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Found 236 results

  1. Seneca question I hear a lot about the lake being slow and have heard it referred to as "dead" once or twice. When people talk about the slow fishing are they talking about just trout and trolling or all of the fishing in general? I am not a troller, yet, but I do have a couple old big jon captains packs my uncle had on a boat years ago and have been thinking about putting them on my boat. I have a cousin that has a permanent camp site at Smith Memorial park and I have been kicking around the idea of "giving" him my boat with the 1 condition that my son and I can come up and use it with him and his son as we want to. Due to my schedule with my kids and sports, the boat sits around 90% of the time and I figured he can get some use out of it! Would it be worth me having him store it up there and fishing Seneca or just keeping it at my place and use it to go where ever I want? Is the fishing that bad there for bass, panfish, pike, even trout? Thanks for any replies!!
  2. Well, took to Seneca (North end) on vacation this week. Went out this morning started at 630 in about 75fow around belhurst marked all kinds of fish mid-range and on bottom. Set up heading south and as the deeper we got, screen went blank. Turned around on the west side looking but couldn't find em. Ran over to high banks area set up heading north in and out but nada. Ran back over to belhurst in about 40fow and noticed a ton of small fish, thought maybe perch but couldn't catch one. Moved in shallower and hooked up w a pike and a few Rockies. The chopped up floating weeds in the north end sucked! All over the place, fleas not bad. First time on Seneca so didn't expect to crush em but damn, couldn't even find em. Took the kids to Geneva state park yesterday, black sludge washing up on beach smelling like .....[emoji90] yea, good times. First day we got here neighbor said pull the boat and fish Cayuga, Dean's cove! Should of listened maybe, now weather looks crappy next few, oh well. Odd tho, waves were going s-n but current maybe n-s? Riggers were really pulling. Don't see many boats fishing here, mainly pleasure boaters. Sent from my XT1030 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. 35,000 gal spill UPDATE: Yates County, Village of Penn Yan, Sewage Discharge, Keuka Lake Outlet East of Fox's Mill Rd, Entered Seneca Lake Issued August 24 2017 3:04 PM by Penn Yan (V) STP How Soon Responsive action SHOULD be taken immediately How Severe Significant threat to life or property How Likely Determined to have occurred or to be ongoing Affects: New York - Yates - Dresden, New York - Yates - Milo, New York - Yates - Penn Yan, New York - Yates - Torrey Summary Expires: 8/31/2017 1:31 PM ... Location of Discharge: Keuka Lake Outlet Trail, Penn Yan, NY 14527, USA Additional Address Info: Storm drain adjacent to Reed bed Name of Waterbody Affected: Keuka Lake Outlet, Seneca Lake Description of Discharge: Treated Sludge from Secondary Digester Potential public area(s) impacted: The following public areas were potentially impacted: Fishing Area: Keuka Lake Outlet Facility name: Penn Yan (V) STP, Facility ID: NY0029726 Date and Time of Discharge: Aug 23 2017 4:00PM Duration of Discharge: 14.5 hours ended. Reason for Discharge: Other: Valve left open after transfer Volume or Rate of Discharge: 35000 Gallons (Estimated) Treated State of Discharge: Partially Treated Without Disinfection Steps Taken to Contain Discharge: Closed valve, constructed earthen berm on paved surface to contain standing water. Installed earthen coffer dam in receiving ditch and Vacuumed remaining material from ditch with Vacuum Truck For more information on this and other discharges, visit SPRTK
  4. Marsh creek i did n't know 5000 gallons of raw sewage spilled into marsh creek and into Seneca lake . yummy lake trout wounder if the city of Geneva will get fined ..
  5. short trip fished the west side solo this morning picked up one brown between 5.5 to 6#..........63 feet down FL glow froggy glow spoon....... LikeShow more reactions Comment
  6. Where to take kids fishing on Seneca. I am new to Seneca lake just got a place and its my first summer on the lake. My Grandson is coming to visit, 8 yrs old, and I want to take him fishing. Does anyone have a suggestion on where to take him for some pan fish. Or any other suggestions. I have a boat but shore fishing would be great also. He does not sit still for long and I want to get him hooked on fishing.
  7. Whats for lunch ? What's for lunch ? Fresh laketrout put in milk and paprika over night , trim up with small Y-bone removed. Then light batter and on the stove.....
  8. Seneca South 8/1 Got out yesterday solo for a couple hours midday. Pretty hot and sunny but a nice light north breeze made for decent conditions. Setup on the east side trolling north and got a nice rip on the leadcore (9 colors out) right off the bat and landed a nice acrobatic bow just over 20". Marking lots of shallow bait (20-40ft) over 120-250 ft. Got a small landlock off the rigger at 55ft then made another pass where I picked up the bow and bam! another jumping bow on the leadcore. One more pass through the area produced another bow off the 55ft rigger with vertical blades. Trolled up to peach orchard and out to deeper water still marking some bait but no takers. Not too bad for midday and low expectations. Weeds and fleas were a non issue. Speeds around 2.5mph GPS. Had 2 similar trips about 2 weeks ago with some small salmon and a few 18-20" bows on the west side near Glenora but weeds were an issue and fleas annoying...
