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Found 362 results

  1. Launched a 21ft boat on the South end today.No problem.. Got Out on the lake around 3[30 this afternoon wind was straight out of the north .Very cold.Ran the boards out with stickbaits.I hate stickbaits.Had one hit and fish was on for awhile.Had another hit and caught a big pike he took both sets of trebles right thru his gills.A bloody mess. All the lures had debris on them when we pulled lines. I was suprised because I did not see junk in the water. BTW Furuno said 50 degrees on top should have been loaded with fish.
  2. How’s the shallow water bite holding up? I’m about to get my boat up and running. The Bay Rat lures should be here this week. Chomping at the bit!
  3. Anyone know the status of the launch?
  4. Drove down Rt 34 today ,got a good look at the S end. West corner had lots of chocolate water . East corner had a lot of really stained water . out past the dropoff there was stained water with spots of not so stained water as far up the lake as I could see. It looked like the lake was up about a foot since the last time I looked. The creeks I seen were all running clear. What does this mean? We will find out tomorrow nite with reports and pictures from all the boats.......
  5. Thank you to the folks who suggested where to launch on Cayuga. Launched on the south (ladder) ramp at taughannock. Trolled with big planars from Crow bar back to taughannock. Notta. Drove boat to south end and fished in 10-20 ft of water, 2 mph, shallow stick baits. Was shooting for landlocks, but landed 2 northerns and 1 laker. Oh well, maybe next time.
  6. Went out around 3pm with family, ran sticks off boards, got 2LT and 2LLS, a great day. 39-40deg on top ramp was ok but Uber low water. There were some stockies in the ramp circling and waiting for pellets. I think maybe 5 other rigs in the lot.
  7. Went out Sunday morning around 7:00am. Picked up one LLS right out of launch. Then ran to south end of lake and picked up 3 Lt. all cam on spoons between 20 and 40 down in around 80/100 fow
  8. Launched Deans 10ish, water low but ramp was Just manageable with 22’ sea nymph. maybe 5 other boats, some perchin’ 39 on surface got some kinks out of the boat and rigging and managed my sons first Cayuga salmon. I was definitely more excited than he was. Storm t-sticks, old & new style, off boards, bright colors
  9. Late night working with the horses so didn't get on the water until after 8. Went out of Taughannock and focused on running stickbaits off a big board in shallow water. Never tried this before but with the new autopilot working I was relying on it to keep the boat from getting grounded. Well, it worked out as while setting the first line it was barely 50 feet behind the boat and the first salmon of the day slammed it. Ran Bay Rats in greens and blacks in 20fow or less and 20 minutes after the first had a double. The second fish was a good one as the drag was singing but unfortunately was gone before I got to it. Did half a dozen circles around the hot spot and pulled in fish every time, some nice salmon and a couple sturdy lake trout. One of the salmon had a big lamprey mark, first one I've seen on a Cayuga fish in quite a while. Hoping it was a rare find. The sun came out around 10:30 and the bite shut off but already had plenty for dinner, released a few, and made it home by noon so could enjoy a nice afternoon with my wife. A perfect Sunday all the way around!!
  10. Many thanks to Hank @ L&M for installing some electronic upgrades this month. This morning launched from Taughannock for the first time out with the new toys. Throttle control for pinpoint speed control?? Awesome!! Autopilot so the boat doesn't do donuts while fighting a fish?? Incredible!! Didn't use the Subtroll today, but stay tuned!! Pretty solid South wind early so went North on the West side to start, then angled across the lake and finished running South on the East side. Lake trout are scattered everywhere so had a steady pick of fish from 30-110 down in 80-400fow off spoon and sliding cheaters on the downriggers. Dypsey carrying a fly took 1 fish in 100 fow and another in the middle of the lake. All the trout were similar in size to the ones in the photo with half a dozen going back in the lake to fight another day. Spent the last hour trying some stickbaits and spoons in shallower water, 40-60 deep, wasn't quite ready to get in real tight. Just the one salmon ended up grabbing a spoon straight across from the launch so headed in with tonight's dinner and a batch of fillets for the smoker tomorrow. With better control of the steering I look forward to trying some shallow trolls soon!!
  11. Launched out of Taughannock at 9:30am. Water level very low, usual for this time of the year. No issues getting my Fishmaster 196 in and out BUT if you launch out of here be wary of the ladder at the end of the dock. Not sure what has happened to it but it has very little bracing and appears as if it is ready to fall off. picked up around 15 lakers, all went back in and to my surprise caught a pike on a spoon with a spin doc in front of it. no landlocked. water temp was 39.2 from surface down to 70’.
  12. Anyone know or hear anything on whether they might repair the boat ramp at Taughannock Falls State Park? The concrete is all busted up and it's tough to get any good traction pulling the boat out of water. It seems it got a lot worse over the past year. Small ramp, likely wouldn't cost that much to pour some fresh concrete and maybe add a few ribs for better traction. Would be a great thing if they fixed it for 2020.
  13. A knee issue has kept me off the water and mostly out of the woods the past 2 months so very excited to get out this morning. Strong South wind made it kind of snotty out there but the fish didn't care about the surface conditions. North out of Dean's to get the push of the wind and ran a simple tight formation of 2 downriggers carrying spoons with sliding cheaters down 35-70 and a long copper carrying a flasher fly down the chute. Everything caught fish and was boxed out in 2 hours. Nothing huge, all 20-24 inches and some smaller ones tossed back. Took over a half hour to bounce through the waves back to Dean's but no complaints here. An early Christmas present to be on the water....can't wait to get out again!!
