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  1. Planning to launch out of Taughannock on Wednesday 3/13/19. I'm sure water level is low and should be free of ice. Running 4 lines on boards and 2 on down riggers to start. Have not seen any reports from this past Saturday. Anything worth reporting? if I do indeed launch on Wednesday I will post a report. Thanks
  2. Hey All, I was wondering if the Long Point launch on Cayuga is iced up this time of year? Thanks
  3. With the low water level the home port, Dean's, was out so took a ride down to Taughannock. Surprised to see the lake level down a few more feet since there in January with Chowder. CAREFULLY launched the Wellcraft and props up until through the bridge as didn't need to rototill the bottom or the bubbler. Going solo means keep the wind at my back so headed North on the West side. Worked as shallow as I dared, never shallower than 40 for as didn't want the southeast wind to push the boat to shore. Could not get anything in the upper 20 feet but didn't mark much either. Moved out and zigzagged from 80-250. Would mark concentrations of fish now and then and go long stretches with a blank screen. Picked up some small salmon and lake trout on spoons at 40-60 foot depths. Worked deeper and a really nice fish took a Bloody Death spoon 80 feet down. Had him about 30 feet back before he spit it.... pretty sure a big angry lake trout. Stayed warm during the battle which made it worth the price of admission. First wet lines by 9:30, landed a 5 lb Laker on white flasher fly down 100 as wrapping up at 12:30 so a nice little trip despite the lack of consistent action. Shout out to the crew coming in to dock behind me. Rather than grumble about how long it takes for me to load out solo, one very limber fella jumped on my trailer and locked the boat on in a heartbeat. Appreciate it.
  4. Has anyone launched from Dean's Cove in the past when the lake level is as low as it is now? I walked to the end of the dock today and my tape measure hit bottom with just 18 inches of water. Doesn't look like it gets much deeper past the dock either. Does DEC ever dig out all the silt and dead leaves on the bottom? I'm assuming Taughannock is the only spot on the West side that has a channel deep enough to launch. Anyone with past experience please let me know.
  5. Had some time this afternoon so headed to Dean's and on the water by 2:30. Went North and zigzagged from 60-150 fow in search of fish. The screen had the most marks throughout the water column in 110-130 fow. Tinkered with speed from 1.6-2.3 and adjusted lure depths a few times. Finally found hungry lake trout down 80 feet. Picked up 3 stout fish off the chute copper with a flasher/fly. They liked the speed below 2.0. 3 other times that rod fired but fish didn't hook up. One laker took a spoon off the rigger also at 80 feet down. Plenty of fish were higher in the column but they were not buying what I was selling. Off the water at 4:30 and a fish fry with the family for dinner. Plenty of fillets left so excited to try out the smoker my wife gave me for Christmas. Hoping this Winter has more calm days like today!
  6. With deer season over I'm hoping to hit Cayuga when the weather cooperates from now through April but I've never fished it this time of year. Summer and Fall I've typically worked from 120 fow and deeper with spoons on downriggers and flasher/flies on dipseys or a copper down the chute. What adjustments should I make now? I do have some inline boards for shallow fishing but never used. Don't have stickbaits but Christmas is coming so should I have certain styles on my list? Thanks in advance for your input. Greg
  7. Launched out of Treman. Water level down maybe 15" but no issues launching my 196 fish master. Headed straight to the East side. Trolled North 1 mile then back. Picked up lakers with every pass. Started in 40FOW then moved out to 65FOW. Both Riggers at 60', 4 top water/diver lines on boards. Picked up a dozen or so lakers, all on cowbells with spin n glo. No takers with spoons, stick baits slow, 1 LL to the boat (14 inches) and lost 2 others on J7's, both probably same size. Water temp surface 42.3 deg. Two other boats trolling, one perch fishing.nice getting out in December (usually have to wait till end of January).
  8. I'm fairly new to the area and I don't have a boat, so I've been wondering if there are some good fishing spots from shore around the southern end of Cayuga Lake or its tributaries. Fall Creek by Stewart Park? Salmon Creek/Myers Point/Salt Point? Thanks for any suggestions . . .
