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  1. Seneca Lake Water Level Here is a pic of the water level at my place on Seneca, taken today. This is north of Sampson. The fire pit is normally 5 feet from the water.
  2. 4/2 Seneca Nothing special, but progress on Seneca!
  3. Watkins Launches? Maybe Cayuga Just wondering if either of the launches in Watkins are open? I'm thinking of making a shake down Sunday morning before the flea market. Also debating between there or running over to Cayuga. Thoughts?
  4. Ray4852

    Seneca Sampson

    Sampson I was down at the marina today to check out the condition of the launch ramp. dock looked warped and rotten. Water level in marina was low. Not a boat on the lake. I walked around the marina to check the condition of the place. This place is looking very deplorable to dock a boat hear. I wonder how long the state will keep this marina open. If we don’t see some improvement soon I don’t think this place will survive another winter. All the years I have been coming here this is the worst condition I have seen this marina. The new high class cabins are coming along nicely but the park roads took another set back from another winter. I got to get my buddy to get his boat out soon before I get snowed in. Today looked nice to be out there. High 63. 8 inches of snow the other day is almost gone now. What a screwy winter here. Over 100 inches of snow. I wonder what march will bring. My bees were out today looking for food. I had them up at the house looking for a snack. I think I will put out some feed for them tomorrow. Very strong hives for this time of year. Buds on the trees already.
  5. Perch Fishing Does anyone know of a good guide on Seneca for perch.
  6. From the Finger Lakes Times
  7. Guy in the camp over here asked me to look at bait he got in his trap. I did and it looked like a creek chub to me. There is a LOT of them in close to shore over here, is that what I'm seeing or something else ? I can take a picture if needed. Thanks Ed
  8. Carol , Kinger and I got out on Seneca this morning 1 for 2 , small brown good rip 71' down didn't hook up. Hoist worked good water still low as hell 3 or 4 inches lower and will need to pull boat. When I had hoist put in last year the water level was at the low point for the summer controler depth. This was great set hoist up figure we would be good to go for ever....... now this year it hit that low level first week of August and been dropping ever since. I had the guy the put my dock in come back over and get every inch he could for lowering the hoist because I had to power off and on the way it was........... the part that pisses me off about this is the powers that control the lake levels keep dropping Seneca and Keuka BUT Cayuga stay up and has been gaining level the past two weeks..... I should send them the bill for my extra hoist work and if I have to pull boat a bill for non use of my camp.... Ok I'm done wawawaing... you can check the levels here'''''' http://www.canals.ny.gov/waterlevels/oswego/index.html#management
  9. Good news for the 2017 season! Today brought about new changes to the group. Following are the new officers and board of directors. Officers as follows Bob Stivers: President Josh Westervelt: Vice President Jeff Franklin: Treasurer Tom Willpower: Secretary New board of directors as follows Jason Oakes Mike Burt Tom Esses Kevin Brown Pat Polovic Please give a round off applause to the folks who stepped up to keeping this tradition going! Great news here and awesome potential for future events. Looking forward to hearing your ideas... What about a fall derby? Jason

    Seneca invaded

    saw a cicadas at camp the other day , first time I saw one was in Panama in 1996 at Todd Lott house...... took a picture today....

