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Found 37 results

  1. Looking for charter on Keuka during Aug 12-16 week. Two adults, four kids (7 though 11 years old). Any recommendations?
  2. Fished keuka from private dock, 8 smallmouth..4 keeper size, 1 15 inch all caught from 5:00-6:15 then everything shut down . All caught on drop shot rig, chartreuse plastic worm. Big fish slashing on surface, tried about every spoon I had with me, didn't have any body baits. Still.. Love them smallys
  3. I am taking 2 grand sons to keuka/ Seneca lake area next weekend and they want to fish, one is 7 and has never caught a fish, but the fire is burning there. I have no boat and would like some help getting them to a fishing spot, that can supply some action. Any help? Thx
  4. Keuka Keuka Carp

    Got my "birthday carp" yesterday. Not as many around this year though. I hear there are at least a few bow hunters targeting them in the shallows at night with big spotlights from boats. Any idea if its legal to bow fish at night? While I think carp are great sport fish and a ton of fun to catch, I also understand that bow fishing for them is legal. I don't understand killing something you're aren't going to use, but to each their own, I guess. My real question is: is it legal to target them at night, with spotlights, in close proximity to cottages? If not, I'll probably make a call next time I see it.
  5. Keuka Keuka 6/12

    Took my mother, brother and his friend out for an afternoon run on Keuka. This was my first time fishing this lake, so I treated it as more of a scouting run than anything else. Launched from the state park at 2:30 PM and was greeted by a completely glass-smooth lake. Trolled the northern half of the east side of the Branchport arm in 100-150 FOW at 2.0 to 2.5 SOG. Ran two DD/SD with A-Tom-Mik flies, one DD/dodger/Stinger (chrome/orange) spoon combo, and one rigger with a Stinger (blue/chrome) spoon. Ran all my rigs to cover the depths where I was marking decent fish, which was between 50-90 feet down. Only managed to hook up with one pretty 22" laker on a DD/SD/A-Tom-Mik by 5:00, when the rest of my party started getting bored. Pulled up the gear and started targeting the pan fish. I'm usually a patient guy and probably would have kept at it, if not for the desire to let everyone have their chance at some fish. Considering that this was my first time out on Keuka, and I am still learning the ins and outs of trolling: did I miss anything, or is there anything different that I should be doing on this lake? Comments and suggestions would be appreciated.
  6. Buddy and I did our annual Keuka fish census 6/3 - 6/7 from North End and did well until rains set in on 6/6. We put 38 fish in the boat (all C&R) in 22 hours of trolling. Fish ranged from 13" to 25" and 6+lbs. they seem to run a little bigger and heavier than prior years, especially those up high (40' - 70'). Most fish were taken either on DRs and Sutton 88's , 44's and 38's with a couple on Trout Killers. Other half of fish were on Seth Greens and same spoons. Fish were either very high (40-70') or very deep (120-140+). Did see the beginning of the thermocline @ 45', especially near the Bluff. Surface temps were 61 - 66 F and wind was definitely a factor, most fish were going with the N- NW wind. We Fished West Branch - State Park to Bluff east side to middle. Had a blast trying out some new lures and rigs but the old faithfuls still rule. Will be back up in a couple of weeks on the East Branch.
  7. Keuka Keuka Lakers

    OK, so on our first 4 trips on Keuka, my Grandson and I have kept 38 lakers. Catching limits on this lake is pretty easy and we keep them them all over 15" and after filleting them, they go to friends and family after we have a Saturday night fish cookout. So here is where it gets interesting. Every laker we have caught has been a female with eggs. Yes, 38 females! I noticed it after cleaning them the Saturday before last and I'll be darned, the 8 we brought home last Saturday were again all female with eggs. I was just curious if anyone else other than myself thought this was unusual? Oh, let me add one more thing, we have caught everyone on the same lures! We fish with 2 riggers and 2 divers and use gold Laker Takers on all four. They have always worked for us so why change. We catch them from 3 lbs to 7 lbs. Maybe this Saturday we will try another color to see if we catch any males.
  8. Keuka Keuka 5-5-13