  9. A busy weekend but finally had a chance to get out on the water this afternoon. Could not convince my daughter to come along so a solo trip. Didn't expect the North wind to create such a chop but it was a nuisance until I was heading back when of course, it died down. Found some Lake trout, (including the bookends in the picture) that were all over the white flasher/fly combo on the chute copper. Couldn't make anything happen with spoons and no active silvers, not even a Skippy. Ended up a nice couple hours on the lake.....way better than the alternative of watching the Giants lose again!!
  10. Took my old buddy Mack out today. He is 93 years young a still can get the job done. Did most of our damage on lakers with grease trap spin-n-glo combo. No big ones but they were healthy hard fighting fish. Highlight of the day was 9 lb salmon. This fish was on the rigger on purple/pink super slim spoon 115 feet down. Jumped 10 or 15 times, wrapped around two wire rods and was making me a nervous wreck. one stab with the net and it was over. That was the best show I have seen in a long time. Picture does not do this fish justice
  11. Thinking about fishing 9/27 on Cayuga. Can anyone speak of conditions, clarity/debris??? thanks
  12. Attached is the entry form for the 2018 Barney and Bear's Fall Trout and Bass Derby. You can sign up at Bear's Baits, located at Myers Park in Lansing, New York. As many of you know Bear has been working very hard to establish a second weigh-in station. He did obtain permission to use Long Point State Park, however, he is now encountering problems obtaining two certified scales. The second scale at Long Point State Park would need to be certified in Cayuga County according to NYS Weights and Measures. For this year, we will continue to use only one weight-in station at Myers Park and hope to have this issue resolved for next year's tournaments. Any questions please contact Bear at 607-387-5576. Bear's Fishing Flyer Fall Derby Sept 2018 Mastor.docx
  13. Going to try north of long point this weekend. How has the fishing been? I'm taking a women out for her first time trolling on the finger lakes and would like to get into something. Any help is appreciated.
  14. Put in early at Dean's Cove and enjoyed the sunrise while heading farther South than I've run all Summer. Set up on the West side near the Boy Scout Camp and started trolling North. Trying some new things, dypsy with a dodger and fly along with an inline board towing a stick bait. Third line was a rigger at 60 and added a cheater. Has there been a recent release of landlocks down there? Skippies were a nuisance hitting the rigger constantly for the first half of the 3 hour troll. Could not get anything else going so swapped out the dodger for a mountain dew flasher and a stout Laker grabbed it down about 85 over 120. Put the board away and ran 500 copper down the chute with a white flasher fly combo and could hardly keep it set before another Laker on it. Pretty consistent that as zig zag from 100-200 fow the action tended to be at 140. Kept 2 for an ERabbit style fish fry tomorrow night and let 3 more go, all were easily 7 pounds and up. Never could get anything bigger than a Skippy off the rigger. A beautiful morning on the water but it started to heat up by 10 so called it a day.
  15. Had my best day of laker fishing this past Friday. I'm kind of new to freshwater fishing (mainly a saltwater guy as I live in NYC), so was really happy to connect on some quality lakers. When I've fished for lakers in the past, I've managed to jig up one fish over 4 -5 hrs of fishing, but was able to land 4 fish on Friday, and dropped 4 others. Largest went 29", and the smallest was around 26". All released to fight another day. Launched out of Taughannock on my kayak, and jigged soft plastic paddletails all day. Tried using a blade bait for a little while, but didn't get any hits on it. Caught fish in 80 - 100 ft of water. Regarding lakers, do you guys like eating them or is it mainly a CP&R? I was never really a big fan of eating freshwater fish, except for the occasionally perch/sunfish fish fry. Also have a question regarding salmon and brown trout. I haven't caught either of these guys on Cayuga. Do you guys specifically target them or do you catch them while jigging for lakers. I typically don't troll for fish as my main way of fishing, but will troll from fishing spot to fishing spot.
