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5-19-09 5-20-09 Mexico bay browns,steelies and kings

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Same ols same old here in the bay, The browns are here but very few of any size, Dreamweaver ss frog,blk/icicle,diehard are working off the riggers. The boards are Daves Kabooms in pink sunset and blk/silver smithwicks.

The kings have spread out and are mainly biting early in the AM. 80-200fow 45-110 down frog diehard green dolphin DreamWaever standard size on the riggers.

Steelies are spread way out now from the surface to 110 down on the riggers on anything orange or red. Not much fly action to talk about.

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another good day out of Mexico today. we found several nice kings from 65-110 down over 120-200 fow DreamWeaver standard size frogs green dolphins and spooks. Green Spin Doctors with Green ATOMIK flys worked good on the deep rigger.

The steelies came on 250'-300' sections of copper on Steelie Dan and orange Slurpy, we did get a few browns mixed in but they all went back to grow up.

2.7-3.1 sog

Tight Lines

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