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Global warming my ass! We froze our butts off on the lake this morning. With one of the strongest east winds I have ever seen yesterday, I wasn't expecting much today. Sure enough, the lake was a steady 40 degress from top to bottom from 50fow to 350fow.

We managed to find a school of fish in the first hour in 150fow though and go 4 for 4 with one teenage king (180' dipsey with mt.dew flasher/mt.dew fly), two cohos (orange and pink spoon with 3 splitshot off planer) and one 5lb king (120' dipsey with black ice spinny and green fly). The rest of the day we searched and managed only two more bites, one 5lb king on a gold and yellow spoon down 65' over 305fow and a 6lb steelie over 160fow on a 10color leadcore with a magnum glow frog.

Another slow day, we should have run down to the bar, but the weather lady was forecasting rough seas... lake was as flat as ice all morning. Tomorrow the weather lady says it will be calm seas, hopfeully she's right!


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