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Honeoye honeoye walleye

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if you got the boat for it try erie and if you don't make your way to oneida. i would rather travel an hour to either than head to honeoye for maybe one walleye. Don't get me wrong you can get skunked on these lakes but i feel ya have a better shot ;)

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I've fished Honeoye for 6-7years now mostly for gills and croppy and pick up a keeper eye on the smaller gigs now and then. Never marked then on the FF on those nice flat days. If you get out on those windy days out of the south with whitecaps theres a good chance you will find suppended eyes and a lot of them in the deep water. We got eight in the boat and lost that many more in about to hours drifting spinners and worms, only one keeper. Also put out a suspending Rapala firetiger small size jointed and just let it drift. It hooked up three or four times.I fish it in the evening and will get one just before dark and thats it for the night. Hope this help out.

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