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Home office and the kingfish in oswego

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We headed out of Oswego from Wrights Landing with Home Office. It was My wife, 3 kids, Frank (owner of Home Office), and myself. We started out trolling for early browns. Tanner, our 9 yr old daughter landed the first fish of the day about 35 mins into the trip. she landed a nice rainbow trout. throughout the day, it was pretty slow. a few hits here and there. Our Daughter Sydnie landed a nice rainbow as well. Our son Tyler had three attempts at landing his first fish of the day. Finally 3rd times a charm. He landed a nice large mouth. The wife and I got a double. She landed the first brown of the day. All in all it was a really fun day. Our final count for the day was 6 for 8. Thank You to Frank and the Home Office for taking us out on his boat.


me with my first fish


my little daughter sydnie with her first fish


my son tyler with is first fish. He droped 2 big browns before landing this one


Tanner with her second fish

The fish of my wife jessica's and tanners first fish were not taken. Will post again tomarrow going out in my boat to henderson.

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Fantastic job!!! It's great the kids hooked onto the fish and a bonus that you & wifey caught one too. Nice job :yes:

PS: Are you supposed to hang your pinkey out like you're drinking a cup of English tea when you hold a fish? :lol:

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Yes Patty and I will be fishing the Seneca Lake Trout Derby, Not sure where we'll be staying I should know sometime today.

DP, that large mouth came out of the harbor on an orange crush stinger.

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Great job Frank on getting them on the fish. man if I did not know better, it looks like he is a little cold. lmao when that wind picked up it chilly. Good Luck in the SLderby


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