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  1. Hi, Read a little on the forum in the past days, since my son and I will be camping at Sampson state park from Sunday till Wednesday. So i thought would be good to join the forum instead of just lurking the info. We'll bring our Lund Rebel 16’ and will be jigging (maybe little trolling with DD) for trout in the morning and then switch to some bass fishing. Thinking of focussing on the north part of the lake, but suggestions are very welcome! If you see two Dutchmen in a (brand new) red Lund Rebel XL 1625, it's us.... Ton and Bas.
  2. It seems as though the fish are heading a bit deeper now. The shallow program was adjusted by 10 feet or more and includes mostly eating size fish.( 40 ft over 50 is still active but not with lunkers). It seems to me the big boys and girls have headed out toward their summer resorts. I guess its time to wash the dust off the dipsys and spin doctors and have some fun before the fleas attack. Good luck all!
  3. Anybody planning on fishing out of Sampson next weekend? I am thinking about spending the weekend and was just wondering who else would be around. I would also love to hear from anybody that is fishing this week. I have heard that the fishing has been pretty slow and hope that things turn around a bit.
  4. Seneca 6/19/2013 Boats uncovered coffee is made still have to do a prep-job up in boat then Kingerboy and I will be heading down to lake....... loaded up with custom painted FLT ( Bob Fullers) spoons........... lake looks flat right now ..... will be interesting....
  5. Had a small time bracket to troll...had to mow the lawn and be at 6th grade graduation by 830. Splash down at 5:00 am...A brown was taken right off the bat with the 15' rigger... 3 salmon were taken...2 on the 15' rigger and one on the 35. Inline core did nothing. DWSS NBK #1709 and Iron Dukes recomended Chicken feed by fingerlakes tackle were both hot. Lawn mowed and on my way by 8:00 am.....whew.....
  6. Set up on the east side about 5:30 am...wind is allready kicken!! Throw out a 3 color core inline board. Send down a 19 ft probe rigger(by the way Fish hawk is a class act...I have been having problems with my X4...they sent a new one instantly... no questions asked...Trevor Sumption is a good man) anywho...back to the business at hand...sent down a 31 ft rigger. The dust settles and I notice the sea of cotton and weeds perfectly centered before my boat....ugh....tons of it everywhere...while thinking between the crazy rollers and all the trash in the lake this is never gonna work out...then POW... the 31 footer fires! Get her in the boat after a nice fight on the new light rod and reel. 4.5lb Brown! Get that 31 back in the water when the inline core starts zingin!! 2lb smallie...I'll take it. Put the inline core back in the drink then the 31 footer POPS again...this time a 3.5lb smallie was boated. Wind is still building...figure I would quit while I am ahead...wet and wild ride back to the lakehouse. Both smallies tossed back and the brown goes to a well deserving father!
  7. Got up to camp early Friday night so the girfriend and I decided to head out for some fishing and sun..... We ran north out of Watkins about 3 miles and setup shop on a south troll.... We ran spoon dipsys, riggers, 5 color core and 200 copper... Slow at the start and weeds and cotton woods were herendous but managed to get a few browns to the boat but the best thing was watching the girlfreind beat me to the riggers, I think she is getting the hang of this whole fishing thing..... Finger Lakes Tackle Co did all the damage and especially Chicken Feed, If you dont have this spoon its a must have.. (thank me later) Happy Fathers day to all the Fathers out there but a BIG special Fathers Day to my Father for everything he has done to help me thru life this far and teach me all about the Finger Lakes and this trolling fishing addiction we both have .. Thanks Dad !!!! Mike
  8. Decided to help the kids get off to school so I missed the first light bite. Splashed down about 9 am...First miss right away...then trolled in the usual brown holes for a half hour or so then picked up a 2 or 3 pounder(20' rigger)...back in the water she went then kept at it for awhile longer with 1 or 2 misses again. Then the 3 color core inline board was heading north while I was heading south!!! landlock.... back in the water. 1 more miss on the 30' rigger. Blown off the lake about 11:00. Quick question...I am running 70 to 80 ft behind the ball...is this a bit to long and could be the cause of some of these misses or are the fish just toying with the spoon for some particular reason? Thanks, Andy
