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Found 236 results

  1. Ice in cooler , coffee ready , Kingers ready , just need to uncover boat and give Hoot a shout and off to the lake.............
  2. Hoot , Kinger and I fished with Andy today , he put us on the fish we ended up with a double grands slam + a few..... all on spoons from top 5' , 15' , 5 color core , 2oz tropedo ..... and few I forgot ...... we kept 2 of Andy browns , 2 landlocks a rainbow and a laker I just ate half of for dinner.Mmmmmmmm !!!!!!
  3. Here's a refreshing bit of news from the DEC: You are subscribed to receive updates from DEC. Links to receive help or to change your preferences are provided below. Having trouble viewing this email? View it as a Web page. Hello, The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation has issued the following press release: DEC to Begin Sea Lamprey Control on Seneca Lake Tributaries on June 9 Treatments Will Enhance Lake Trout and Salmon Populations and Sizes A program to combat parasitic sea lamprey will begin the week of June 9th on Seneca Lake tributaries in Chemung, Schuyler and Yates counties, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Regional Director Paul D'Amato announced today. Efforts to control sea lampreys can reduce mortality rates for game fish that sea lamprey target, especially lake trout, rainbow trout, brown trout, and landlocked salmon, which are among the more popular fish for Seneca Lake anglers. Reducing the number of sea lampreys will also lead to fewer unsightly scars and wounds on sportfish. Typically, immature sea lampreys live in streams for three to four years before they become parasitic, descending into the lake to prey on other fish, like trout and salmon. Under the sea lamprey control program, a lampricide called TFM (3-trifluoromethyl-4-nitrophenol) will be applied to the streams in a continuous manner over a period of approximately 12 hours to kill the immature, larval form of sea lamprey. TFM is a selective pesticide developed in the 1950s that has been used extensively to control sea lamprey in the Great Lakes. This lampricide has been applied to Seneca Lake tributaries since 1982. Dosage levels of TFM that are lethal to larval sea lampreys can be harmlessly processed by most other aquatic organisms. Following an environmental impact statement (EIS) and public hearing prior to the start of the sea lamprey control program, DEC concluded that the program offers an effective and immediate measure for protecting the native lake trout populations in Seneca Lake. DEC further concluded that the project will not have any significant impacts to the environment or non target organisms exposed to the lampricide; however, some minor fish and aquatic invertebrate mortality may occur. The stream treatments do not pose any human health threats, but a precautionary measure, the State Health Department has advised people not to consume stream water from the treated tributaries and avoid fishing, swimming, livestock watering or irrigation in the treatment zone during and immediately following applications. Precautionary signs will be posted along the treated streams. On June 9th, weather permitting, DEC will begin to treat waters inhabited by juvenile sea lampreys in Catharine Creek and tributaries from the Chemung/Schuyler County line to Montour Falls. If weather conditions are not suitable, treatment may be postponed till later in the week or the following week.
  4. Camping at Sampson state park this weekend,never been on seneca,and would welcome any pointers on fishing the lake,lake trout,bass?thanks,Giz
  5. Anyone know what marine channels are used for seneca during derby?
  6. Day break found me at Severne on a beautiful calm Seneca Lake. Immediately set-up South in 137 FOW, wire rod on a black mag Dipsy, #1.5 setting, 350' back, Glo Frog Racer Spin Doctor, with of course a Reel-Hooked-Up fly, braid rod, black mag Dipsy, #2 setting, 400' back, Glo Frog Racer Spin Doctor, and a matching Spin-N-Glo. Went 3 for 5 fish, with 2 nice releases on the surface ALLLLLLLLLL the way back, nice acrobatics, 2.3-2.5 GPS speed, 42F surface temp. Brought home 1 salmon, and 1 laker. Back on the trailer and heading for home at 10:00 AM GREAT day to be out there AND How was your day ERabbit ?
  7. Hello, Posting for a co worker who was at Seneca (Sampson) last week and after pulling his boat out he went to the upper parking lot to secure the boat. While doing this put some equipment on the ground and never put it back in when he pulled out. I told him would reach out and see if by chance someone who found it was on here. He is from Sodus so was not very close by the time it was discovered what had occurred. Thanks and look forward to seeing everyone at Sampson soon. David Stalker 315-597-6961
  8. Camp closes this weekend so I'm on my last trips over the next few days...................today is out wind blowing like crazy right now and rain has just started coming down...........
  9. I had two hours to burn on Monday so I decided to get the boat wet for a quick run. This salmon was 5.75 Lbs and fought like a big brown. He went deep and towards the middle of the lake. Not the usual acrobatics that a salmon would display but I'd be a little sluggish too if I was swimming in 38 degree water. Dinner is served!
