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Fishermen catch 100 year old Alaska rockfish


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I just can't imagine a fishery, even the alaska oceans, with one boat sustaning a catch of " 75 tons of pollock " on a regular basis. I feel bad when I hook 1 fish deep and can't release it. ;(

The Alaskan fisheries are well regulated. Many commercial catches are limited by a total tonnage. ie: When the total tonnage of a certain fish is caught, all commercial boats fishing for that species MUST halt fishing for that species and return to port with whatever they have in their hold. The season for that species is then closed to commercial fishing. This is STRICTLY enforced.

They are equally strict in job opportunities in Alaska. Just look at what they have to say about foreign workers: http://www.labor.state.ak.us/esd_alaska ... arning.htm

I wish other States were as strict.

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