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My son and I went up yesterday morning and headed west and found some trout that wanted to play, wasn’t hot and heavy but a steady pick, small spoons on the riggers and sticks on the church boards fished 15-45fow from the green can back to Rudy’s. Stinger alewife and gator on the riggers and black and silver on the boards 2mph at the ball was our best speed 5-6 with a 5lb being our biggest. Once the trout stop biting we heading out from the green can and setup in 150fow for some silver, trolled west to 250fow with out seeing much then turned around and headed back, seen maybe 5-7 hooks with very little bait. Started trolling back and did 2-3 using stingers e-chip, white with green dots and a glow hammer 2.3 – 2.5 down 95 on the riggers. All fish look good and healthy and where released but one BT for the grill my son wanted. Sorry for the lack of pictures, left the camera in the truck. ;(:@;(:@


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