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We were fishing on Stillwater Reservoir last year and DEC checked us. First time they checked us they asked for the licenses for the people holding rods, not everyone in the boat. About a half hour later they noticed that my girlfriend and another woman were now fishing and came over and checked them for their licenses also. Since the women don't carry wallets, they didn't have their licenses and got tickets but were told they could continue fishing. All we had to do was mail in a copy of their licenses and the court dropped the tickets.

What's this someone mentioned about jeopardizing your guides license? This would concern me too and I haven't heard of this before.

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called ECON this morning He said he was never asked that question but said he would think 4 or5 but also said if they can handle the rod themselves that he would presume tha would be fine. He also said he would be disappointed if we dont take the younger kids to get them invloved with the outdoors. So that answers it. So now i am going to double efforts to get my little one ready :lol:

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