  16. I'm going to order 1 hammerhead cowbell and 4 gambler rigs. What color for the cowbell? Colors for the 4 Gamblers? Hoping to get more over the winter but looking for a good start now for 2 or 3 more trips this year. Thanks
  17. Back on Cayuga today after having the thrill of my first trip on Ontario Saturday thanks to Chowder. He had been so helpful in getting me started with trolling on Cayuga a few years back and I was honored to be invited to the Big lake and learn a little bit about King fishing. It was memorable in more ways than one...... thanks again Andy!! Started early today to beat the heat and lines in with time to enjoy the sunrise. Ran the East side with the wind at my back from just below Long Point north to Aurora. Found fish on the screen from 130 fow out to over 200 but all quiet until 7:30 in 170 fow when the copper fired with a Laker hitting a Hammer Fly. Hardly reset and a rigger down 80 carrying a copper Mooselook spoon went off followed by the copper 30 seconds later. Both had Lakers attached, the rigger fish was full of fight and hit the scale at 8 lbs but recovered nicely to swim away. After that it slowed down. Tried to swing back through the pod where the double tripped but nothing doing. Picked up 2 more Lakers on the fly down 100 and another one on the spoon at 80. Above 80 showed plenty of fish on the screen but they weren't buying what I was selling today. The largest silver was a half inch longer than the lure it hit! A nice morning, packed it in at 10 as the sun was getting strong. I sure would love to know how some of you are triggering the big silvers to hit. The learning curve continues....
  18. Short late morning trip today. Launched from Dean's and lines in the water about 9:30 Fished the middle from Thirsty Owl back toward Dean's so the wind was at my back. Found fish over 250-350 fow but only a Laker bite today although something hammered a spoon on the rigger and early in the battle got off and kept the spoon. 😥 Copper down the chute 500-600 back using white flasher fly combo took 3 fish in the 5-7 pound range. Spoons had nothing beyond the early hit at 60 down. Dropped down to 75 and grabbed 2 fish. Had to be in Geneva by 1 so off the water by 11:30 but ended up a busy couple hours on the water!!
  19. Launched from Dean's a little after 6 this morning and headed South. Nothing doing until halfway between the Brew Garden and Thirsty Owl where I found loads of debris from the recent rains. Headed to the middle of the lake and minimal debris there for the most part. Found a mix of lake trout and salmon in 250+ fow. Best battle of the year with a beautiful salmon that hammered a sliding cheater off the rigger. Had him beat and to the boat but had a problem as a lake trout had hit the terminal spoon so I couldn't manage to work the rod and the net on both fish with the salmon 7-8 feet behind the trout. Finally had the trout in the net but created enough slack for the salmon to spit the spoon. In the end the battle was awesome and glad to know he could swim away unharmed. Off the water by 9:30 so a very satisfying morning.
  20. Was out on Cayuga last night and saw what at first looked like a white Cormorant sitting proud in the water... when we got closer, the target was identified as the top 18" of a sailboat mast at full sail! Must be during the flooding/rain someones sailboat got washed in and swamped. The boat was located just south of the entrance to Myers, maybe 100 yards from shore. With the wind, its possible that it blows in shallow, or into the Salt Plant. Just wanted to warn to keep an eye out. Chris
  21. Well it’s been a rough three days here at the lake, We did three small salmon the first day , three the 2nd day, yesterday did not have a hit with eight hours on the lake, trolled East side from Myers to town , trolled west side to taughannock Park . Went to Milken station trolled south to Myers yesterday. Is there something I’m missing here? Last year caught fish everyday, We were flatlining with boards close, dipsey divers , downrigging, used spoons , rapalas, FF , I’m far from being a expert at this trolling but this was frustrating trying to figure this out ... But I can say one thing it’s better than work .... any advise would be appreciated?? I’m here till Friday and I will make the best of it .. Good Luck All !!!
  22. Was planing to launch at Long point on Monday. Just wondering if flooding had any effect on lake,thanks
  23. I have the day off from work this Friday and am looking to take my daughter out on Cayuga. I haven't been over there since about this time last year so I'm looking for some tips. Thinking of fishing out of Deans Cove. Thanks in advance.
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