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wilson 16-21 may kingfish style

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well we left for wilson the 16th to get down there and have saturday and sunday as blowoff days. Monday we were able to get out there and set-up in 75 foot of water. get all set-up and bam white spindoctor with a pro am fly gets crushed. nice king. then threwout the day the same pattern and the green dot spindoctor with the pro am fly did the damage. not a bad day ended the day with 6-8. tuesday get out for an hour before getting ran off the water by mother nature winds. we went 1-1. then wedensday we get out and we did bad. We were 1-7 and i lost over a 100.00 in gear. dipsy fired and crossed with the other dipsy/ lost everything. two rigger fires reeled up nothing there. to include spindocotrs and flies. then on thursday mourning i went with seaducktion. i had all the rods that day becuase the wife went shopping so i went fishing. i was 6-7 in 3 hours of fishing. what a great trip. I head back to iraq tomarrow so. most of the salmon were all caught and released to see another day. Here are the pics


sydnie with her first king


tanner with her first king


tyler with his first king


me with my first king of the season


the family with the days catch. the four from the left to right are from seaducktion


syd with another salmon


i told the two older ones to stay awake becuase if not syd would catch all the fish


me with a king







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The kids will remember that trip for the rest of their lives. After you get back & the "I missed you dad"s are over, you know they'll ask you to take them out again.

Stay safe.

Tom B.


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That is a fact on what Tom just stated , Nothing better in life than share an experience like that with your children . Thanks for the report and pictures are great. With out them the story just would not be the same.

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Glad you were able to head west with us Chris. Now get your butt back home safely in Sept, and we will head out again next spring. You are welcome aboard any time. I will have video of this trip up soon.


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