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On the water by 05:30AM with a couple newbies (Louie & Mel) & headed out the chute to set up in 60fow. Set 2 wire dipseys & 4 riggers w/cheaters at staggered depths. Trolled North out to 250' & back to 100 adjusting for various depths. Zip, Nada, not even a mark. Set up a West/East troll & ended in front of the nuke plant with Mel catching a nice 10# steelie on a glow wonderbread spoon out of 75 fow. Went back thru the same area 75-100 fow 4 different times thru the day and caught 7 more steelies on 42 second spoon, purple glow frog, white coho killer, & watermelon. At one time we had a triple going but only landed 2 of them. On our final pass of the day Louie landed a nice 17# king (his first). Off the water by 5PM & ended the day 9 for 11. A beautiful day on the water.






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PS: I had a newbie at the wheel and came too close to another fella in a Starcraft. We hooked dipsey's and he ended up with my dipsey, spinny, & fly. Promised to return it at the dock. I remember the boat. Hey, where'd he go?

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Good job Bob, Newbies are fun!...I was at the Niagara bar Fri the 5th with three of them and me. One friend from Oneonta (Rhett), his son-in-law, and a friend of his. The boys (Tony and Craig) from Geneva, mid twenties age came out for the first time on the big "O" (young arms for copper rigs) :lol: . We had a wild time with Coho city off the end of the bar 50 to 100ft. Nothing huge but nonstop action over the same path for the afternoon. Wads of bait, right on the dropoff north of the red can, 4 coho kept, a double hookup one steelhead returned, two lost at the boat, (newbie netting) while I struggled with the east wind and 3 foot chop handling the boat. One rip that broke the swivel on a dipsey rig, lost it all including the monkey puke nk 28. We ran four dipsies 3 and 2 settings staggered setbacks, two riggers with free sliders 35 and 50 down, and a copper out 250 ft down the chute pulling a spinney and jitter fly. That was enough for me and these guys, in the choppy water. Lots of tournament boats out there, but all the area to ourselves in the afternoon. Three more that can't wait too come back for more..Hopefully I can put them on some kings next time. They were there Wed. the 3rd and we (Rhett and I) got a full box in the afternoon there but couldn't find them Fri. Will try the Oak this weekend and maybe Mon. before I gotta go back to drivin until the 4th of July.


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