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Left home this morning in Wayne Co. at 5AM and arrived in Wilson at 6:45. Got the boat on the water a little after 7:30 and headed for the river. Not many boats on the way there and only 4 or 5 boats in view near the red can. Fished from 8:15 till 3:15 and went 9 for 10. Had one small coho. The rest were kings from 12 to 20#. Took fish going north, south, and east. Not one hit when headed west. Fished 80 to 230 FOW and all most fish came on painted lures (no silver). Hottest lure NK mag black/white/green glow and second is the same with purple glow. Could not get the copper to fire nor could I get spin doctor/fly combos to fire on the dipseys. Black/white spoons (Pirate 66 spooks) on the riggers were good. Lots of fun, lots of sunshine, no boats, & lots of fish.

Here a couple pics of the fish & my crew today.




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You know I was right next to you on more than 1 occasion (blue open bow) and all we got was 1 spit hook on the rigger down low, 1 big one that mangled my blue fly(dipsey, spin dr, down 50ft)that got away while going west, and a whole lot of action on the sonar.

We trolled 2.5 to 3.5 east, west, north, and south. I am a rookie so there is alot to learn.

I recognized your boat and the big guy with the beard.

We were thinking that my balls were not big enough! I have 10lbers and rigger line was not going straight down, but somewhere at a 45 angle so I didn't really have control of my depth other that lowering until I dragged bottom and then adjusted from there. How heavy of rigger weights do you guys use?

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Yeah, I remember your boat now! When we set up, we were close to you. I was running on autopilot and thought I got a little close before I noticed. You turned a little away and that was helpful.

I use 12# balls but you should be OK with 10#. Given that we were only fishing 30-50 ft. down, your blow back shouldn't be that bad. You might have been running a little quick. I was running about 2.5 mph SOG. Actually, I was holding the reading from my down probe at 2.0 but that usually converts to about 2.5 on the GPS. There is a healthy current in that area from the river plume so you have to slow your RPM's going into it and the opposite going against it to keep a similar down speed. PM me if I can be of further help.


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