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  1. Launched out of deans cove for the first time and shot across the lake and setup in 200 with the riggers set at 75 for lakers and 50 for the bows. we found a bait pod at 150 and every time we went past it the poles lit up until about 930 and the bite died hard. we managed to get 3 in the boat and lost a bunch. 1 on a broken mono leader, 3 jumped off on the rainbow spread at 50 and we got a bunch of releases on 75. fun day maybe we will be back next Saturday?
  2. tpr3939

    Cayuga Cayuga

    Launched from T Falls 8 am. Water 61.7 Water at Milliken was 65.6, Sheldrake 61.9 and Long Point 68. Trolled, most productive 60-80 fow. Lakers to 5#s and one 18" landlock and 15" rainbow. Bright colors the most productive but black/purple also good. Caught fish at all locations. Beautiful day and surprisingly not many boats out.
  3. Going to try Cayuga for first time. Coming from Canandaigua area. Deans cove looks like the best launch option. Please let me know if I should be looking elsewhere. Which direction should I troll from there? What to use spoons,FF, cowbells? Any other thoughts or advice for Cayuga would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Anyone out fishing in Cayuga today and having any luck
  5. Went out of Deans cove and fished south lines in at 8:30 out at 2:30 got around 17 lakers. 160-300 fow down 60-80 riggers, dipsy's, and 300 copper. Spoons and few on flasher fly. 5-7 lb'ers with few smaller ones.
  6. Anyone launching out of long point tomorrow and if so what radio channel u running And boat name?
  7. Launched at 7:30 from Long Point. Surface temp 61 degrees. Took my favorite route north and marked some bait and scattered fish in 40 to 60 fow. Slow pick. A couple Lakers, 2 landlocks and a rainbow all off the riggers running white backed spoons made by Dave Johnson at 40 down over 60. Encountered grass, small weed mats and clumps of algae on the surface. Ditched the inlines. Bite ended around noon. Moved deeper as the lake laid down. Tried 100 to 150 fow. Nothing. Decided to run out to Rainbow Alley and have a look. Probe revealed 50 degrees down 35 to 45 feet over 325 fow. Big hooks at 60 and 80. Smaller ones around 35. Stacked one rigger 60 and 80 and parked the Chinook divers at 30 and 40. About 15 minutes running 2.2 to 2.5 boated our best laker of the year from the 80 foot rigger. 32 inches, 11 1/4 pounds. Fish ate greasy chicken wing stinger. Ran another hour with no more takers and quit around 3pm.
  8. I’ll get the party started. I wish! Jigged a good bit to start this am, south of Dean’s Cove. Marked tons of bait and super marks in 30-35fow but no takers on the jig. Dropped the hardware and ran a south troll inside 36-43fow pulled 2 chubby lakers 1 on a 20 jet and 1 on Dipsey bout 30feet down, no real program/pattern except boy girl spoon/silver back continues to catch fish on my boat. Pulled 2 more lakers on boy girl dipsey again but now 150 feet back in 70-80fow? No real pattern. Hope to see some good reports from Cayuga this weekend. Good luck Social Fishtancing!
  9. As a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Salvation Army will not be holding their annual fishing tournament in July. In light of their cancellation, Bear will be holding a tournament on Saturday and Sunday July 11th and 12th. Attached is the entry form for Bear's 2020 Summer Trout and Bass Derby. You can sign up at Bear's Baits, located at Myers Park in Lansing, New York. Note: Please practice social distancing when visiting the park and marina area to protect all individuals using these areas. Any questions please contact Bear at 607-387-5576. Bear's Fishing Flyer Summer Derby July 2020 Mastor.pdf
  10. We have went ahead and secured a date and are planning on continuing the tournament as normal. We will in fact use social distancing precautions if it is still an issue by then. However the date is Saturday August 8th and with the race cancelled for fans it should allow for more entries this year. Follow this post for more information as it's provided to me I'll post more.
  11. I took an old friend out on the lake for the first time. He hadn't been fishing for years and has never laid eyes on a laker being a small, stream trout fisherman. So...I decided to target them first and try for silvers after. Put around 30 fish in the boat on the 26th and another dozen this morning. Surface temps on the east side, around Long point, have jumped to 54 in the morning and bait was everywhere. We got the "Slam", all four species this morning and only lacked a brown yesterday. My buddy's hooked now, needless to say!! Shallow program in 15 to 25 feet running spoons and sticks. Silver Streak green and pink alewives, and bloody nose stingers caught the majority of fish.
  12. Fished from just south of long point to the college all 3 days. Surface temps 48-49 in the mornings warming to low 50's by the afternoon. Stayed in 20 to 40 fow with a shallow program of in-line planners, slide divers and riggers down 20. Majority of the bait is still deep, but we found some in 35-40 feet. Perch shadraps and jointed J-7's on the in-lines, chicken wings and bloody nose stingers on the divers and goby bay rats or green ale wives on the riggers. All caught fish, all three days. Did 17 fish on Wednesday after a late start due to motor issues. Steady pick all day. 7lb bow and 5lb salmon on the boards that day. 25 fish boated Thursday and 15 on Friday morning. Boated a lot of Lakers in the 5 to 10 pound class on the gobies and stingers. We caught and released quite a few nice, young bows on the boards around 17 inches. Never touched a brown and only the one salmon. Another 5 or ten degrees and Cayuga will be on fire!!
  13. Please join us in a new Facebook group called "Finger Lakes Salmon and Trout Fishing" I've created this group due to the original being totally unmoderated and rude people ruining it for everyone. Thanks 5/18 Launch out of Myers headed south. Got 2 miles south and realized the water was mud and wasn't going to be productive. We made a turn back north till I found better water. We fished from 6am-Noon under overcast skys the whole day. Dead flat and sprinkling. Very peaceful and calm morning. Even tho it was slow we enjoying our morning to the fullest. 6:30am our first board took a rip. My step son Dean was on the rod and doing well. After a nice fight he brought a nice 28" Female Brown to the Net. Being I told him we were her for the big one, we were overly excited to get a nice Brown early. Then we proceeded to land 4 legal salmon in the 18-20" range. Overall we only landed 10 fish by noon, but we got the right one 5/19 Headed back out from 6am-10:30am. Sun was out very early to a dead flat lake and a east wind. We worked the same area but stayed in a small spot that was very productive. The water was only a slight brown and we had another foot of visibility. Hoping for a bigger Brown was the name of the game but lets face it. 28' is pretty good! Around 7:30am we doubled up! Dean brought a large laker to the boat and I was fortunate enough to bring another Brown the boat. Dean slid the net under the fish and when it hit the floor I really couldn't believe it. It was a Very Large 29" Male Brown Trout. I didn't have a scale but I think he is my new personal best. The rest of the morning was similar to the first. 10 for 10. 5/20 Back at it again! We went to the same spot, of course! As soon as we set down it was game on. The water had turned from brown to and nice green. It was nonstop action including doubles and triples. Pure mayhem. Still hoping for the Cayuga lake giant we weeded through many salmon in the 16-20' range and many small browns. But due to no lack of effort we couldn't find a big fish. We landed 16 by 8:30am Great day on the water and some salmon for the table. Tight lines!
  14. reeltrout

