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  1. steelydan

    Seneca SENECA

    SURF'S UP!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Saw this add under the 'Finger lakes Craig's list'. Hate hearing about this kind of thing, but thought i might post it here in case you hear about a used tackle deal too good to be true.... Fishing gear stolen (Seneca Falls) Someone broke into a shed at our fishing camp and took over 20 rods and reels and tackle boxes with hundreds of lures. If you know anything about this crime, please email me through Craigslist, call me at 607-382-4759, or contact the NY State Police. Would consider reward for information leading to arrest and conviction of the culprits. Thanks, James and Barbara Graham.
  3. Thanks to the generosity of Admiral Bird and his 19 ft Penn Yan we got out today (all day) after the landlocks. Initially we trailered to Severne but once there determined that because it was so windy and with all the whitecaps etc. it might be prudent to launch out of Watkins so we went there instead. There were about 15 or 20 boats there many perch fishing but we set our lines just out of the channel and trolled past the salt plant on the west side without anything happening, We ran (2) 5 leader seth green rigs, two leadcores and a wire rig with dipsey and spindoctor and downrigger with slider. Ran mostly variety of spoons (Suttons etc.) In short, not much happening in the AM after trolling both sides. The afternoon was quite different....we went 10 fish for 12 hits with 9 landlocks (mostly small ones) and a decent laker. Most came off the seth green rigs but one also on the dipsey /leadcore combo. Nothing on the wire rig/spin doctors or dodger combinations but had 2 brief hits. No hits on downrigger. Most fish came out west from the mouth of the channel in 90-145 ft water and at many different depths within that range. Marked bait on west side but down very deep (280 ft plus) No real super specimens caught but a lot of fun. We quit at dark and had a bit of a time with large ice floes that blocked the launch ramp because there was a very strong current running and they were moving outward. I kept one landlock for the grill (pictured). All in all it was a fun day and certainly an improvement on sitting at home wondering what was happening out there. Oh....two doubles and one triple
  4. Here is what the Chamber of Commerce launch ramp looked like today: Here is the State Park launch ramp: here is my current problem :>)
  5. Had a good day on Seneca with the guys and my three year old nephew. We didn't get started till after 9 and only made one pass up the Lake, but we caught several Salmon, Browns, and Lakers. Big Weenie flies did most of the damage from 40 down to 120. Boat ran great and it was nice to be back out on the water.
  6. I'm thinking about making the trip out next week for a couple of days looking for some Landlocks, Will be fishing either Cayuga or Seneca, maybe both. Any recommendations? I'm traveling bout 300 miles with limited time to fish so any help would be great PM me if you don't want to post. I could return the favor on Lake O next season. Thanks Glen
  7. will be taking my first winter run,Senaca,anyoneone see if the south end launch is opened at the marina....thanks
  8. Well guys, sorry it took so long, but here is the video of our weighin and awards shot with the GoPro Hero HD. Enjoy.. Nick http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1nfvOCX ... e=youtu.be E1nfvOCXPCA&feature=youtu.be
  9. Made it out christmas eve even got the stepson to go with me. Took the drive to Watkins set out right out of the channel didnt get all the lines in before we had our first midget LL in got a double on one rod a minuet later and steady hits from then on got about a mile north of the plant and turned back. As the day went on the fish got a little bigger ended up with a 24" laker a 22" rainbow and a pair of 22" land locks plus several salmon and bows up to 18 inches made for a fun day at least every lure took hits even the flasher fly DW SS bloody death on a 4 color core took the most and the biggest bow the way the fishing was turning i should have started late and fished till dark as they wer definatly getting bigger as the day went on. All fish were released for the next trip we did get two fish with lamprays on them first for me out of seneca this year both were small 10 inch lampreys and floated away nicely in multiple pieces it worrys me to see them on those little fish like that though. Hope the weather stays warm enough i can keep the boat running for another winter trip or two.
  10. Took the first trip of the winter season today, launched at Clute and worked the west shore. We boated a mixed bag of browns & LLs I normally don't count but we were close to 20 or more. We kept 5 for the smoker in the 4 lb range and releasded some quality fish. It was a spoon bite today only one came off a spin doctor & fly, everything was deep that we found active in the 70' + range. The largest amount of bait was in 150 FOW. The best advice that I can share is be there early it was hectic in the first hour then picked up again at noon. It was a great day to be on the lake, just the right amount of chop and cloud cover.
  11. Well guys, I am back to the drawing board for the 2nd annual Seneca Shootout! After Last years success I want to make it bigger and even better this year! I would first off like to thank everyone for last years event. It was great and I am excited to begin this new journey towards this years. secondly, I would like to try and get some help this year, as I am going to be a bit sidetracked with current and future tasks. I would like to get a group of us, a committiee if you will. Please to anyone and everyone interested, Please do contact me as I have already chosen a date but will need some help on details. As I promised at our ceremony in July, we will be holding the FIRST tournament of the 2013 season on Seneca at the end of April. Weather permitting. Please contact me if you would like in on the fun of organzing this event. Thanks, Nick
  12. Just curious if anyone has any info on fishing from shore on seneca for trout and LL's... I am no stranger to the finger lakes just most of my fishing comes trolling outta the boat! A friend of mine suggested I try sampson... I checked the region 7 hotline and it said "Fishing off the pier has been very good during the day for brown trout and Atlantic salmon. Anglers fishing there latter in the afternoon and after dark are catching lake trout" Are they referring to the pier at watkins?? or any tips and tactics would be much appreciated, I could take my boat out but I was just exploring options for days I wanna just cast a line.