  10. Launched late Saturday around 12:40. My wife gets the award for being a trooper and going with me. Figured we would do a six rod set with the idea in mind that we would stick to a high speed troll (2.9 to 3.5 sog) for salmon browns and maybe a bow.... Well went 1 for 3 with this one nice brown hitting a FLT alpha alewife on ten color lead core off an inline. Water was 41.5 degrees and the sun was out making for a relaxing beatuiful afternoon on Seneca. Nice meeting you Sutton 44 like your LUND, pretty boat. Happy New Year All!!!!
  11. I've been off the water for over a month and was looking for some insight on how this lake is treating the jiggers lately. Any info appreciated. Thinking of launching out of Sampson. Thanks!
  12. Getting ready now will be on the water in 30 to 45 minutes.........
  13. Slept in today with the big motor issue yesterday....... hooked the hose up to it fire her up ran good............. saw Hoot pull into camp so I went up to his trailer and chatted a bit....asked him if he wanted to make a run down the lake to a spot I've been iching to get back to since the NAFC guys went home...... so off we went around 10:30ish....... fired her up at the launch ran good got three rod out and picking spoons and she stalls...... ran like crap then would not start just like yesterday........ I said well just give her a go with the kicker .......so we did ................went 3 for 3 all browns two at 81' down and one at 71' down..... bullfrogger glow took the two at 81' and herganator one at 71' not much bait around took two fish on a south troll and thrid one came on a west troll when we were going to check things out deep............... worked on the motor when we got back , changed the inline fuel filter ran ok for a while then same crap..... put a can of mec motor tune thru the carbs....... would clear up then back to the same stuff...... last resort I changed the canister fuel filter started her back up ruff for a bit stalled a few times ..... now it SEEMS OK will find out some time in the am ....maybe I can get back to that spot I wanted to try today.............
  14. Just got my own boat. I'm looking for fish locations and what are they hitting? Any info would be much appreciated. Love this site. Very useful. Thank you for any info you have.
  15. Seneca perch ??? I’ve been doing well with my shallow water spoon program and was wondering if anyone trolls for perch on an ongoing basic ??? How and what they try just general info no HOT spots I know how that goes and I'm not looking to be spoon-fed just a helping hand....... Here is my plan ..... what do you think ???? Thinking about giving it a go when I first came up to this wonderful lake in 1996 all I knew was bass and such. It been a long road learning and a GREAT run didn’t have this great site then to help out and save a few $$$ along the way buying or doing what works……………with that said I going to run stinger size spoons , long leads off the riggers and if weeds are not bad a 3 color core inline board with small spoon… if I don't get bit I'll put down small plugs ....... I also have a had full of walleye type spinners that I'll add a little meat to , red worm or slice thin some salmon bait I have........ Any ideas on this ???? If you don’t want put it out there for the world to see just PM me…… Any info I get thru a PM I’ll sit on and keep to myself…… Thanks
  16. Launched on the south end and started trolling by 7am by the Tiki Bar. Picked away at salmon all morning east shore 200-300 fow, ended up in the chute where the action was the hottest. Hot lure was anything gold various color stingers and flutter spoons. Riggers down 55 and 65 with sliding cheaters on both. Ran small dipsy with (red) spoon also took fish. Big fish of day came on #1 dipsy 275' back with carmel dolphin spin doctor and green fly. 5lb LL. Awesome day caught only salmon ended up 15 for 17 with very few dinks. Kept a few for dinner and one filet was eaten sushi style AWESOME!
  17. I put a spoon order in with FLT and Bob said hey I'll bring them over to your camp....... I said come on over and we'll go fishing..........he did and we did........... he was over here a tad before 6am and we chatted for a minute or two and headed down to the launch....... did a little scoping things out with depthfinder before cominting myself to a troll..........then set up and had at it....... took a little while to find them but we had a ton of action when we did...........after 10:30am bite went dead..... we boxed three lakers , and a salmon....... released three nice bows at the boat .... lost two good fish and one or two more......with three releases and noone home....... ran three riggers with ALL FLT spoons........ Bob Barker was real good and a glowfrog was also that did thr three lakers then I moved it up out of laker land and it did a bow and we lost a bow or salmon on it......REEL FUN DAY........ thanks for coming over to deliver my spoon order and for the EXTRA stuff you left me Bob !!!!!!! Oh and ALL we needed for a grand slam was a brown and EYE could not get one to bite !!!!!!!!
