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for sale : usa 1989 Penn Yan Pro Hunter

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1989 Penn Yan Pro Hunter, fully loaded with all brand new kicker motor, motorized plainer boards, bow thruster, radar, fish finder, gps, chart plotter, fish hawk, in the slip, turn key ready, we’ll maintained, have all receipts, needs nothing! Cell is 973-229-3590. Asking $20,000 or best offer. IMG_4897.thumb.jpeg.92c8bba0f005ca448ddeae065f3f9de4.jpegIMG_4910.thumb.jpeg.0f7d6facfd98b83cf65b1e0f47f3dfea.jpegIMG_4897.thumb.jpeg.92c8bba0f005ca448ddeae065f3f9de4.jpegIMG_4897.thumb.jpeg.92c8bba0f005ca448ddeae065f3f9de4.jpegIMG_4897.thumb.jpeg.92c8bba0f005ca448ddeae065f3f9de4.jpegIMG_4898.thumb.jpeg.e79d0157df420f0f1a79173b61107793.jpegIMG_4899.thumb.jpeg.a7a25bda106fc0c230f0b49f4e777cd4.jpegIMG_4900.thumb.jpeg.faee50b62f3f65ae8da3ab90e260caf3.jpegIMG_4901.thumb.jpeg.ec76055e7145706dad7a2615c756f5ef.jpegIMG_4902.thumb.jpeg.f38deaf0e6952ca47511155f0cd6e03c.jpegIMG_4903.thumb.jpeg.780fe37a62ca19ab13948552c971bcb7.jpegIMG_4904.thumb.jpeg.b2a14f287ca3b863bb62fae1fbf3be02.jpegIMG_4905.thumb.jpeg.488bb76be0d3da37553d4bc7b24476d5.jpegIMG_4906.thumb.jpeg.d35eb6a70eab41604e3ea4ee510208b2.jpegIMG_4907.thumb.jpeg.d025f4ba965122f8f4dd2cbc74f9a7ed.jpegIMG_4908.thumb.jpeg.447c386b63125b9920ad3e6943e26598.jpegIMG_4909.thumb.jpeg.e56e2edf3947968e037a647319d01c55.jpegIMG_4910.thumb.jpeg.0f7d6facfd98b83cf65b1e0f47f3dfea.jpeg

















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Must sell
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The boat is still available, in the slip in wrights landing in Oswego, it’s ready to roll. It was fished 4 times this year, you are welcome to board it and look all you’d like, I have 25,000 in gear on it all brand new, plus my purchase price. The boat is awesome. I just have to move in another direction. I’m happy to show it at any time. 

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I would NOT buy a boat this old without a professional survey because I did just that and now I am having stringers, motor mounts and transom repair done.  I paid $7000 for my boat but I knew it needed work but not this much work.  Survey first!  Also all the electronics actually are a personal choice and that should be considered in the price.

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Hey marinecraft why do you feel the need to high jack this post with your opinions.. Just because you had issues with a boat purchase doesn't mean the next guy will. You certainly don't need a survey to check stringers, mounts and transom and other components. Apparently you do though.

Good luck C N Fish with your boat sale.

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IMHO: Comment regarding survey and especially personal experience seems inappropriate. As a inviolable rule nobody should buy a boat without a professional survey but no need to restate here or in any other ‘For Sale’ post. It’s just common knowledge. 

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Have to agree with the two comments above there’s much better ways to voice your experience than trying to sabotage someone else’s ad.


I spoke with CN about the boat and he was very up front about everything with the boat and what’s he’s done with it, was willing to provide bills for whatever he could, he was as upfront as anyone would hope for.

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Thank you to everyone for the information.

im selling my dream boat that I bought October 2021, through Mikes Marina in Mexico New York, it was the boat I dreamt of. I had no choice but to buy it for $14,000. It was winterized and shrink wrapped and stored until June 1 of last year, over the winter prior, I invested $25,000 of top of the line equipment, yes, this was optional, but my stuff is what everyone would want and it’s already there, not the old Faruno that nobody wants. Last year, I had docking issues, not knowing how to dock the boat, so I had a $5,000 bow thruster put on it, I live 4 hours away, fish one day a week, between rain and wind, I fish once a month, and if I don’t have 2 other people to fish with, that’s about every other month. The boats too big for me, my mechanic is too far. It’s not worth it and I kept my old boat, 18’, and I’m going back to trailering a boat. And my boat is beautiful, and I’m giving it away for a very reasonable price, asking $20,000, originally $30,000, I based it on other boats in my marina and what I paid and what I put into it. I spent 2 years perfecting the boat I barely use. My mechanic who did everything is available and I have receipts. I do not want to pay for winter storage or winterization for a boat I won’t use again. The slip is in wrights landing marina in slip red 34, if you’d like to take a look, I’m fairly flexible. I’m looking to have the second best day

sorry for the lengthy reply, I couldn’t be more open and honest. Life changes. 

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The first $15,000 takes this boat with a clean title and all paperwork and documentation. $25,000 into it, purchased it for $13,000, and just want it gone and call it the biggest loss I ever took. 

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