  13. Launched out of the Southend around 7 and straight out the chute and setup shop.... We ran coppers, cores, dipsys and top lines ... The fishing started out extremely slow with a few small landlocks a hour for the first couple of hours we slowly worked north do to lack of fish in the southend and no bait being marked on the Lowrance.... As we worked into an area that I do really well in the spring The dipsy rods started popping some of the Nastiest hits I've seen in a while include a drag peeling liter breaking smash, would of loved to see that one ..... But the fish we did put in the boat thru that stretch were big and healthy and full of fight... We ended up 18 for 21 and a day that I thought might turn out to be a bust turned into a great trip real fast, that just goes to show that if you stick with your program and make some moves to put yourself in the fish the game can turn around real quick.... The spoon bite was non existint today but have to say the Big Weenie Iron Duke fly caught some pigs today behind a chrome and blue spin doctor and white crushed glow spin doctor, Big Weenie Seneca Ghost and Fruity Frostcicle also did there fair share of damage also.... Never mounted the GoPro today but pulled it out at the end to get some footage toward the end of the day and a cooler shot of a few of the fish the guys decided they wanted to keep, so heres a link to the video Mike
  14. Launched out of the southend about 7 ish and went right out front and setup shop and headed up the westside... We ran coppers, cores, and dipsys... We instantly started putting lots of small landlocks in the boat anywhere from 15 to 20 inches .... We ran north a bit further with the same results but with a few bigger fish in the bunch... We went 23 for 25 with a Grand Slam.... The Big Weenie Iron Duke fly was on fire set at 230 and 255 out on the wires and Michigan Stinger blue and orange spoons did really well also on the copper's and leadcores.... Heres a couple pics and a link to a short video I shot today... Cant wait to get back out there !!!! Mike
  15. Got out for a few hours this afternoon. Targeted the south end, lots of bait and fish stacked up near the opening of the canal and then more isolated groups spread out. LOTS of small salmon (10-16") and a pair of 2lb bows kept me busy. Also fished up the east side and got a couple slightly bigger salmon and lost a big one that snapped my 10lb leader . Its been awhile since I got a good sized salmon?? but the small ones are abundant and healthy looking. Might try again later this week, anyone finding any larger salmon??
  16. so had the chance to fish today weatherman said west wind chance of snow didnt want to risk getting stuck on the hill at severen so took the chance and went to watkins. lake was flat fishing was decent boated 9 one rainbow around 20 inches the rest LLs up to 18 inches pretty consistent action and a lot of short hits on the free sliders. everything took hits but orange was the top producer mostly spoons but the rainbow and one salmon were on flasher fly. The graph was full of fish and bait all day. caught fish from the surface to 90ish down tried to get deep to get under the small ones and still hit small ones. I dont know if there wanst any bigger fish around or if they just couldnt get to the bait. was supprised to see i had the lake completley to myself I thought there was a whole group of people that fished through the winter. Oh well if I can figure out how to keep the boat ready i'll be back out if not i'll be in the tribs till the ice comes in.
  17. Got up to my cottage in the afternoon on the 14th. Got out for a quick troll picking up some short salmon and 2 keepers on the east side down south. Up and out early the next day, moved to the south but found a blank screen, worked my up the west side angling slowly out in deeper water and hit a nice deep pocket of bait with a mix of bows and silver up higher in the water column. Did some trib scouting/fishing in the middle part of the day with nothing to show. Back out in the evening where I left off earlier. Lost a couple nice silver fish behind the boat and picked up a couple lakers as well. Out in the morning the next day, beautiful cold morning. Ran some shallow lines tight to shore along the south end and up to the salt point, had a couple rips on a stick bait, but no hookups. Got a nice keeper salmon working back to the canal mouth in slightly deeper water and a couple dinks. All in all I went something like 15/20 in 3 days fishing about 10hours. Caught 3 rainbows from 2-4lbs, about 6 sub-legal salmon, 3 keeper salmon and 2 lakers in the 4-6lb range. Most fish came at 35ft on a chicken-wing DW SS fished with a long lead on the rigger. 6 color lead core also produced. Lakers were around 55ft. Most fish were out over 200-400 FOW. Not much to show for the shallow program. Had the lake mostly to myself which was nice. Surface temps around 50.
  18. Had today off, thanks to Our Veterans and all that they do. I decided to take a break from some stream fishing and get out the Grady for the day. We launched at daylight in Watkins and fished the southern end. Hit fish on all tactics. dipsys triggered the bigger fish today while riggers and boards produced the smaller guys. We hit some nice spunky fish today. The lakers are full of power today!! Bellies are ready for a feed! MS spooons,DW super slims, white/green dot SD with atommik white halo flies did some dammage. Managed a 10.5 lb laker on the spring scale. Picture below, we tossed him back, full of spunk he took right off. Kept a couple eaters for the grill. Did a great double digit day and had a ton of fun doing it. The boat fishes nice. If anyone is interested in the boat. Please contact me as I am selling due to saving up for a house. We will be back out on the water soon. Nick
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