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Found 36 results

  1. Owasco Owasco Lakers

    Owasco Lakers can anyone give an update on Owasco Lake for Lakers ? I'd like to give one more shot before putting the boat up for the winter,any info would be appreciated. Grandpa Fish on (Gary)
  2. Any new owasco reports? May try there next Saturday, anyone been out?
  3. Owasco Owasco

    Owasco Heading to owasco sunday with a buddy and his 5 year old son. Can anyone tell me what colors are hot this time of year? We fished this lake in July and did well with pink.
  4. Owasco Owasco

    Owasco Heading to owasco sunday with a buddy and his 5 year old son. Can anyone tell me what colors are hot this time of year? We fished this lake in July and did well with pink.
  5. A boy and some silver! Took a young boy out this morning that was eager to fish, after a tough couple hours of battling weeds and adjusting depths we locked up and the battles began. He learned quick and was rewarded for it. Cores started the action with copper and riggers to follow later in the morning. Temp went deep and the break was below 55ft. Good day for a slow start, finished with 7 bows and a couple lakers in the zone........and a happy boy to boot.
  6. No gold, but Silver and bronze! Got out with a buddy this morning and tried to find the zone after these windy days, took a bit but adjusted back up above 40 ft and found some, riggers good today with copper and core only giving up bass and small browns. Had one triple on bass that was fun with a rainbow hit when we landed the third. Messed up the copper but after 20 minutes i got it untangled. Overall 3 for 4 on bows, 2 browns, 5 smally's and 4 lakers. Good morning but blustery!
  7. Another great day of silver! Took my son's buddy out today and had a good silver bite again. Temp still down below 50 feet. Yesterday's spot weeded up on us, got sick of pulling weeds, on the Brite side, fleas gone. Cores and copper did it again today. 7-11 on jumpers at all, temp has got um a Lil lazy, they'd come out of it to hit and wanted back down. Couple small lakers up in the zone. Great weekend again.
  8. Owasco Owasco 8-26-17

    Owasco 8-26-17 Morning troll not bad, few silvers, plenty of from last week went deep. Temp was still 72 down at 40! Buddy had fun, 3 bows, 6 lakers, and the magic perch!!!!## cores and copper still doing the damage.
  9. Silvers!!!!!!!!!! Took a buddy out this morning hit the silvers good, it's the time of year. Cores and copper on fire ! Good morning, 4 for 5 on good bows, 1 small brown, 1 good high laker, and a couple small mouth. Fish on boys!!!!!! Back on the water after a month long hiatus!!!!!!
  10. Trip last Sunday So after 2 years I decided to make a trip out of Owasco. First off I live in Scranton Pa and have enjoy this lake for many many years. That is until now. It wasn't because of the lake being so high from all the water the lake received putting a large amount of debris in the lake nor the terrible flees grabbing even my 30lb test.. Not even the small lakers I caught that day which was a total of 4. It was when I got back to my trailer and noticed that someone had stolen one of my bearing buddies leaving my bearing grease exposed to all the dirt and grim that ticked me off. Pretty much leaving me no choice but to drive home that way and then having to replace the bearings and races. If that is how things are up there anymore I think I'm done with the lake. Wish all you guys the best of luck.
  11. Owasco Owasco info?

    Owasco info? Heading to owasco lake next week for a weeks vacation. Hoping to catch a few trout and wondering which depth should I try. I have divers and some tackle just looking for some information on depth. Thanks
  12. Owasco Lake Emerson Launch status? How is the boat launch repair work and water level at the North end launch? Is it open and manageable? Thanks in advance for any updates.
  13. Owasco Big laker today

    Big laker today Fishing wasn't great today but put a big laker in the boat, took the planer board under. Put my neighbor on the rod and the battle was on......took alot of great runs, came to the net at 34 inches and bouncing just over 17lbs on the bogo. Biggest laker I've put in my boat on this lake. We released her to fight again...state released fish with left pectoral fin clip......good day on water. Was truly a day maker!
  14. Owasco owasco 4.26.17

    owasco 4.26.17 Howdy all, I launched around 3 pm from Emerson Park. It's still a mess, so if you plan on going there, bring your patience pills. I headed south, trying to set up a troll that would bring me around Burtis point. The floating debris in the water from mid to east side made any kind of a successful troll pretty much a waste of time. I stuck to the west half of the lake and managed to get a few flat lines out for a while, but they produced nothing. I found a few good screens in the lower half of the lake, and connected with one 20" ish laker from 100' on a bright small spoon. All my other attempts came up empty. Anyway, the weather was great, and it beat working ! Rusty
  15. Owasco Owasco 4.18.17