  9. Gill nets They have been three gill nets on the west side for the last three night or more not sure. Heard they would be done today. !st net I saw was just south of the showboat going from the west side in about 90 FOW to east around 150' FOW....... then goin north about a 1.5 miles to the first major shaol same set up , and again going north close to the winery on the water.
  10. First time for 2017 Got out today for a few hours , never moved a rod GREAT to get back on the water.
  11. Seneca 7/5/17 Took home a skunk on Seneca last night. First time out since the derby, ran to Dresden and fished N in 200-300 ft. of water. One rigger w/attractor and gambler rig. Quit after n1 1/2 hr. Brought up rigger and line all screwed up, so no wonder no fish. No hits on three leader rig either. Marked some but not a lot. Still a nice night to get out. Maybe next time.
  12. Fishstix NLT derby results Best picture of the 12lb laker Ive got. I would like to thank all the sponsors. The guys and gals working the weigh stations did a great job. Only caught 6 or 7 fish last weekend a couple 5lb to 7lb. we let go. but the right one hit at the right time.Fished hard all three days . Willie just turned 75 last week kind of ironic. Wish I could get my grandson in the picture interested but I guess its a computer world.Had a lot of fun cleaning weeds. Very nice trophy. On to the next one hope my program is still working.. Thanks to HOLY MACKEREL for the contraption.
  13. Sampson national lake trout derby 2017 It's almost that time a year again! Myself and my family look forward to it all year. Ok let's report on who's fishing out of Sampson? I thought it would be cool if we posted some boat pics and associated names with boats and faces. I'll be at sites 305/307 Thursday through Monday fishing out of a 21' Sylvan. I will be fishing Big fish Friday as well. Stop in have a cold one and shoot the breeze. Best of luck to everyone and be safe out there. -Jeremy
  14. Rainbow stocking in Catherine Creek The DEC with help from Trout Unlimited along with me from the Finger Lakes Trollers stocked 10,000 Rainbows from the Bath hatchery yesterday.Put them in 4 places in the lower section of the creek. They were fin-clipped.They were 4 to 6 inches long. This was the 6th. year of stocking. The program is working. The spring shocking shows about 25% of the shocked fish fin-clipped.This spring there were several fish 7 to 9 pounds clipped.Kudos to the DEC for this program.
  15. Sampson park favor needed I need a dock for a 21ft boat for the memorial weekend lake trout derby at Sampson park. Last year the one I reserved was falling in.I could not use it. Can someone give me a couple good dock numbers to try to reserve? I only need one . Thanks Stan
  16. Almost opened fish camp Took a ride up yesterday do some outside work and Carol getting inside ready. Didn't have the water turned on yet so we made do without. Lake water level is way up compared to October when we pulled boat for lack of water , coming down the hill into Montour Falls , the falls were hamming water lots of run off now rain today. The monkeys will take care of Cayuga first I'm sure , we see...........hope to take boat up in less than a week and have Bob put the new /upgraded lift system in.............
  17. Seneca Lake Water Level Here is a pic of the water level at my place on Seneca, taken today. This is north of Sampson. The fire pit is normally 5 feet from the water.
  18. 4/2 Seneca Nothing special, but progress on Seneca!
  19. Watkins Launches? Maybe Cayuga Just wondering if either of the launches in Watkins are open? I'm thinking of making a shake down Sunday morning before the flea market. Also debating between there or running over to Cayuga. Thoughts?
  20. Sampson I was down at the marina today to check out the condition of the launch ramp. dock looked warped and rotten. Water level in marina was low. Not a boat on the lake. I walked around the marina to check the condition of the place. This place is looking very deplorable to dock a boat hear. I wonder how long the state will keep this marina open. If we don’t see some improvement soon I don’t think this place will survive another winter. All the years I have been coming here this is the worst condition I have seen this marina. The new high class cabins are coming along nicely but the park roads took another set back from another winter. I got to get my buddy to get his boat out soon before I get snowed in. Today looked nice to be out there. High 63. 8 inches of snow the other day is almost gone now. What a screwy winter here. Over 100 inches of snow. I wonder what march will bring. My bees were out today looking for food. I had them up at the house looking for a snack. I think I will put out some feed for them tomorrow. Very strong hives for this time of year. Buds on the trees already.
  21. Perch Fishing Does anyone know of a good guide on Seneca for perch.
  22. Guy in the camp over here asked me to look at bait he got in his trap. I did and it looked like a creek chub to me. There is a LOT of them in close to shore over here, is that what I'm seeing or something else ? I can take a picture if needed. Thanks Ed
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