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 Haven't posted many reports as of lately. Burning the candle at both ends is killing me.

   The past three days I've spent my time offshore. I absolutely despise fishing inside for stagers and will only do it when I have to. 

   I ran north until I started marking bait... Dropped the rigs down to the bait ( temp doesn't mean a whole lot). Magnum Carbon 14 silver ladder back on my deep rigger, standard silver carbon on the mid rigger, standard Shelly snack on the high rigger. Divers had mag bad toad and custom Die hard. All moonshines. 400 copper with mag geezer. 

  Friday night was very good chew. . Went back Saturday to same lat and long lines only to be greeted with negative fish. Ground out a box but it was a pick at best Sunday was a different story.Stopped a click or two south of my waypoints and settled in. Pretty good chew... Same spoons were producing. Everyone preaches Meat meat meat... Not necessary in my opinion. Yes it does work, but I'm a spoon guy and I go with what I have confidence in. 

   Don't be afraid to bump up the speed and run smaller spoons .  The bait isn't necessarily all big out there. Stomach contents confirmed my suspicion 

    Good luck to all fisherman ( stream, pier and lake). 







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Great post, thanks!

I don’t fish for the stagers either, if fact I already have my boat back home.

Its the first time I have ever seen anybody list the same spoons that are my “go too’s”!

I am all in on Moonshines, I doctor the Shelly Snack and would add a Happy Meal and a Hulk in the mis too!

Good Luck and thanks again

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