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What’s the best way to winterize Volvo 5.0 GI duoprop

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I have always had Mercruisers with alpha 1 drives and would run a 5 gallon container of pink antifreeze thru the outdrive with muffs to winterize the engine. New boat has Volvo 5.0 GI engines with duoprop drives. Can I winterize thru the drives with muffs or is it better to drain the water out of engine and manifold and water pump hoses?

Also if I do drain the water out do I have to back fill it with antifreeze? The Volvo manual just says to have a certified Volvo mechanic do it.

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I don't know that there is anything in the Volvo outdrive that would prevent the usual process of winterizing like you would do any other outdrive.  I would do some research on line to be sure if no one responds on here.  There is probably a video on You Tube.

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