    Seneca mid day

    Bob was to be here last night got here 10:30 am today...... got on water after 11 some time..... motored over to east side ....set up two dodgers one spoon.......not much of a screen pulled up around Willard and motor over to Long Point ..... just one dodger two spoons..... better screen ....but weeds were bad,,,,, hooked up with a 14.5" brown to save the skunk and that was it...... 70' down 50* to 48* east side ....
  12. Booked last minute trip for yesterday evening. Set up north if the park in 80'. 4 riggers 2 high 2 deep, four divers. Kept it tight. Weeds were there but tolerable, too much for garbage lines. All kinda of fish at temp, 50 to 65 down was 55° depending on current line. Deep rigger trashcan 111 took, 90 rigger e chip atom mik uv took, dipsy at 238 and 229 one with spin Dr chartreuse/mtn dew with atomic crazy btch fly, other white echip with uv hammer fly. Just as fast as you could reset diosys they were firing, fish were hitting them on way out. The hot bite lasted for an hour, just as storm was letting up. On water at 4, off by 7. No silvers today, but I'll take it! Had some good ones on pulling line, fish were a bit too much for the kids, but we did manage a couple real good quality. Back at it tomorrow. Nick Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. Getting Kinger boy ready then heading down after coffee is done......
  14. Getting ready to head down , still have to make coffee for boat.....
  15. Labrador4 from Mass got here last night for a visit and some fishing. Getting around now lake looks OK so we will beheading down soon.
  16. Im going to be making a trip up the weekend of August 19 with three of my buddies to do some fishing on Ontario and wanted to know if anyone knew of a place we could stay where I would be able to keep my boat attached to my truck, and secondly be able to charge it, Im choosing to stay close to Seneca just because if the winds are high I may just stay on Cayuga or Seneca. Unfortunately, my friends House in Starkey is unavailable that weekend and I know the hotels are in Geneva but would rather have somewhere I could just hang out. Can anyone suggest a place? Thanks, Jim
  17. Figured it was time to give it ago this morning , went down 715 or so fished till 10ish. Getting out of lift and back in went very good. I thought I had an idea where the browns should be so I set-up a two rigger spoon program. Ended up with 5 small bows small 12" and smaller 8". One small brown 15.5" and a 21" #4 landlock........ I was very happy to see these small fish the first I've caught in three years....one of the bows could have been a landlock but I like to get them back in the water fast as I can when they are that size.The board is just there for size didn't run it.
  18. After trying (unsuccessfully) to get into sliver fish on Seneca over the past few summers, I decided to bite the bullet and book a last minute charter with Nick on Reel Stories. My time on the water is limited to about 3 weekends a year, so I wanted to accelerate my learning with someone who fishes the lake weekly. I've exchanged pm's with Nick over the years, and while he's been extremely gracious with his time and advice, nothing can replace actual time on the water. My father and I met Nick at Sampson around 5:15 and we were on the water by 5:30. Over the course of the next 4 hours, I probably asked 50-60 questions on how and why he does what he does, all of which he was happy to answer... As a group, we boated 10-12 fish and dropped a handful more, but more important to me was what I learned. For any others like me, who don't have the time to conduct your own due diligence, I highly recommend a trip with Nick or one of the other experienced charters. There's been a lot of talk about Seneca's decline, and while some of it is probably justified, we marked a ton of fish and bait, and had what I consider to be a successful morning. I learned A LOT and can't wait to put the lessons into action. Unfortunately, I'm back in NJ and not sure when I'll get another crack at Seneca! -Brad
  19. Lakes setting up for the summer holes. Thermo is moving a round a bit, slight changes in areas anywhere from 5-20 foot difference in overall depth change. Riggers parked 91 and 104 over 90-120 fow producing fish steadily. Pulling tc-spinglow and gambler rigs in various colors. Spoons producing Lakers in the depth range of 50-75. Higher spoons fished in or near t-cline are producing the silvers. Past few trips on seneca have produced some quality bows. Also note, we have managed a few Atlantic salmon I'm the 8-9" range. Have the DEC finally stocked some little guys? Or did the spring opening of the canal system offer a gateway for fiesty bored Atlantic's to venture to seneca from cayuga? Orrr, do we maybe have a case of some natural reproduction going on? I prefer the later on possibility. Stinger and DW spoons seem to be working best for bows, Lakers are enjoying the FLX spoons a bit deeper in green and I black colors. If running probe, based on my x4 numbers, best ball speed has been 2.3 to 2.8. with that 2.6-2.8 being best. Some fish have been taken well over 3.0 ball speed. Trolls producing all directions with north troll being better than most. Zig zag ALOT, sudden sharper turns, not gradual. It makes a DIFFERENCE. I may look like I don't know what I'm doing, chances are I don't, but do it. Mag divers #2 setting, long leads, out 210 and 225 producing, spin drs only, no echip bites since derby. I know the cayuga lake reports are definitely keeping guys from fishing seneca, don't let the slow reports stop ya from coming over, they are there and active. Experiment and play, that's what makes us better and more satisfied to catch. Upcoming weeks will be time to find Mr brown town. Nick Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  20. Got out this morning with King and Carol , set up out front trolled to just above Severn and turned and came back. When just a tad into laker land....changed many spoons , depth speed gamble rig ....said I was throwing out my old dodger peanut now that it was pushing noonish and we were cooking in the sun........ after a bit rod popped Carol let me take it played it in ......skunks gone today !!!!!
  21. Anyone lose a Seth green rig during the derby off high banks? If so, would you like your lures back? Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  22. Had a fun weekend of fishing. Some nice ones to boot. Enjoyed the weather and water. Lakes getting better each week. Nick Sent from my XT1080 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  23. Ok Mike here ya go mid-week report coming at ya good , bad don't matter we be fish'n..... Carol , King and I are on the way down it a few minutes,.....
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