lamprey mark, the first I've seen on a fish this year. Hopefully the lampreys will continue to be a rarity. Great morning to get out on the water!
  9. Can anyone tell me if the fleas are still bad? I was up last Thursday and probably the worst I have ever seen.
  10. July 13-14 Perhaps someone more computer savvy can paste the entry form. Its run out of Bears bait in Lansing.
  11. I would like to do some lake trout jigging on Cayuga Lake out of Cayuga Lake State Park in my kayak but I see on their web site that entry is 7 bucks and then a 7 buck launch fee. Is that correct? If it is, is there somewhere at the North end that a Kayak can launch and get to deeper water within a mile without paying 14 bucks? Was on Canandaigua lake yesterday fishing other species and could not believe all the dead fish I saw. over 100 rock bass, blue gill, perch and small mouth all floating along in a line with a string of debris of leaves and twigs and such. So hate seeing that.
  12. Has anybody been out jigging on Cayuga in the past week or so? Just wondering how the jigging has been, thinking about getting out July 4th early in the morning before there is too much boat activity. We did well the last time we were out, but that was about a month ago, and i know the lake has been changing a lot since then. Not looking for anything too specific, just general reports if anybody has been out. Thanks!!
  13. Fished Cayuga lake this past weekend for lakers with my father in law and his friend. We launched from Dean's Cove and fished mainly around the launch in 30 - 70 FOW. We fished both Sunday and Monday, and we caught fish on each day, but didn't really crush it either day. On Sunday we caught 5 fish (4 lakers and 1 rainbow), and on Monday we caught 2 lakers. We don't troll so all of the fish were caught vertically jigging. What techniques do you guys use for jigging? Are you mainly bouncing the jig on the bottom or is it a drop and retrieve type of fishing? My father in law had the most hits and he mainly jigs close to the bottom, but I've had some days were I caught more fish on the retrieve instead of bottom bouncing. We also marked a lot of bait.
  14. Is it worth a 2.5 hour drive to Long Point for lake trout tomorrow or is the lake a muddy mess from all the rain? Thanks for any updates.
  15. Finally had a chance to get on the water after a couple busy weeks. All 3 of my high school/college age kids had to work today so was left to go solo but no regrets as glad they are willing to work some to help with college costs. Launched from Dean's a little after six and headed North. Surface water temp at 58. The fog was super thick so set up in deeper water then worked back in 100-150 fow for the first half of the trip as nervous about the poor visibility with no copilot. Flasher fly on the dipsey was attracting lake trout set at a 2 back 195-225. One 29" fish really hammered it and somehow caused the mono leader to wrap around the wire above the dipsey. Just as I was trying to net him along side the boat the wire snapped and he drifted back with fly, flasher, and dipsey. Fortunately, I had a rigger rod set on that side of the boat so purposely let the fish and dipsey get snagged around the line. Reeled it up and managed to bring in the fish and the gear! That one was the big fish of the day with a 26" second place. Both were beautifully colored native fish. Wished I could take pictures but not enough hands coupled with the rain made it too tough to get done. Still have no clue how the mono managed to wrap around the wire above the dipsey..... anyone else have that happen? Once the fog started to lift worked in the 40-80 fow range but only found a few smaller lake trout hitting spoons. The rain kept on most of the morning but it stayed warm enough with minimal wind so kept at it until 10 then decided time to get in and dry up a little. To all you Dads out there have a great Father's Day!!
  16. Went to do a little recon mission yesterday. Launched at 630 and pulled lines at 1100. Slow pick however the few we got were quality. The water is changing fast and the next few weeks are when it changes the most so from here on out it can be different every day for a few weeks. We landed a boat best 9lb landlock that was just full of piss and vinegar from the hit to the net. Also a 7lb brown and a 4.5lb landlock and a 5lb laker although we were doing our best to avoid them. All fish were released to fight another day!
  17. Planning on heading to Cayuga tomorrow morning to do some jigging for lakers. Only got out a handful of times last year (August time frame) and launched at Taughannock Falls. I've never launched from anywhere else on Cayuga, so i was curious about Dean's? Is this a public launch? We have a 21' Tracker Targa. Also, i know this time of year can be a little more difficult because the fish are spread out so much, but is there a general depth range we should try to target to get started? Please feel free to PM me if you'd rather. Thanks! Sean
  18. A little late but still might be helpful..... Took my girlfriend's dad out last weekend out of Deans Cove and fished south around 180-140 FOW, riggers parked at 120 and 90. Fished for 2 hours and only had one hookup at 165 FOW on a green FF. Lots of bait near bottom and top of water column with marks all around. Water surface 52° F and 120 down 45° F. No takers on spoons or stick baits. Decent fish but really nice colors.
  19. Hello was wondering if anyone has been out of taughannock lately trolling with spoons and how they’ve been making out. Thinking of coming up tomorrow. Thanks In advance.
  20. My family and friends are renting a cottage on Cayuga in August. Whenever I've rented cottages before I've been able to park the trailer at the cottage but won't be able to this time. I plan on launching the boat at Long Point State Park. Anyone know if it would be a problem to leave the trailer at the park for the week? I think Don's marina is just south of the cottage so that might be another alternative. Thanks.
  21. Hi all, just moved to Interlaken right off Cayuga Lake. i bought a used ShoreStation 3600 boat lift and need to have it installed. Any suggestions? We live right on a cliff, making installation a bit challenging. Thanks in advance, Rick
  22. Hi guys, I fish Lake Ontario all the time, where we occasionally stumble upon an Atlantic or two. Now I've got the itch to try specifically for Atlantic's in Cayuga. I have never been to any of the finger lakes to fish. Any suggestions where to launch, and what works best this time of year? Also, how's the boat traffic? I am guessing it gets pretty busy around Memorial Day?
  23. Hi All - My father-in-law just bought a new boat, and we're looking to do a bit of fishing over the memorial day weekend. His home lake is Seneca, but I think I'll be pushing to fish more on the North side of Cayuga (Thinking of launching at either the state park or Dean's cove). It'd be great to get into some perch for a fish fry, so can people recommend spring time patterns that I should look for? Any kind of depth ranges to focus on? I primarily fish saltwater as I live in NYC, so freshwater is fairly new to me (trying to read and learn as much as I can.) If perch fishing doesn't work out, I wouldn't mind targeting some LMB. Can anyone let me know if the LMB are prespawn right now? I've fished the north end of Cayuga off my kayak once, and caught a few LMB on a keitech. It was during the summer months though. Here's a quick clip of my LMB on Cayuga.... Appreciate any help. Have a great holiday weekend, and for those fishing the Lake Trout Derby on Seneca, good luck!
  24. Attached is the entry form for Barney and Bear's 33rd Annual Trout Derby, May 18th and 19th, 2019. You can sign up at Bear's Baits, located at Myers Park in Lansing New York. Attached is the entry form below. Any questions please contact Bear at 607-387-5576. Barney and Bear's 33nd Annual Trout Derby.pdf
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