    Launched out of Branchport and ran south waaaaay south.... Setup shop trying to put coppers cores dipsys and riggers in but couldnt even get them in ... It was unreal for the first 3 hours think we managed to get 6 out of the 10 rods we planned on running , We were doubled up and tripled up quite a few times during the morning ... The action never stopped ....We were working fish in a 150 fow water and the screen was black with arches top to bottom.. I think we figured it out at somepoint and we averaged a fish every six minutes of the trip.... lol.... We ended up 34 for36 all lakers , Finishing 2nd in the FLTA tourney we were fishing in...Finger Lakes Tackle chicken feed and king of sting were by far the hottest spoons and Big Weenie filthy frankie fly was lighting it up.... Couldnt have asked for a better day on the water.. Mike
  9. Headed out to jig some Lakers in the morning, Didn't know if anyone has been out lately I'm trying to decide where I wanna head! Also anyone know if you can launch at Sampson right now? Not sure if the ice in the marina went out with this warm spell. tight lines guys!
  10. Does NY keep the launch at the Park open in the winter, or is it usuable? Thanks.
  11. Anyhow went to Keuka Lake, AFTER my partner decided to go deer hunting and canceling a Cayuga Lake adventure, left Horseheads @ 6:10, made it to Keuka State Park @ 7:10, figured I would go to a lake I'm familiar with AND with the weatherman's promise ( only job I know where you can be WRONG 100% percent of the time & still have a job) of winds gradually coming up to 5 MPH throughout the day I figured I could get some jigging in figuring this would be my last trip out this year, .......nope I have been on this lake with 11 MPH + winds & today was worst than that !, only 1 other pilgrim out this morning, "back troller", name on his boat, he said his "weatherman" said 6 MPH winds, let him launch first, see how he made out with a South wind blowing up the launch, just him & his dog, he did alright, & I launched after he left...........another first for me........wave action will loosen a "knot" on a cleat the time I parked my truck, my boat was "beached" sideways in the launch >sigh<, of course the "calm", grumble, grumble, grumble South winds are now forming white caps , got her straightened out & despite HUGE urges to trailer her, I did get out.........took a beating, took 2 lakers using only 1 wire rod/ dipsey, all I could get out alone,(my boat is LOOSE !) usual magnum Dipsey set on @ #2 setting green glo frog racer Spin Doctor being chased by a Reel-Hooked Up fly set back 300', FF lit up from 107'- 137', did get 1 photo in between swells of FF screen the other "pilgrim" & I were both on our trailers by 9:30 let's see, up early, fresh air, turkey filled with tryptophan, yeah I should sleep easy tonight Hope EVERY BODY had a HAPPY & SAFE THANKSGIVING
  12. Anyhow left Horseheads @ 5:15AM, was @ Keuka State Park boat launch @ 6:15/20ish, and rigged up the boat among 1/2 dozen plus bass boats, WE were first in , as we set up for our pass at the 2 story cottages on East side, the bass tournament officially started , now I understand that Keuka isn't that large of a lake, but I think courtesy of fellow fisherman ..............been said before.............I digress. They were calling for South winds @ 11MPH, it was ALL of that at start Of course this time I brought jigs, but alas bow electronics, motor & another fish finder won't happen till next April, & the "drift" was too fast The lake eventually had white caps on it when the Sun did break through but they could have been from the numerous bass boats zooming ALL over the place............... We did bring home 9 standard Keuka Lake size lakers, 18+ "'s, released easily that amount that were smaller, & had 4/5 empty releases/unofficial catch & release half way ins All our fish were caught mostly in 135, 142, 165 FOW zone(s) East side, West side, crossing the lake on magnum Dipsey Divers, set on a #2 setting, 60', 300', 350' back dragging the usual glow frog yellow racer Spin Doctor being chased by a Reel-Hooked Up fly, and a green dolphin on chrome Spin Doctor being chased by a XXXstreme glow Lap Dance fly......downriggers didn't join in on the fun mostly just because I wish I bought more Dipsey rods.............just saying............that & my partner Frank Rosplock, who I have nick named "O'neill" since November 1ST has a tendency to "lasso" port, starboard, and everything in the middle when he is driving...........and the fact that the wire rods kept us busy enough