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JON'S Little Salmon Brown Trout derby

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Liquid plumber 1st place

Primetime 2nd Place

COLDSTEEL 3rd place

A-TOM-MIK 4th place

Tough conditions, good job done by jon and the Sponsors came through

66 teams

Miss em top honors youth division

Great Job Jon!!! thank you

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It was tough conditions. I think we were one of only 10 teams to box out which was hard. We (Good times) finished 10th. Let me tell ya about the box that LP put up. 6 fish, 48+ lbs, WOW :clap: Impressive boys

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So there we were in 8ft of water.. picking up for the day and all of a sudden.... An 8ft ROGUE wave came out of nowhere and took land shark off his feat :rofl: ......... there was about 2 feet of water in the back off the boat and Mike was drenched from head to two.... I think thats why they call him LANDshark.... Georges (Good Times) 2008 30ft sportcraft :inlove: took in without a problem though...

Congrats Liquid Plummer :yes::yes::yes:

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I would like to thank everyone who worked hard to make this event happen. It was a fun event and I hope it becomes a anual event. I also would like to thank my crew for finding fish in prefishing GREAT JOB GUY"S.


Ps. You could not keep the Dreamweaver green eye glow ghost in the water for the first two hr's

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We were happy the fish stayed there. We actually did better the week before!

Below is a picture of the winning browns. Missing from the photo is the big fish of the tourney, just over 12lbs. Fish Wish Taxidermy is mounting the big fish as part of sponsoring the event.

Team Liquid Plumber


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