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Found 362 results

  1. Could someone tell me if the rt 79 hill going down into ithaca from the east is still under constructionor or open for traffic. Thanks.
  2. Hi to all on the forum. I have to replace the 8' bunks on the trailer for my 16' Starcraft w a 25 HP Yamaha. Been looking around on the internet on the best way to do this. Finding a great deal of advice, sometimes contradictory. So I thought I'd see what the guys here have to say. My questions: 1) Treated or non treated wood....this seems like a no brainer for treated, but I read that chemicals in the treated wood can eventually corrode the trailer attachment hardware, the trailer, or the aluminum boat itself. True? 2) If I go with untreated, is it worthwhile to apply some kind of waterproofing sealer? 3) I'm considering not carpeting the wood at all, and simply putting slides on the top of the bunks. I'm looking at Surfix Trailer slides.....anyone have any experience with these? Or any other make of slide anyone can recommend? Thanks in advance to anyone who can take the time to weigh in on this. I appreciate any advice you can offer.
  3. Finally got my boat ready for the water. I have to visit Cornell on Friday afternoon and thought that I would drag the boat along for the three hour trip and fish in the morning. I have never fished Cayuga only its tributaries. Fished Keuka out of a 14' flat bottom jon with a 9.9 last year flatlining. Was thinking of launching out of Myers or Taughannock. Looking for any advice for this rookie. Have a 19' Blue Fin with an 85 and bow mounted 24v trolling motor with 2 manual Cannons. 2 rods loaded with braid that I want to try dipsys, 2 rods with mono for downriggers and one rod with leadcore. Have a small selection of spoons and lots of rapalas and yozuris. Any advice on where to go, depth, rigs would be appreciated. Not looking to be spoon fed but I'm coming in blind and trying to learn.
  4. Just wanted to give a shout out to Dylan Margeit for breaking the previous record for a 1 day total 5 fish box weight this past Sunday on Cayuga. Dylan weighed a 5 fish box consisting of 3 lake trout and 2 browns for 44lbs 11 oz. He also took linker for the day with a laker that went 11lbs 8oz and took over for brown of the year with a 10lb 2oz brown. The previous record was 41lb 2oz out of Owasco in June of 1992. Great job Dylan and crew! To everyone else Cayuga is fishing amazing get out there! If you have the chance as Well don't forget to sign up for the Tom Margeit memorial tourney August 11th going to be some impressive catches I'm sure!
  5. So it had been a long day at the office with excessive brain strain. My wife and daughter are in California for a softball tournament all week and both boys had work until after 9 tonight. The original plan was get home and veg while finishing the lawn that I had half done before dark last night. Well, a serious shower skipped Seneca Falls but hit East Varick head on so the lawn was out. What to do.....go fishing of course. So boat in the water at Dean's about 6:30. Oops, the bozo who used this thing over the weekend never dialed off the batteries so not enough power to start the big motor BUT, I want to fish, it's a nice evening, and there is enough power to get the 9.9 to start, so why not just troll around close to Dean's for a bit? Well, even with the kicker running there is not enough juice for the electronics so going to have to wing it. Set riggers at 60 and 75, with copper carrying a flasher fly down 100. Just meandered back and forth with minimal expectations but I was fishing and that's all that mattered at that point. Well, by 8 the riggers fired 5 times, 4 off, you guessed it, the now standard sliding cheaters. Brought these 2 home to feed the 3 boys dinner tomorrow night, left 2 Lakers in the water and never got fire #5 near the boat. I would love to say what I was fishing over but don't know except to say never dragged bottom and guessing distance out from Dean's the activity probably happened at 200 fow and deeper. Seemed like best speed was low 2. something as the rigger lines were singing and typically that's between 2.2 and 2.4 In the end I had a blast as expected to smell the skunk and with no fish finder I couldn't swear at all the marks that won't hit what I'm trying to sell them.
  6. Solo trip from Dean's Cove on a nice overcast early morning. Went South on the West side and marked fish hugging the bottom and not biting between 90 and 130, then they spread out some from 140-200 with most between 50 and 100 feet down. With so many targets I was hoping to be busy but just slow and steady mix of smaller salmon and lake trout hitting spoons off riggers. Sk8man, you should know I used your sliding cheater recipe with some good success. Best fish of the day was a 3 lb lake trout that hit a cheater. Thought it would be a salmon as fought long and hard all the way in. Just before quitting at 10 a couple Lakers finally went after flies. I suspect that the thermocline is setting up as before coming in I cruised out to 250-300 fow and many marks between 60 and 90 feet down. Nothing hit but by then the sun was out and the lake was getting flat so probably not ideal timing. Minimal flea trouble today.
  7. Hi folks, Love the site!!!! My wife and daughter and I will be trolling Cayuga for a week. We are avid trolling enthusiasts but have not fished in the finger lakes in the mid summer in 12 years. We have an 18' lowe walkthrough ith a 90 yami 4 stroke and a minn kota ulterra up front. A very nice fishing boat. My concern is the fleas. I have never dealt with them, ever. I have 2 Mag 5 downriggers with 150lb power pro downrigger line. My 2 downrigger rods have 40lb fluoro down to a 10 lb leader to the bait. I can stack another rod on each DR if advised. Off each side I use in line tx 12 boards with 1-2 oz trolling wts on 30 lb braid w/ a 10 lb fluoro leader to bait, or leadcore outfits 18 lb suffix with 10 lb leader to bait. I generally fish a dipsy down the middle of 30lb braid and 10lb leader to bait. I am fearful I may not be able to troll with the pesky fleas. Will I get killed by these critters or just annoyed? I don't have time to set up wire rigs we will be staying just south of Deans ramp. We are fishing on mon 7/23 with the jigmaster captain John. (I set this up to do something different and a backup if the fleas kill us-LOL) Any advice?? Any suggestions?? Any Changes ?? what should I expect? we troll everything from livebait with my Ulterra to flutterspoons, plugs and dodgers and flies with the big motor and trolling plate. from .8 to 2.5 mph generally Please help thanks so much
  8. Started out in front of Deans cove. Should I go farther south? Also what is the largest fly that should be used? New to the lake,just looking for help. Thanks!
