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19 to 23 ft boats


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Looking at new/used boats that are easy to trailer in the 19 to 23 foot category. I fish Lake Ontario, Champlain and Lake George. Love them all at different times of the year. Boats that have caught my eye are the Parker 21 ft, Arima 19 ft, Trophy 21 ft and the Sea Swirl Striper, all outboards. I like the looks of the hardtop on the Parker and Arima but not sure if that's a good thing in the summer. Any thoughts on any of these? Other brands? Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Happy fishing!

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You had best check out first what you can reasonably tow with your vehicle and then see what trailer comes with the brakes that you will need,either surge or electric.

Lake Champlain and lake George both have a lot of fairly high hills to cross until you see the water....

If you are limited in your tow capacity then Aluminum would be your best bet.

Big outboards tend to do damage to transoms when they get banged around on the roads even with transom savers.You might want to look at some I/Os,besides inboard/ outboard engines do not easily get stolen.

As for hard tops,they give you the luxury of being able to lock things up and you will not have to drag everything back and forth all the time.

A hard top combined with an I/O gives you the potential of heating and air conditioning.

Just my 2 cents.

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I was in the search mode about a year and half ago or so. I narrowed by choices

to a Pro-line, Seaswirl, Parker and Sportcraft. Utimately settled on the 'swirl...which

I have been very happy with. It has the "t-top" style hardtop, as opposed to a full

blown regular hardtop like the sportcraft would have had. Would have loved a Parker

but couldn't find anything used that wasn't salt use, then got a great deal on the 'swirl

as a new "leftover". The only real thing I had problems with was adjusting to the extra

"roll" the hardtop seems to add in rough seas...but we're working on that!


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Thanks. I run bags when trolling. I should clarify....I meant that it seems to

roll more when under power in rough water....like if you're coming in the troughs.

My last boat was the same size, but not a hard top, and not as deep a vee......


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I bought a 22 foot Penn Yan about 2 months ago. I trailer it anywhere I go. Shortest distance I trailer it for fishing is about 65 miles to Ontario. This boat and trailer loaded is probably close to the max towing of my Quad cab Dakota (about 4700#). I've trailered to Owasco twice, Oswego and Mexico 3 times total, and Cooperstown (Otsego Lake) this past Sunday. The truck seems to handle it fine, it does work in good hills but isn't overworked. I believe the trailer and boat are balanced right as far as weight distribution and the brakes work. I would not want to tow anything heavier or tow this without brakes. I did install a big transmission cooler.

As far as the boat for fishing, I love it. We've got 80 hours on it in less than 2 months. I set up traxstech stuff this past week and fished 8 rods at Otsego with no problems (4 riggers and 4 dypsies). We still have enough room with 4 people in the boat to not feel overcrowded. It's an I/O with the doghouse.

Good luck

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