  14. For those of us that check the board daily a couple lake pictures. Cold and a little bumpy.... There must be some cool lake pictures out there.....
  15. Solo trip out of South end. Ran flat lines with spoons & stickbaits. Did 4 Browns & 2 Salmon. Temp on top was 53. The Browns were all in the 2lb range, full of Gobies. Salmon were both small. Trolled E side, mostly 20 - 60 FOW. After one Brown spit up a Gobie on the boat, I put it aside so I could get a picture. 10 minutes later I realized I still needed that pic, so got it and tossed the Gobie over board. This one looked like the tail section was starting to get digested, as it was slightly discolored. That damn Gobie was still alive and swam in circles! Hope some Brown got an easy meal. Man those things are tough.
  16. I'm curious, for those who fish the FLX tribs, do you keep most of your fish? I caught a couple of landlock salmon this morning in Fall Creek and they seem to be pretty fresh out of the lake. Trying to decide whether I want to smoke or eat fresh. I've only caught a handful in the past 4 years that I've lived here and usually just catch & release so I'm not sure how they eat. I'm assuming the browns are a bit better eating. Anyway, just curious to hear from others and what you prefer. Thanks!
  17. After nearly a month off the water I finally had some free time this morning. Left Dean's and went South by the power plant to hit some spots that were active last October. Marked plenty of fish down 100-120 over 130-150 but after an hour and a half only one catch, a miniature lake trout that took a spoon but never even triggered the release. Decided to poke around on the West side from Kidders up to Sheldrake. Found groups of active landlocks down 40-60, but the largest of the bunch barely made 20". Still fun to catch as could hardly keep 2 rigger lines in the water for a while as they were aggressive. 3 different doubles on one line as the sliding cheaters working better than they have all Summer. Made for an entertaining morning and after putting a couple on ice they made a nice dinner too.
  18. Launched out of taughannock around 1230 with my dad. We started south because we also go north towards the Girl Scout camp. We marked tons and tons of bait and fish from the surface down to 50’ then here and there afterwards to 150’. I always run two riggers along with cheater lines. Spoons were Greens, oranges and purple because they always produce fish for us so that’s what I had out. They wanted nothing todo with us so after a couple hours I decided that we should head north towards the camp where we always get lakers. Didn’t marked much but did some circles and landed two small lakers. Then this happens! We troll back to the launch and just at 645pm when it’s getting to be dusk. The one rigger goes off hard. This sounds crazy but the rigger was set at 75’ and I had the spoon 75’ behind the ball. By the time my dad put it in neutral and grabbed the net, the fish was literally underneath our boat then in front of our boat. I walked around the boat 3 times with it then it seemed like I was stuck. Not sure if he dove down in the weeds but I held him tight for maybe 10 minutes. My dad said we were in 234’ according to the fish finder. However the fish finder reads 0.0 for depth half the time due to not knowing enough about it. So now it’s getting dark and my dad is nervous about taking the boat out lol. So I just gave more pressure, all of a sudden it breaks lose and I feel a couple tugs so I reeled about 5 ft and it seemed like I was stuck again. Gave more pressure to the point where it broke my line. Guy coming out said either a big laker or brown. We’ve fished there about 3 dozen times and never encountered this lol. We’ve caught tons of 6lbs lakers there. The video is when I was about to break it. Kinda despressed to think of what it was but still a fun beautiful day to be out. A48283C0-CD43-4581-8CDB-DE5B0F6309A8.MP4
  19. Up and out on the water in time to enjoy the sunrise with my first mate. She's been growing! Southeast breeze so ran a mile South of Sheldrake and worked North along the West side. Loads of marks but very tight lips this morning. Ended up with just 2 Lakers on flies off the 500 copper. Spoons were silent. Pulling lines about 9:30 and watched a bald eagle swoop down and snatch a fish about 30 yards in front of the boat!! Sometimes the best trips are not about the most fish caught.....a beautiful morning
  20. https://www.ithacajournal.com/story/news/local/2019/09/19/cayuga-lake-pollution-cargill-salt-mine-toxics-targeting-walter-hang/2354546001/
  21. Hope to get after landlock and Lakers, browns. Starting a Deans. Any word on he area. I usually fish long point south east side. Thanks
  22. The coal fired plant on Cayuga Lake formerly known as Milikan Station and later AES Cayuga burned the last of its coal Thursday afternoon and is now permanently closed. There are plans to convert it to a "data center" housing "cloud storage".
  23. Launched at Deans around 6am trolled around the launch for a bit with 2 dipsy rigs. One running a bronze multi colored Michigan Stinger Scorpion and the other a flasher fly. Scorpion proceeds to catch a 6# and 9.5# laker pretty early on, and a smaller laker later. Flasher fly gets nothing. Multiple dinky landlocked on the scorpion throughout the day and the larger spoon, and a nice landlocked 5# on a blue/silver Michigan Stinger, as well as a smaller one that I put back. Pretty good action for just myself out there. Most fish caught 40-50' down (dipsy setting 2.5-3 100-135' line out 30# wire.) and around 2.4-2.7mph. Early bite was good, died down after 10:30 - 11am. I need a bigger cooler. The 45q bends them all up
  24. Worthy of posting again. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  25. Gonna head out by myself with 2 dipsy rods Sat morning - I haven't fished either lake on the weekend before - would launch out of South end Canandaigua or Deans cove Cayuga. Which would you prefer on a Sat? Only fished Cayuga once and it was very slow for us.
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