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Wilson May 16-21, 2009

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We rolled into town on Saturday, meet with west winds and waves building so we put the boat at the dock and got it all rigged. Sunday was worse than Saturday, WNW winds with waves 6-8' so we sat at the dock again.

Monday I knew it was game on, light west winds, and sun. Left the dock a little late, I have dad, his older brother, and we had to wait for my friend Mac to get here. I set the first rod, which was my probe rigger, and attached to that was the Pin. Down 50', set the rubber band on the handles, turned around, and I hear fish fish fish. We are locked into our first king of the trip. Mac was allowed to put the first king of the season, and on the pin in the SEADUCKTION for the year. A nice teenager. Put the fish in the box, set the rigger again, did not have the second rod riggered and the pin fires again. This time it is my turn on the pin, it was game on. After a good battle we netted a sweet high teens KING. I would est. it weighed 19 or 20lbs. Took a pic and let that big boy go, hope to see him in our end of the lake in a few weeks. We after that we settled in, took fish off the riggers and the dipseys. NBK Mag, Spin dr., or echip all pulling ATOMMIK flies. We ended the day going 8 for 10, with 4 for 5 on the pin. We will be heading out tomorrow, so will have another report toorrow.

If you want a little fun, put that pin in the rigger for kings. Good Luck, till tomorrow.

ok here are a few of the pics:


First king on the pin.


Mac with another king taken on the dipsey with an echip ATOMMIK fly.



Unlce Bob with his first spring king.


A pic of the cooler, we kept 5 for the freezer, I let the biggest one go, hope see that brute this fall.


Ok we got a little earlier start this morning, heard the winds were supposrd to kick up. We set up the same area, straight out, at our marks the fish were down on the bottom unlike yetserday. Did not run the pin today, wanted dad and my uncle to have fun. Took a little bit to figure out what they wanted but we were able to bring a few aboard. ended the morning going 5 for 7 with all of them being 19-22lbs. All fish came on White echips or Spin Drs pulling ATOMMIK flies, I will tell you those new live action flies really produce. I will have to loook up the name and post it. Our last 2 came as a double with waves approaching 4-5foot, so we called it after getting the last in the boat. I took some video, and pics, which I will post when I got home, forgot my camera wire. I will say we are looking good for kings the size we had last fall. All of our fish today we were released. The dipseys were the ticket out 275 on a 2.5 setting. Hope to get out this afternoon.







May 20,

Well the wind was supposed to pick up again so we headed out early again. It was just the 3 of us again, so I set a 6 rod spread with 3 riggers, 2 wire dipseys, and one 2 color core with 3 oz of weight off the board. We started slow, but it picked up real fast. The pin was back in the rigger again, and again it took fish. We ended the day going 9 for 14, with one triple, and one Quad plus one. Yup we had 5 rods go, talk about fire drill. We got 3 out of the 5. Could have used a few extra hands that morning. Same program with the NBK mag on pin parked at 50'. White echips pulling the ATOMMIK net pen flies, proam flies, or the new double color fly, not sure of the name. These fish were not quite as big, but we did get a couple that were tipping the scales at 18-20lbs. We fished straight out of port, from 85-125 fow. Riggers were parked at 50,69,85. Dipseys were out 225 and 300.



This one came on the new Savant Crusher spoon.


Every wonder what it is like to fish with the REAL Grumpy Old Men, well I can tell you. lol


May 21

Ok last day of our trip, we fished for 3.5 hours, and it was one to remember. I had my buddy Chris with us this am. He was out with his family in their boat for the same days we were there. With his boat on the trailer, and the kids wanting to go back to the falls, he was free to join us for our short trip. It was on from the word go. Same program, 6 rods, the fish wanted the wires bad that day. We ended up going 7 for 9 in 3.5 hours, with 6 of the hits coming off the wire. We got a couple small fish, but we also had a couple in the mid teens, and one pushing the 20lb mark. This was Chris's last trip for kings before heading back to Iraq for another couple of months, so I was happy that he was able to leave Wilson with sore arms on his last day. Thanks Chris for what you guys/girls do for us over there, and get your as s back here safe, we have chromers to catch this fall.







I have more pics and video to post, so keep your eyes open. Enjoy.

The ATOMMIK live series fly in the net pen pattern were smoking behind the White/glow Spinny or echip. The Stinger NBK Mag took its share of fish also. The Savant Crusher in the diehard pattern (called NBK by the company) was coming on strong the last 2 days.


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Rich, Great report!

One question though, when you refer to the "pin", what is it?

I am just getting home from a long day at Wilson....Just couldn't get anything going.

Fished for 5 hours in the AM with 1 knock off. :(

Went looking for some perch but decided to go back and hit the big water again. Finally picked up 2 shakers and a 10 lb. King but that was it.

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The pin is a Center Pin reel on a float rod we use for fishing steelies in the rivers. The reel has no drag, just a clicker, so I use one of my small rubber bands to hold the reel in place until the release, then just rip it off the handles. It is a blast, just you and the fish, I think the reason it was so successful was the lighter line that was on the reel. I was using 12lb suffix, which will give better action than the heavier lines. We stayed inside most of the boats, and found the fish were there and willing to play, not sure if they are still in that skinnier water or not. Good Luck.


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Great report Rich!! Sounds like everyone had a great time! From the one pic, it looks like you were parked almost next to me? We just got back from spending Memorial day weekend there, but the fishing was actually pretty tuff for us. HUGE bait balls everywhere and the kings I cleaned were FULL of alewives. Tuff for a dummy like me to compete against so much of the real thing. Some of the bait balls were 75ft from top to bottom. The screen was great though and the fish are there in droves. Glad you got out there to play this spring :yes::yes:

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Yea we were docked in #2, right next to Lonewolf. One of the kings I cleaned last week had 6 full grown adult alewives in its belly, and still wanted more. Good to hear the bait is alive and well. HOpe to be out again next year. Good Luck this year in the ProAms.


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Awesome job Rich, great report!! some day Patty and I will have to make the trip there, every year we say where going to do it but it never happens. Maybe we'll get a chance to meet up in the BT derby this weeked.

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