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Thank you everyone very much for the birthday wishes :clap:

I wanted to share with you the VERY FIRST FISH I EVER CAUGHT IN MY LIFE!

Here I am at 2-years old with my uncle (Jerry Felluca - the young slim version)


The next picture is of the man who always had time to take me fishin' (my father - Larry)

Still smokin' strong to this day! (and YES that is Jerry to the right)


Thanks again everyone for the continued support and making LOU what it is today!

Cheers :beer::beer::beer::beer:

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Bottom picture there Bob - it is my dad to the left and Jerry to the right. I'm not in the bottom picture. I don't think I was even born yet in the bottom picture :lol:

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The mind's the first to go as you'll find out some day. :D

Followed closely by your sense of fashion right Bob? :lol:

JK - Just bustin on ya! But anyone at the KOTL tournament knows what I am talking about.

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Hey, it was either go to the bash in my poopy shorts from coming in during that gale, or go with what I had in the motorhome. Besides, it takes a real man to wear plaid & stripes. & I did get a free t-shirt out of it. :D :D :D

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Thanks for only posting the early 1980's pictures and not the late 1970's (PRE-CHAD ERA) Those are realy young pics and the trout & salmon were VERY SMALL late 70's. Now the difference between me and Larry is a cigarete & 30#'s. Hope you enjoy the present me & the rest of L.O.U. gave you. WE SENT RAY AWAY FOR THE WEEK!!!!!



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