    Cayuga 5/20

    Went to Cayuga for first time this year, launched out of T/falls. Had a tough day started at 8:30 didn't have a bump till 1:30, ended up getting 4 lakers then, 150 an 300 coppers of the boards did the trick. 1 of the dipsy out 60 all spoon bite. Best was 60-70 fow also marked some out deep.
  15. After a humbling morning yesterday at Fairhaven I was looking forward to a relaxing morning on the home court of Cayuga. Headed out of Deans about 7 and was greeted with a flat lake and a strong sun. Decided to try the skinny water anyway and was rewarded with continuous action courtesy of a bunch of burly lake trout. Spoons or sticks on riggers or short cores......they didn't care, just kept hammering away at everything. I kept holding out to finish the box with a silver so released 7 or 8 fish and then near quitting time a brute decided to swallow a stick bait so I took the hint and called it a day. The fight in these Lakers was tremendous compared to those caught in deep water. No water-skiing the last 50 feet with these today but of course, they were only back 75-125 feet. Just a beautiful morning to be on the water.
  16. Reasons for the high lake level? Seems like we didn’t have much snow melt. We did have a 2-3” soaker rain but it doesn’t seem it should effect the lake level this much. And the past year or two is seems worse.
  17. Lakers were shallow this AM (5/7) and apparently took advantage of the full moon to chow on perch, rockbass, goby, Alewife, and a fat senko-like soft plastic. boards with stick baits were hot till 9am, then nothing. all colors seemed to work
  18. This is my first year perch fishing on Cayuga Lake. I've been fishing the buoys outside of Union Springs in the center of the lake (like 60 other boats) once a week for the last few weeks. It's a 2 hr drive from home to Union Springs. I also fished Owasco a few times. Can anyone tell me when the fishing will slow down? Thank you.
  19. Looks like the canal Corp is sleeping on the job again.
  20. I’m hearing about lots of launches closing. Yuck. Anyone know about Long Pt.? I’m dying to get out.
  21. First and foremost. Wish all the best to all the LOU members and hope all are safe and healthy. I live in northern PA and have fished Cayuga my entire life. With all that is happening is there any bait available for sale around the south end of Cayuga. I am looking for large minnows. I would assume bait and tackle shops are not deemed essential but didn't know if there are any hardware stores or other such places that may have what I need. Thanks for your time and input, be safe and good luck !
  22. Launched out of Treman around noon. No problem with shallow water. 12 trailers in parking lot. Most of the boats we running along the east side. Only put one short board out to avoid interfering with other boats. Most of the boats were off the lake by 3:00. I should have paid attention lol. Fished til 7:00. Bumped speed up to 2.5 mph per recommendations from my last LOU post. Stickbaits. Ran up the east side around 2 miles. Back down. Ran west. 1 laker on deep blue/silver stickbait. Ran east. 1 northern. Ran up west side 3 miles. Notta. Cut back across lake and came back down east side. 1 twenty inch landlock on a perch stickbait. Hope this helps.
  23. Launched a 21ft boat on the South end today.No problem.. Got Out on the lake around 3[30 this afternoon wind was straight out of the north .Very cold.Ran the boards out with stickbaits.I hate stickbaits.Had one hit and fish was on for awhile.Had another hit and caught a big pike he took both sets of trebles right thru his gills.A bloody mess. All the lures had debris on them when we pulled lines. I was suprised because I did not see junk in the water. BTW Furuno said 50 degrees on top should have been loaded with fish.
  24. Drove down Rt 34 today ,got a good look at the S end. West corner had lots of chocolate water . East corner had a lot of really stained water . out past the dropoff there was stained water with spots of not so stained water as far up the lake as I could see. It looked like the lake was up about a foot since the last time I looked. The creeks I seen were all running clear. What does this mean? We will find out tomorrow nite with reports and pictures from all the boats.......
  25. How’s the shallow water bite holding up? I’m about to get my boat up and running. The Bay Rat lures should be here this week. Chomping at the bit!
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