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  1. Big Dave

    Cayuga 7/8/13

    Got out this Am with Jim Duncan (livewire) . Launch out of Long Pt about 7 Am and fished the east side south to half way to Miliken station. Hit a nice Rainbow right off the bat on a R&R Wahoo double diamond. That same spoon took a landlock and several nice lakers. Had it on a rigger down 40 to 48' Wound getting a bunch of lakers from 3 to4# We fished the 80 to the 100' line back and forth. Lots of bait pods and WEEDS and some Fleas. Took a pass out over deeper water and marked a bunch of bait in the top of the water colum. The temp was 60 degrees down 40' and 50 degrees down 65' These are our Hero's for today R&R s custom SSW Mag R&R s Wahoo Double Diamond, Watermelon, & Black and Silver
  2. Started trolling around 7:15pm yesterday north of deans cove and put down doubles on the rigger and seth green on the other side also dropped a copper line down as well with twin minnow in the middle. Started at around 80' immediately got a nice brown on the seth green about 30 feet down. Moved in to about 65 fow Dropped it back down and about 2 minutes later brought in a 26" laker on the bottom spoon on seth green. I was getting hits all night on the seth green. Had a big one on the 2nd leader from the bottom that broke my leader and stole one of my favorite spoons. I have been running 12 lb test florocarbine leaders on the seth green but now considering bringing the test up a bit heavier on my leaders. I feel as though I have had much more action on it since I went to a lighter test but certainly not worth losing nice fish either. Surprisingly had very little action on my copper line, honestly I blame the weeds for this, they are really coming in now. My buddy and I finished the evening out at about 8:30pm with 1 19" rainbow, 1 20" brown, 1 19" landlock and 4 lake trout 22"-26". Blue and silver spoons did all the work. Brought 2 lakers off the bottom on my down rigger and everything else on the seth green. Hopefully this helps.
  3. Launched out of Taughannock at 6:45AM. Headed north to boy scout camp picked away at small salmon and one nice young bow. Headed to East shore and found the lakers ready willing and able. Four lakers later my new favorite spoon from Bobby Fuller FLT (BOB BARKER) come on down the price is wrong Bobby boy!!! hooks into what I believe to be the biggest laker I have ever fought. Well... back up on the story a bit, my beautiful loving kind awesome wife finally decides to go with me this morning..... She says take the fish, so she grabs the net we get this laker to the boat, he had shoulders like a 20lb king, she tries to get the net under him but the hook hangs in the net and bye bye monster.... I break out laughing and tell her I have the best story to tell everyone and she is almost in tears. We laugh about it and decide to call it a day. Well the divorce should be finished soon. No seriously she is the best for just going. As i am writing this she will not read it oh well still love her, but man was it a huge fish
  4. Got to TFalls around 8 am. Launched and tried our normal spots on the west both north and south of the point. Not many marks and lots of weeds. Decided to troll across the lake and try the east side. Wife wanted to pull lines and run across but I convinced her to troll and glad we did. Ended up having lots of action in the middle of the lake 40-60' down and picked up the grand slam. No huge fish, except a huge laker lost on a dipsy. My biggest laker ever at 17 lbs came from that area on a dipsy out 100' and this was deja vu. Would have liked to have boated this one.
  5. Today we fished mid-lake and found a bunch of willing lakers in 120-150FOW. The DW SuperSlim Feelin' Irie and Green Eye Glow Ghost spoons were the hot ticket when fished near bottom from our Cannon's at 1.4-1.6 mph. We also ran wire divers down deep pulling flasher/fly combos but only took one fish on those. We had a bunch of cores up higher in the water column targeting silvers and the only one that consistently took fish was an 8 color pulling a SuperSlim Seasick Waddler. We boated a really beautiful rainbow off of it and put it back for another day. All of the others cores we had out rotted all day. We had a line that we were working on the east side and on each pass we would take 4 or 5 fish, and that pace kept up for the entire morning. Not a bad way to spend Father's Day!
  6. Great day on Cayuga launched at Myers at 6am. Didn't get third rod set when rigger fires small LL. Fished West shore up to Boy Scout camp with 8 fish in boat before 8 am mostly small salmon, ended up going 12 for 20 with one nice 19" rainbow that was released. Lots of small salmon lost two big fish on FF down 120'. The fish were starting to key on 60' down in 90 to 150fow. Kept one legal salmon and a eater size laker. Bob Barker from FLT did the most damage followed by the Alpha Alewife on dipsy back 180 and 220. Lead core and flat line on board all took fish, awesome time to be fishing... Tremendous amount of bait by the Boy Scout camp. Anyone catching browns on Cayuga where did they go?
  7. Big Dave