  9. Seneca 6/12/2013 Up at 5:30 but just could not get in gear this morning had three rods in the water at 6:30 am . First fish to hit just wiggled the rod tip nothing home just thinking about changing lures out and the 27’ rigger acts like a limb or plastic bag is hung up on the cable then the rod pops ???? Just heavy so now I think it was on the line , then it’s fin breaks the surface sees the boat and now I’m along for the ride reels screaming OH-BOY !!!!!! I eyeball Kingerboy and he’s looking the other way…….. Finally get him in the net hooked bad bleeding like a stuck laker…….. 24.5†brown 8.5 or better on the bogo grip……..get squared away and run back thru nothing but on the return trip same rigger 16†or so laker I lose at the boat….. start putting back down and the 21’ rigger goes off with a 18†brown…….. getting ready to run back thru and check the 27’ rigger and DUH it was at 17’ ………wonder how that happen…Kingerboy is giving me that Mutly laugh….. anywho ….. lost a salmon on the 21’ rigger…… pulled a Dave M. (sodbuster) on the dead middle rigger was only picking fish up on the north troll so I dropped it down on the south troll and popped it free when I went over a baitpod jigging reeling it back to the boat….bam 19†brown…………. Picked a 17†bow up later got it back in the water after a quick tape check pretty skinny…….. It was a fun time out there I had taped up 4 spoons and three of them took fish one hooked up three time….. big brown was on a store bought spoon ….can’t have it all I guess LOL/././………………….
  10. Overcast, warm, calm and fish that were eager! Three color lead core on a board and 26' rigger working 30 to 60 f.o.w. did its job today. Slob of the day was a nice chunky 8 lb Brown!
  11. Trolled at first light putting down 3 Suttons. One on the tx22 board with 3 colors of core. Other two on a 20 ft rigger and a 10 ft rigger over 40 to 80 f.o.w.(zig zagging) The first hour was uneventfull then the Browns turned on...boated two nice ones within 10 minutes or less. Trolled for a half hour or so more then while checking my 20 ft rigger I caught out of the corner of my eye the 10 footer firing, I had an aerial show of a very large assuming Landlock(possibly a bow) by the time I grabbed the rod and set the hook she was long gone. All three fish were on the 10 ft rigger. Quick question... I have been running three colors of core behind a tx22 for quite a few miles . I am using about 75 feet of 10lb fluro leader...a #2 snapswivel and clipping the board about 75 ft or so on the big game mono behind the three colors. The only fish I have caught was a pike...am I doing something wrong? Thanks, Andy
  12. So get a couple nice lakers in the boat over 8# just went to weigh in at Geneva only to find they have no power and the scales are down! Why would they rely on a solar and wind power setup for this. Really seems like they were lost on how to solve the problem. So back out fishing we go with a couple decent fish that havnt been weighed in. This whole tournment could use some help.
  13. 5-24-13 Big Fish Friday Well thought I had a good plan together for Friday but the 25 mph winds dampered it a bit.. With the wind blowing had my dad Tow us to Lodi and decided I would ride back to Watkins with the waves and hope for the best ... We got launched headed out the shoot and started setting up rods got about three rods down and turned around to look at the Lowrance and noticed my rookie crew was prretty green ..... Being the nice guy I am decided I wasnt gonna make them suffer it out...... Picked up and ran back to Watkins and called it a day... The waves on Seneca where building unbelieveably big saw some 5's and possibly a few 6's mixed in here and there ... So about four oclock left for Sampson to donate my $20 bucks Congrats to Nick (Lakebound88) on the win and little did he know he was about to have a great weekend.... Great to see some of the guys that said they were in show up and pay there dues and chat a bit .... Always a good time... Glad to see eveybody and catch up and tell some fish stories... LOL... 5-25-13 First Tournament Day Crazy wind again so went with the same plan but fished with my friend Matt out of Lodi again with the same plan we ran four dipsy's and 2 riggers, waves still up in the 4's and 5's and not very much fun at all... We were able to put some Lakers in the boat but nothing on the larger side.... Fished til 1 and we were done due to wind... 5-26-13 Day 2 They were calling for big wind again so no plans of going but got a phone call from a couple buds fishing the tournament that couldnt get out do to smaller boat and waves so I told them to meet me at the dock... We ran out of Watkins to Glenora and came back on a south troll managed to get in to fish but just nothing in the quality department.... Few smaller lakers and salmon..... 5-27-13 Day 3 Launched bright and early with the family and Matt , we ran just south of Peach Orchard and went North , put a full spread of cores coppers riggers and dipsy's out and wasnt long before we were putting the smack down on Lakers and Browns but again we just couldnt find the size we were looking for, but everybody on board had a great morning reeling them in the (pics below).... Overall the tourney was a good time but wish we could have had a lot less winds but thats how it goes, cant control Mother Nature... Want to Give a huge thumbs up to Lakebound88 on a second place Laker and he was a trooper fishing every second in the weather we had and thats how you get it done!!! Congrats to all who fished and Placed..... Mike
  14. My son who was working with me on the charter took this picture as we were headed in 7-7-12 - took him awhile to send it to me - left side of pic was funnel cloud that roped out on right side of pic - when it hit the river opening the winds were over 80 miles an hr. This storm was moving at 65 miles an from the north to the south - I saw 2 kayakers sink in the channel, a pontoon boat had it's canvas top removed completely - poles an all and a 40 foot fly bridge boat get pushed down the river side ways.
