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Ibay Sat.. Fired-up!!

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Worked with Capt Rich Fiandach on his boat Fired-up Saturday. (wow, what a boat!!) We had a steady slow pick from 6:30-11;00, then it just shutdown for us.No steady pattern, or particular program. Took hits on wires, riggers and boards, and one on the full-core. Mixed bag of Kings,steel,and coho. Lost a monster steelhead that broke our leader. Still jumping 5 minutes later trying to shake a white echip with green glow fly. Also saw what i beleive to be a dead Sturgeon. Big fish, big scales decomposing but had to be 5ft long.

(add pictures and any other details not captured above here)

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Yes Rich knows his stuff! Thats why we make a pretty good team ;) Plus he is a blast to fish with. I will be running some more trips with him this year. You will be seeing me more again around Mayers. Setting up the new rig, first venture hopefully this weekend. Thanks.


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