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(Your Name) : Fishing Report




Date(s): 6/20/09

Time on Water: (5:00 AM – 11:00 PM)

Temp/Weather: 60 maybe. cloudy with rain moving in

Wind Speed/Direction: (E at 8 MPH)

Waves: (1-2 Footers

Surface Temp: low 50's

Location: Hugh's





Total Hits: 2

Total Boated: 1

Species Breakdown: 1 brown,3lb,12oz

Hot Lure: fire red dreamweaver

Trolling Speed: 2.8)

Down Speed: ?

Boat Depth: 115'

Lure Depth: 24'




I spent too much time out deeper looking for the other side of the break. Saw afew pods of bait fish and hooks but all-in-all a slow day. Even had a nice chop on the water but wind was from the east. Never heard anything good about an East wind. Hope all the others out there had better luck


Channel 69

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