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Question for folks with kicker experience. My boat is a Trophy 2359 with a swim platform, and I just bought a Yamaha T9.9 20" shaft kicker for it. I figured 20" would work fine, but I am now second guessing myself, wondering if the 25" shaft would be better. Anybody got any thoughts. The motor is still crated, and I can probably exchange it if I need the 25".



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In my opinion, I would suggest you make sure the prop on the kicker will be below the bottom of the hull when deployed. If not you will most likely experience cavitation in rougher conditions.


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I run a Trophy 2302 and I have a long shaft Mercury 4-Stroke on mine. It is longer than 25" but I'm not sure how much. It is sold as a motor for sailboats and is called "Mercury Sailpower". I had a long shaft Mercury on a Trophy 2002 and it would cavitate in rough water.


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I also have a trophy 2359 since 1993(new then) I just bought my second

yama ht9.9 20" remote electric kicker. had the other one since 1995, still

working well but thought i should get a new one. the 20" is just perfect

for me. One thing, do not try to mount your highthrust 9.9 on the swim

platform as it probably will buckle it everytime u give it some juice. I

cut my platform and used a good garlick mount for four stroke highthrust motors. had mine on the platform for a while and a friend was driving the

boat and when he gave it some gas i thought the platform was going to

break. hope this helps. there must be 15 or 20 yama ht 9.9 in owsego

harbor and have really not seen any longer than 20".

john :)

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