    Cayuga 6/10/13

    Got out for awhile this AM till the rain and wind picked up . Got a few lakers and a bunch of Landlocks . Biggest laker about 6# and one legal landlock. Caught the smallest landlock I have ever got . That little rascal was about 6" long. These are the R & R that were the heros The Magenta shad hit the landlocks , The green shad and the green ladderback took both the lemon lime took lakers. 4 & 5 color core off the big boards, riggers down 25 and 40 ' Fished from long pt. south on the eastside. 120' of water most of the time.
  8. This year's Lighthouse Derby will be held on Aug. 10th 2013. More details will follow early next week. Scott
  9. July 21st 2013 Daybreak til 1:00 pm weigh in at 1:15 sharp at Bear's Bait and tackle in Myer's Park Cooler may contain 1 man's legal limit. All other rules same as the last few years. So just sign up on this post to enter.
  10. Got out after rain about 10:30am till 1:30pm four for four on lakers. Nothing huge nice eaters. 130 fow south end and east shore. Lures down 120 and 80' down on wire dipsy ( 240' back) Some more bait showing up. Heavy north blow for about an hour made it cool right off. Total spoon bite nothing touching the FF. Question: does the FF combo lose its effectiveness under 1.8mph?? What do you all think, if you are running slow do you just run spoons?
  11. Hey all, I am looking to go out jigging on Cayuga tomorrow for the first time this year. I have never gone jigging this early in the year before and so I have no idea where to look for the fish as far as depth goes. Any advice is welcome Thanks -Pete
  12. My understanding from the park manager that Myers launch was dredged from launch to lake this winter. Should make it easier there with low water if concerns at other launches.
  13. Bear will be opening the shop in Myers Park On March 29th for Weekends only. Starting April 27th he'll be open full time. Bear 1-607-227-7512 Barney 1-607-229-9341
  14. Saw this scene from the south end of Cayuga and took a pic the other day, and it got me thinking. I dont hear the FLX guys talking about colored water very much, but up north on the big pond its the #1 topic during spring fishing. How would you fish the water in the pic? Up north we like rattle stick baits and they seem to work on Cayuga as well. What is your go to lure for stained water?
  15. My boats have been put away for winter sand I am starting to get fishing anxiety if anyone has room for an extra person it would be greatly appreciated . Never been out in winter and I keep reading about people still hiting water and catching fish. I am out of work so most weekdays are good Of course I'll throw in for gas bill 644 5674. Endicott [ Post made via iPhone ]
  16. Man it was tough! No water until Sandy rolled thru! I fished pretty much 3 times a week, hitting Salmon creek, Fall creek and the inlet. The inlet was so low it was worthless until about 2 weeks ago. I never caught a fish there. So fishing from the end of September until new years eve, I landed 6 browns. I personally know of only 4 salmon caught and I didnt get any. The bows showed up around Thanksgiving and there were loads of them 12 to 16 inches at times. Big bows trickled in about 2 weeks ago and I landed 3 monsters. I beat my personal best 3 times with a 7, 8 and a 10lber. So in conclusion, either the low water in Otober and much of November kept the fish in the lake or there were not many in the lake to come. I hope it was the low water. Happy new year to all and good luck in the 2013 season. Capt Scott
  17. I'd appreciate any current info on the bubbler/launch at T-Falls and the ice situation at Treman. I'm just about ready to kick this season into gear! -Andy
  18. Fished south end from 7 to 1. Caught 4 small Salmon and a decent bow. The salmon came on a flatlined blue thunderstick, a orange fishlander spoon down 20ft on rigger, a flatlined blue Williams wobbler, and the bow hit a blue dolphin stinger run on 200ft of copper over about 165 fow. Tried the dypsey's and FF combo for a while without a hit. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  19. Headed out for a solo run today. I was on the water by 7 fished for about 3-1/2 hours. Caught 2 small Lakers and 5 small Landlocks. Lakers were both caught on 20 lb wire dipsey 220 back with a Green glow crush SD and a green fly over 250ft. Landlocks came on flatlined small Williams wablers and a blue dolphin scorpion spoon run off 200 ft of copper. If I could have controlled the boat a better I probably could have caught a bunch more but it was really pretty rough out there. [ Post made via iPhone ]
  20. Is anybody aware of reasonable houskeeping cottages/cabins on or near mid-lake Cayuga? General area would include Long Point to Lansing on the East or Sheldrake to Taughnnock on the West side. I am looking to spend more time in that area with some buddies. Would like 2 -3 bedrooms and can be very rustic. Looking to be with 10 miles of the Lake and would consder a daily launch. Usually stay 3-4 nights spring to fall. Thanks - Lobster
  21. if anyone is going out on cayuga or senaca or skinny or pretty much anywhere and has room and can get me out it would be great my boat is in storage and i am going thru withdrawls bill 607 644 5674
  22. Just wondering if anyone has been on any of the tribs after Sanday and what the conditions are like. Read in another post that there wasn't a whole lot going on as of the end of October. Hoping that has changed. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  23. Found some more eel footage from our trip on Cayuga 11/10. Man these things are nasty, they kind of look to be the apex predator in the lake now? I knew it was going to be bad when we were catching LL in the spring with 3 and 4 small Lamprey hanging off them. OYUSjJ6glg0
  24. Had the day off - thank you veterans for all you've done! Took my 6 yr old son to Bass Pro and then down to Taughcanock for some trolling. Went left out of the launch in 20 mph wind and 1 ft waves. We didn't stay too long because the wind and waves picked up quite a bit. Had some fun landing 3 and dropping a few landlocks while trolling spoons on the riggers and stick baits on leadcore on boards. Also had a nice fish follow a spoon right into the prop wash. Thought it was a pike, but looked like a heavy brown trout. Haven't seen that before. Thanks to the gents on this forum who've given me some tips. I appreciate it. Jon
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