  9. Does any one have the date for August derby. Thank you
  10. Thinking of heading up Thursday or Friday, wondering how bad the fleas are ? Would probably be fishing north of Longpoint Thanks
  11. Good luck to every one fishing the derby today. Any fish on the board yet?
  12. Took a day off to take one of my clients and his dad fishing. This was the first time they had ever been trolling. Launched at Myers and headed south. Got a short landlock and lost a nice one at the back of the boat. Made the turn and headed north very slow pick. After many hours of searching found some fish. They had a blast catching 4 to 6 pounders then they got one over 10lber. Lots of grins for sure. Dropped those guys at the dock and took another guy that I work with out for a short trip and he landed 10 fish in an hour. Since it is a derby weekend I can't give away to much info but I will say that the fish were moving big time. Most were around 85' and dipsy with flasher fly did the most damage. Fleas were bad but the weeds were not. 2.4 to 2.8 for speed. Total landed fish was around 25. Almost all returned to the lake but a few for supper. That is the nice thing when you catch them on flasher fly you can grab the heavy leader and unhook them at the back of the boat and watch them dive back like a rocket. See you this weekend! Wes
  13. Hello, We will be staying on Cayuga in 2 weeks very close to the Hibiscus Harbor marina. I wanted to do some lake fishing/trolling but I have no idea where to start. We have an older StarCraft American 20 and its equipped with a Humming Bird GPS/Fishfinder. I have a number of freshwater poles and 2 trolling poles with Penn reels. Could you guys point me in the right direction for Lake trout or Salmon?? I would like to know what kinds of lures / baits (pictures would be most helpful) to use for this type of open lake fishing. What water depth should I head for and which side of the lake would most likely produce more action? I most likely will be fishing in the early am or at dusk. Any help you can give this newbie would be most welcome. Take care and enjoy this beautiful summer so far. SH
  14. Trolled dipsies from Myers to the power plant. Trolled 70 to 90 ft. of water, 50 to 65' down. Took 10 lakers and one landlocked salmon from 5:30 to 8:30am. Surface temps.at the magical 70 degrees. Fleas are becoming a big nuisance. Lots of bait everywhere. Fish are all clean. These are the good old days!
  15. I am vacationing on Cayuga lake this year with my family and will have the opportunity to get some fishing in. The only problem I see is that we are staying at the north end of the lake by Seneca Falls and I want to fish for salmon and lakers. Looking at my charts I see if I go down by Aurora across the lake there are depths from 100-300' deep. Is that far enough down the lake to get into the salmon and lakers? I will be fishing dipsys on wire rods mainly. Also any help would be appreciated as to whether the west or east side would be a better starting spot.
  16. https://give.salvationarmy.org/event/ithaca-fishing-derby-2018/e173384 July 14 th and 15th Time for all those big lakers I been hearing about to show up. I hope the link works to the derby ,you can register online.
  17. My personal best. Getting them one at a time
  18. Could someone tell me if the rt 79 hill going down into ithaca from the east is still under construction,Last time over i was re-routed all over cornell. .. It was not a fun trip not to mention the poor trailer and boat. Hate going through ithaca..to t-falls. Thanks for any info.
  19. Putting in at deans come in the morning. Got any tips? Looking for lakers.rainbows. and salmon. The usual. Thanks!
  20. Never fished Cayuga thinking about at trip in a few weeks.Would like to target salmon Any info on where to launch,depth to start,would be appreciated.Also are fleas a problem at this time of the year?If so how do you rig for salmon and rainbows? Thanks
  21. Launched at Myers around 5AM and headed north to the power plant. A few pics below. Lake was perfectly calm today and the fishing was great. 11 Fish landed by 10:00AM when we packed up and went to work. Fish were shallower than on the weekend. Best fishing was between 40-60 FOW. I don't normally look that shallow but the screen was blank anywhere above 60 FOW. Biggest fish was 28" and came in 45 FOW. I am happy to report I have seen no lampreys at all on Lakers this year, I have even seen Lakers with no lamprey wounds at all. Whatever has occurred that caused them to be gone, it is working from what I see. I also got the FF dialed in a bit more and figured out what was causing all that noise. Very happy with the way it performed today. All fish released successfully. Screen seems almost impossible to keep clean with fish spraying slime everywhere when we land em but Ill get a cloth for it at some point.
  22. Can anyone recommend a tackle shop for some equipment (spoon, flies, spin and glo's) and advice for my trip up to Cayuga next week. I am staying on the lake just south of Aurora. Thanks in advance.
  23. My twin nephews are in town from down south so we took a quick evening troll to see if we could find some fun. Launched out of Dean's and trolled with the waves zigging in and out of the 80' shelf running 3 riggers and 2 short cores. Both nephews and my 4 year old each reeled in their first laker and were all kinds of excited as they each reeled in their "monster fish". I think I have a good supply of fishing buddies in my future! Also included a pic of another crew in case they're here.
  24. Surface temperatures are increasing and the bait and big fish moving deeper. We targeted rainbows and found 52 degree water down 50 over 120 on the West side half way between Deans cove and Sheldrake. Ran stacked riggers 40 and 60, Slide divers at 50. Took a couple of nice ones on the divers and some Lakers off the riggers. The 6lb bow liked a rainbow Needlefish and the 7 lb one ate a greasy chicken wing scorpion.
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