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Newbie looking to bag first Laker any help

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I inadvertently catch them with spoons. More bottom oriented than the other species. I;d suggest that you do a search of earlier threads on Lakers . Should be plenty o f good reading there.

Tom B.


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Out west here we run big stick baits, like the cisoc kid wranglers. Once they have gone

to the bottom about the only way I know that works great is to Jig for them . Of course

That is here in Oregon and California

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set your down riggers 5' above the bottom when your fishing. run your leads no longer then 10' as lakers are lazy fish. go slow 1.5 to 2.4 mph, as you find fish on the bottom put your boat in neutral. let your spoons flutter down for 10 sec put boat in gear. this should help works for me.

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