    Owasco 4.18.17 Howdy all, My first real attempt at finding fish for the year. I launched from the South Shore Marina ($8) at about 11 am. There was a slight, but chilly north breeze. I motored out to the deep water and set up with riggers and a 3 color lead core pulling a couple different versions of Stinger scorpions. To make a long story short, I putted around for about 3 hrs switching things up, speed, depth, lures etc. I did one 18" laker on a chartreuse smithwick 45' down over deep water. Most of the few fish I did mark were at 80'ish over 100+ I forgot to load the trolling bag, so I ended up using the 9.9 kicker, which worked very well. This week I'm thinking I'll probably leave it on the boat. Water was about 41 when I started, hit almost 47 at 2pm. I saw one other boat trolling. Hopefully they did better than I. Still beats working !
  16. Owasco Owasco 4.12.17

    Owasco 4.12.17 Howdy all, I did a shake down cruise out of Emerson Park this afternoon. The launch is a muddy mess, and the water is high. I trolled a bit around the north end without any action. Tried riggers and a 4 color lead core with a few different spoons. Surface temp was 39*, and the Northwest wind was pretty chilly as well. I was able to troll down to 2.3 mph with the 150 Mercury using the smartcraft gauge system. If that continues to work, I'll probably remove the 9.9 kicker. There are still walleye in the lake. I could see a few lying on the bottom in the outlet. Rusty
  17. Owasco 9.22.16

    Howdy all, Grandpafishon and I did a short trolling trip yesterday. The water at the north launch is the lowest I have seen. Only the northern most slip is usable for the most part. Bait was scattered, but plentiful, all above 60'. Most of the fish we marked were at 60 also. That's where the 54* water was also. The surface was 75*, with a fairly substantial algae bloom. Seemed to be lots of floating weeds on the eastern half also. Anyway we took two lakers and a huge rainbow. All came on a "John's Goby" stinger parked at 47'. I took several fish a few weeks ago on a similar spoon, a "Brown Trout" needlefish. We were using a Fishhawk, and I was amazed at the amount of current at 60'. Sometimes it was as much as 1 mph different than the surface. It's just a matter of finding out what they want ! Rusty Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. My one grandson is home on leave from the Air Force for a week so we went over to Owasco Lake this morning to catch some lakers before his leave was up. The boat launch had only 2 other rigs in it and that seemed odd to me on such a nice day. We trolled for 4 hours , marked a few lakers and not one release, this has been the pattern for me all summer, Any ideas what's going on? Gary the lake ha
  19. Owasco 8.23

    This is what the screen of the Hummingbird looked like for most of the 3 hr troll I did on Tues eve. I did the southern half of the lake , using every technique I had available to me. Riggers, Dipsy, leadcore, spoons, sticks, Spin Doctors. Ended up with one 15" rainbow on the core with an alewife stinger. I talked to a couple of guys from PA at the launch. They said they've been fishing Owasco for 10 years, and this year has been there lowest catch rate ever. Said they didn't turn a rod in 9 hrs of trolling. He also said he saw boats on the lake with big gill nets recently. I have to imagine it was DEC doing a census. If so, it would be interesting to see what the results were. Anyway, I'm gonna give Cayuga a try next week. I've been reading of good catches there. Rusty Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Owasco 8/17

    Howdy all, I took the new Fishmaster for a test ride, launching out of Emerson Park around 4:00 pm. Being a Cannon guy all my life, the Scotty downriggers took some getting used to. Same with the Hummingbird fishfinder/GPS unit. They are a little different than a Lowrance. I ran riggers with spoons in and around the small bait pods I marked. They were mostly in the 40' range. Got a few marks around the bait. Had a few releases, one was on for awhile, but let go before I could get a look. Had another one on with a 7 color leadcore pulling a small black and silver stinger that also let go. I found that the boat seems to be a little stern heavy with the 150 hp and 9.9 back there. Seems as if the steering is pretty sensitive with the bow higher than it should be. I'll probably try some type of ballast in the front to see if I can get it a little more level. I hope to be installing an autopilot for the hydraulic steering. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I hope to do better next time, but overall the shakedown went well Rusty
  21. Owasco This afternoon on Owasco

    3 of us went out on the north end of Owasco lake this late afternoon for 3 hours trolling 70-90' of water, we marked a few fish 30-80' down plus some pods of bait but not enough to get real excited about. our only catch was a 15"laker,Gary (Grandpa fish on)
  22. I was over to Owasco Lake last night for a boat ride around the entire lake and never saw one boat trolling for lakers, also marked very few fish on my fish finder.This seemed odd to me and I'm wondering if the lakers have not started to move north or if any of you have any helpful info. Any info. would be appreciated. Gary {grandpa fish on)
  23. We trolled south from Owasco boat launch on the east side going about 2/3 of the way down the lake and back to the launch site on the north end with not one rod taking a hit. We did mark some fish 25' to 100' down here and there but no takers. Can anyone tell me if they are getting any lakers on a regular basis or if me ? Grandpa fish on we
  24. Hey guys, Me and a buddy are looking to hit Owasco late this afternoon near the outlet. Never fished Owasco before, but we are hoping to get into some pike and or bass. We will be near the outlet, launching at Emerson park. What's usually caught in this section of the lake? Thanks Tyler Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  25. I'm planning a last trip of the year to Owasco to fish lakers and looking for some updated information that might allow us to catch a fish or two. Any info would be appreciated. Gary