  15. 5-11 Launched out of South end about 5:30 am and ran just a touch north and setup shop working the east side in 100 to 150 fow.... We ran cores coppers dipsys and riggers.... We picked up a steady supply of smaller landlocks on the cores and riggers for quite a while before picking up a few browns lakers and a decent salmon ... Need another week or so before things really start to set up, we did find some decent suspended bait with nice hooks around it so worked that bait quite a bit picking up a fish almost every pass through it.... Overall we went 16 for 18 and had great morning, We also had Danny onboard from HILLS VALLEYS AND STREAMS for his first ever lake trip and he had a great time reeling in quite a few fish..... Cant say enough about Finger Lakes Tackle Spoons they have been on the money all year and I love that I do not have to replace them after a few fish because the paint is absolutley amazing stuff, Hills valleys and Streams carrys them in stock so if your down that way stop in and I will show you a couple of the hot ones for me this year but to be honest, most of them I have put in the water have caught fish..... Mike 5-12-13 Launched out of south end aboard a friends boat (Skippin School III) he wanted to take out for a shakedown .... We ran to the area of the bait I had located the day before and setup shop running a couple cores riggers and dipsys... Everything worked well and in the four hours we fished we were able to put 9 fish in the boat ... Again Finger Lakes Tackle was doing the Damage and a few lakers On Big Weenie Flys also.... Mike
  16. had a fantastic morning on Seneca fishing out of Dan's boat. We fished from just before 6 to 11:30 and went 28 for 31, one short brown and a beautiful 7lb rainbow, rest were lakers with one pushing 10lbs, and a dozen in the 6-8lb class. We fished the north end started out in the shallows with nothing happening moved out deep and it was game on. We were actually getting streakers on the screen off bottom and watching them hit the riggers!! you could almost call it! fish came on riggers parked between 85-115 with white sd/white flys. had a few on the 400 copper with same sd/fly set. Very few fish on spoons. No bait what so ever, water temp went from 54.9 to 53.4 with the south wind blowing. Wish we could of stayed all day!
  17. Fished south end, not much happening all morning. Ended up 6 miles up west shore 130 fow 90' down glow white spoon caught a nice 28" laker, mission complete. Salsa covered fish on the charcoal! Yum... No takers on FF or small spoons water temp on top started at 39.9 got to 50 on west shore before wind came up. Guess you have to travel north to consistently catch fish on Seneca. Comments? Still love fishing the crazy lake cause when you figure it out the big ones are there!!
  18. Had a great morning on Seneca today! Spent the morning with my 16 year old nephew Chris and had a blast! Picked up fish on riggers, dipseys, lead, and inlines, went 5 for 6. Chris was the "reel" man and I was the "netter." Started with a 6lb 5 oz laker, then a 8 lb 14 oz brown, 80' down on a silver dodger with blue fly, just south of the Salt plant. Ended up picking up a couple of more browns and a LL. Shot up the lake to Glenora and picked up a quick brown, then nothing. I polluted the lake when my downrigger cable caught in my kicker and sent my probe and everything else to the bottom. About a $260 break off! Ouch!!! A great day on the water, and especially fun to watch the youngster. Unfortunately I left the camera on the boat or I'd post a couple of pictures. Good fishing and please take the time to introduce a child to the great outdoors!
