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(Your Name) : Fishing Report




Date(s): 6/12/2009

Time on Water: 6 AM - 2 PM

Temp/Weather: Sunny, 70F

Wind Speed/Direction: Ripple from the North

Waves: 1 or less

Surface Temp: 53 - 58F

Location: Olcott





Total Hits: 8

Total Boated: 4

Species Breakdown: 1 King 3 Steelhead

Hot Lure: Green Atomic Fly, Orange Crush, Green Dolphin Stinger Spoons

Trolling Speed: 2-3 mph

Down Speed: N/A

Boat Depth: 160 - 220

Lure Depth: 20 - 90




Fished Friday 6/12/09 out of Olcott, not alot of boats most were in the Orleans County Pro-Am. Most of the day was a slow pick, did manage to get 8 hits. Picked up a 12 pound king that hit a Doctor/Atomic Fly (Green) a little west of Olcott in 180 feet down 40. Picked up 3 steelhead one off the boards with a Reef Runner Deep Little Ripper in blue and rest came off of Orange Crush and Green Dophin spoons off of the sliders down 20 - 30 feet. Lots of bait fish marked inside 150 feet of water, no takers. Majority of action was between 180 - 200 feet of water due north of Olcott and a little west towards Wilson.

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