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Found 36 results

  1. Owasco owasco?

    Anyone fishing owasco? Gotta pick boat up from a1 marine in moravia saturday and figured i would give owasco a shot while i was up that way. Any advice would be appreciated thanks in advance
  2. Fished for 9 hrs yesterday. Trolling and jigging no luck. Back at it today from 7:30 to 12:00. Still nothing. Spoons and dodger fly set ups at 75 - 100 feet over 120 on average. Finally got this nice 26 incher at 12:15 on a live mooneye 150 down with a spin doctor over 170 fow. Pretty slow, but still going home happy as any fishing weekend is a good weekend. Unfortunately leaving today. Any advice on how to do better next trip would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Finally got my boat rigged for trolling and hit Owasco today. First time trolling freshwater and have a lot to learn. We switched out to Great Lake Lures 44 spoons and landed three quality lakers. 2 were on downriggers down about 100 feet and the other one on 5 colors of lead core. Also got a nice smallmouth on the north end
  4. Great Lakes Lure Fishing Team arrived at Owasco Sat morning. This trip it was just my girlfriend(Theresa) our dog Scout and myself. Theresa is new to trolling this year, and this would be our first tourny as a Duo. I have over 50 trips in this year with Theresa, Teaching her as much as I can and i'm confident she will be able to step up to this task. I am always excited about Owasco Lake, it always puts up some impressive fishing! We launched around 630 Sat am for our pre fish. Our plan was (2) 5 leader rigs, not our usual 20 spoon spread. We first fished the entire lake, catching fish only on the south end. We had some nice fish, and by 11 am we went 6 out of 8, losing 2 very nice fish. After a brief rest and some early supper, we went back at it for the evening. This time focusing on Seward point area, where we seemed to mark the most fish and did the best action. From 530-800pm we went 9-11, losing 1 really nice fish that broke off on a 15lb test leader. Ended the day 15 out of 19 and we were impressed with the bite and looking forward to tomorrow. Sunday morning we hit the water about 600 am. As soon as we hit the drop off on the south end, (4) 5 leader rigs in the water, all 50 ft of top line. No sooner did we get set up, 3 out of 4 rigs were hooked up. From that moment, untill we pulled our gear it was non stop action all day. (1) double and (2) tripples on 5 leader rigs. We went 15 out of 17, losing 2 really nice fish. One laker that was all of 10-12 lbs spit the hook right at the back of the boat. It was so close, I considered jumping for it, but tried to get to the shifter in time to go into reverse. No luck, fish went down before I could get to the shifter. (had a 5 leader rig still in my hand) At one point we had the boat in auto pilot and both of us were pulling rigs and clearing and culling fish. By 1130 we were limited out and pulled our gear to head in. I was so wore out by 1100, I was ready to pull our gear and quit, but decided to limit out. This was a good decision as our last fish was a rainbow, almost a lb bigger than the one we had, and another 24" laker to add to the weigh in box. We finished 4th, and were pretty impressed with our efforts. The fish on Owasco were agressive, to say the least, and none of them were easy fish to boat, hand lining 5 leader rigs. I am really impressed with Theresa. She has come a long way since the begining of our season, and she has now proven she has what it takes to become a very good rig fisherWoman! Pulling rigs, driving the boat, netting fish, Docking the boat, She has it all down! As for lures, we caught most of our fish on either Firetiger KW Ratt-o-Lures, and all White KW Ratt-o-lures. The 2 Rainbows were caught on blk/purple KW Ratt-o-Lure and red back KW heavy troll. All Great Lakes Lures. Congratulations to Russ McDowell for an impressive 36 + lb box! He was limited out and done fishing by 930 am! Thank you, Jason
  5. I'm hoping to do a Mon. evening troll for lakers on Owasco. lake north will be my first outing in 2 years do to illness and any updated info would be appreciated..I plan on trolling from Fay's Pt. north with the usual hardware."THANKS". Gary
  6. Launched out of the South Shore Marina fishing the Finger Lakes Trollers Assosiation Tourney and ran North, found some good looking water and decided to setup in a 100 fow a bit before where I planned ... We ran rigs, cores, coppers and riggers... Well it didn't take long and we were bringing laker after laker to the boat... The lakers wanted small spoons and red and orange were hot colors.. We got 3 decent lakers in the cooler and decided to sneak in a bit shallower and found some good bait and nice marks and worked the area for a bit and changing out a lot of colors until we found out what the fish wanted and it finally paid off landing 2 really nice Rainbows and releasing the smaller of the 2.... About mid morning started heading back south and all the boats that where focused to the south end in the morning were up north now so we had the southend to ourselves so focused out deep and found some real active marks and dropped the gear to them and it was game on instantly improving our laker box in 10 mins... We needed 1 more off fish so snuck back in shallow for one last shot at a brown and it pays off bringing a nice 4.5 brown to the boat..... We ended the day going 19 for 19 and headed to the scales... Knew we had a good box but thought it would probably be a close one with all the great competition and fisherman in our club... We end up pulling off the win with a total weight 25.11 lbs and taking home the FLTA Owasco Tournament ... Finger Lakes tackle and some of our old O&M lures were the hot ticket today, bright colors seemed to be the ticket.... Great job to all that fished and see you at Cayuga the 22nd.... Mike
  7. Owasco Coming FLTA on Owasco.