  19. I am planning on heading out Sunday I typically fish the North end of Seneca however I started fishing out of Severne this spring and am enjoying it. I have been reading all of the these great stories about nice browns and LL from everyone fishing out of Watkins. So my question is what are some tips for the south end? I have riggers, dipseys, and planners. Any info is greatly appreciated.
  20. First off let me start by saying holy south wind today !!! Lol..... Launched out of Watkins setup right out front heading toward the west side.... Capt Nick O and I set out the spread of copper cores dipsys and Riggers while Bill tryed to keep us heading in the right direction in the wind..... We were taking a few small salmon and browns when the rigger popped and doubled over and actually pulled a bit of drag before we could get it out of the holder to give to Bill, Bill fought it for a few on the light action ugly stick and managed to get it to the net, not a monster but for its size one hell of a fighter..... We ended up calling it a day early do to the wind.... Overall a decent morning going 6 for 7 on Browns and Landlocks.... Finger Lakes Tackles spoons did most of the damage again today, if you dont have some of these spoons you need to get some....Heres a few pics from today.... Mike
  21. Fished out of Watkins this morning with my girlfriend her son and my boy.. Setup shop right out front near break wall worked toward the west side..Ran coppers cores and dipsys.... Started putting the leadcores out but just couldnt get that accomplished for the first 45 mins the fish were smacking the spoons as soon as I got them set but the boys had a blast reeling them in as fast as I could hand the rods to them , we were getting browns and salmon left and right with a few pushing 4 to 5 lbs and also picked up a 15 inch rainbow in the mix.... Then the Dipsy fires with a 6 lb laker that put up a fight for the girlfriend but she did a great job getting it to the boat, Grand Slam !!!!!! The fishing stayed great all morning and the boys were tuckerd out by 11 so we headed in... Finger lakes tackle spoons were on FIRE today!!!! Big Weenie Filthy Frankie produced the Laker... Think we ended up 18 for 19 today with all fish released to fight another day.. Heres a few pics from todays trip Mike
  22. Launched out of Watkins at 6 AM setup shop right out front working toward west side... We ran a 10 rod spread 3 coppers 3 leadcores 2 wires and 2 riggers... We fished quite a while before getting into our first fish which was really surprising since the conditions were about perfect..... The fishing was slow but after seeing all the bait on the Lowrance and the recent full moon I guess the fish really didnt need to feed... Overall we went 5 for 7 boating 3 landlocks and 2 lakers and losing 1 great laker right behind the boat which pulled quite a bit of drag on the wire when it hit..... Big Weenie Flys and Finger Lakes Tackle did the damage today.... Mike
  23. Application came in the mail today! I can't wait for spring!
  24. steelydan

    Seneca seneca

    i am heading up to seneca tommorrow, anyone been up recently? i would love to hear about your trip. thanks in advance.i will post a report on fri. tight lines. anyone else gonna be there? i have a radio. 2 boats are safer than 1. Dan...
  25. Well this post is a bit late but wanted to share.... A friend of mine offered to let me borrow his beautifully rigged 18 ft Alumacraft for the day cause he knew I was gonna lose it if I didnt get out on the lake soon .. So I grabbed another buddy and we got hooked up and left Elmira about 6am Thursday morning and headed to the lake ... The weather was not looking good they were calling for winds out of the west 20 to 30 with gust up to 45 mph and they werent lying... So joe and I where doubtful on if we would be able to get out or not but when we got there the west side looked great so we decided to give it a shot ... We putted out of the south end marina and set up shop just passed the break wall we ran a copper a core and four dipsy's rods.. We got just south of the salt plant and bang !! Fish on !! Got that fish about half way in a bang other wire fires !! Doubled up !!! We had a great day of fishing we went 14 for 16, just one brown short of the slam... The laker fishing was on fire we caught some real nice laker on spinnys and BIG WEENIE flys and also ran a some new spoons from Finger Lakes Tackle CO that Bobby custom painted for me and they produced the off fish on the boards... Check there website out http://fingerlakestackle.com/, These spoons are up and coming on the Finger lakes.. They look great in the water and the paint is Amazing..... Heres a few pics from the day... Mike
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