  18. Over cast looking like rain then the heck with it gave Hoot a yell and down we went about 9:30 ish........ worked a deep area that had some big bait pods around picked up a 17" salmon and boxed him.....then tryed going north with out much luck........finnally picked up a dandy 22" brown 5.5# great fight went air born two times and put a BIG smile on Hoot face...... worked that area for some time and nothing........dropped deep rigger down two 81' after a bit picked up a laker but him in the box with the brown and salmon.........Hoot said hey all we need is a bow !!!!! Ok out deep increase speed...... nothing one more pass and we were going to call it dropped speed a tad outside rigger goes....................17" bow and put him back pulled lines went in all FLT spoons the UV alwife taking two of the 4 fish...............got a picture of Hoot I post later !!!!!! Keep a eye out still lots of JUNK in the water and they seem to have stopped letting water out of Seneca so if you don't have down speed it's WAY diffent now....close too backwards from what it is normal.....
  19. Went out 1:00 pm from clute park and set up to troll past painted rocks with 3 leaders all suttons down 70ft. over 80-90ft. very few weeds and not marking a lot of fish. fleas were almost nonextistant. small landlocks hitting like crazy and would chase a spoon right as you picking it out of the water! went out to150ft went north and nothing. picked up and went across to the west side 1point up from hector falls. set up same rig over 240ft and went south. went in to 150ft and picked up 2 lakers, trolled in to 80ft and got a 6.32lb brown just got back down and hit a 3.5 lb rainbow about 40ft down. Trolled south toward salt point and things got crazy. got another big brown and small rainbow, and two good landlocks. had a big rainbow up to the boat but could not get him near the net. had two more big fish that released themselves by the boat. went to the tiki to cool of then went south and ran into a few weeds, and a lot fo wood. pulled copper with a #4 phulger and got a 4lb laker. all except 1 brown, and 1 rainbow released. I need to change my leaders from 8# to 10# and get a partner to handle the boat and help net. Best afternoon I have had in awhile on the south end! ( the Seneca Stroller thinks i'm nuts with all the crazy circles.)
  20. Fish Seneca today with Tall Paul he got up here around 10ish we BS for some time got some thing to eat and headed down to the launch around 3.................slow start then we picked up a brown 31' down ?????? on FLT chicken feed 17" in the box........ then the 55' rigger goes with FLT UV alwife 5.5# brown in the box........ then two in a row with out hooking up......and dead.... for a while....... then the 55'er goes with chicken feed land a perch...... in the box........ reel dead now move out deeper......55'er again with chicken feed land a 21" 3.5# bow in the box......... pops again with a 16 or 17" bow shake it off in the water....... OH NO it goes again with a 23" 5#+ salmon !!!!!! .............
  21. Just got back in fished with Hoot and met Marty at the launch.....time to eat I'll report after......tuffer bite today.....
  22. Kingerboy woke me up a 5am needed to go out and do his duty........... I'll get to this later need to eat......
  23. Kinger boy and I pulled into Watkinsglen about 2:35 pm yesterday wind and rain just started honk'n watch a guy WOT coming down the lake to get off her................ got to fish camp later and some rain with nasty looking sky so I left the boat covered................ woke up a 5:30ish rolled over and went back to sleep.................about 7:30 am got up and wind city out side and it been like that even as I write this.............. so we'll see what happens later.....wawawa !!!!!!
  24. Seneca 8/10/2013 Carol came up late yesterday so I was hoping to get her into some quailty fish some time this weekend but with the water temps. mixed up I was a tad worried............. we got up this am had a few coffees and I asked her what do you think ????? She said she could do some fishing.........so I got the boat ready and got Kingerboy and down we went............. shortly after setting up the 61' rigger goes and she hooks up with a 17" or better bow...... got it to the side of the boat and reached down with plyers and shook it off..... DW ss sliver glow alwife spoon.......... a bit later the 51' rigger goes off with another nice bow about the same size ....... FLT dirty series spoon ............ same deal get him to the side and shake him off the hook............... then a dry spell........ good screen ......lots of bait shallow....deep .... inbetween....... some weeds.....some trace fleas...... surface temp down to 69*.....down temp about the same as the other day....... then we get out of the bait for awhile but more fish marks....... tweak a rigger here ....tweak one there ..... keep doing thins for some time..... the the 61' rigger goes again same spoon as before............. good fish............get it to back of boat to close to trolling motor...........wind is NOT helpping ..... making boat control while you have a net in the other hand tufff..................... anyway I get a net under it.............22" brown a tad over 6 pounds...OH yea that's what I'm talking about................. anyway this is her PB brown and I have the BIG weight off my back that I finnally hooked up a good one for her..whewwwwww !!!!!!!....... pulled lines and headed in , boated that piggy just before 11am................
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