    Pre fished Owasco tue. Finally got my Dad to go fishing with me again. Been over a year since he has fished with me. It was good to be able to fish with him again (even though he kept trolling at 3.5 -4 mph). I hope he continues to go with me, and his health allows him to go. So, Owasco looks to have a better population of fish than Keuka did. East shore was loaded with fish in the 20-60 fow. In the middle of the lake their were also tons of fish in the 20-40 ft range. Lots of big hooks on the bottom and quite a bit of bait. South end color was a bit green, but the north end was almost brown. Surface water temp was 58-60 deg. Quite a change from Seneca and Keuka, but Owasco is a small lake. Gonna try and get back over their before June 1st, but not sure I will be able to fit it in. I believe the Owaco weigh in is gonna be an impressive one! Should be some nice fish weighed in. We lost a wheel bearing on the way home, but you'll have that every now and then.
  8. Owasco Hey lyk2fish

    Great post re the Owasco walleyes..... Can u somehow PM me UR email address?
  9. Owasco Owasco Survey

    Just wanted to start this thread for and FYI. Many may know there is a survey out from DEC to look at fish preferences for Owasco. I saw no need for the survey, but some wanted it to see if they could get support back for walleye in the lake. DEC said they will not manage lake for both walleye and brown/rainbow(it would be an either/or). The survey to date has shown a poor response rate, but those that have come in is a greater than 65% support for trout fishery. One way or another we can hope this will end the debate so we can move foward and try to get the once great fishery back. We need to understand that the 15+ mile long inlet, with lots of public fishing rights, is part of that fishery as well. An inlet that used to team with very large rainbows. I for one would hope we can come up with positive ideas and solution to get the lake back, even if just modestly, to what it once was. Everyone has seen how fragile the lake near them can be, all the finger lakes have gone through challenging times. I could go on and but, that is my thought for what little it is worth.
  10. Took a small brown this morning around 8:30 on a purple black and white thunder stick. Had all our hits on thunder sticks. Was on lead core with 3colors out. Went 1for 5. Glad to see some brown action again
  11. The guys at region 7 were nice enough to send me the information for the diary program in 2010. I fail to turn in my info in 2010 for region 8 and 7, no real good reason I just got so busy on the boat my record keeping sucked. We have a new system set up on the boat this year and so far all fish have been recorded. I wish I would have in 2010, a lot more rainbows would have been recorded. I see on Owasco only two rainbows were recorded . Also I see no more walleyes have been stocked since 2009 in the lake, and a 50% stocking reduction in Lake Trout happened in 2010. This is to aid in the recovery of the fisheries for brown trout and rainbow trout. I hope it works out. I know I am going to miss the walleyes it was nice to have a place to go catch them. That said I can see why they are doing what they are doing. Sean