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I-Bay Tuesday 6/23/09 evening fish

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Chris : Fishing Report




Date(s): 6/23/09

Time on Water: 6 PM- 8PM

Temp/Weather: 80 or so, sunny

Wind Speed/Direction: N <5 mph

Waves: <1 foot

Surface Temp: 64 degrees

Location: directly north of I-Bay





Total Hits: 3

Total Boated: 3

Species Breakdown: 2 kings, 1 steelhead

Hot Lure: all on DW SS Dirty White Boy - free slider

Trolling Speed: 2.7-3.2 sog

Down Speed: 1.8-2.2 mph

Boat Depth: 120-165 fow

Lure Depth: free slider on a rigger parked at 55 feet




Went out for a nice evening fish - solo once again. Since I was alone, I was targeting quantity vs. quality. 3/3 (kings around 5-7 lbs, the steelie around 3 or 4lbs) All bites on a free slider Dirty White Boy on my shallowest rigger at 55 feet. Down temp. was 42 degrees at 60-70 feet. Fish were very high tonight (in top 10-30 feet). I fished two riggers for about an hour and then changed to a 5-color core, but no takers on the core. The fish liked the stealthy slider bite tonight....

All in all, there was good action, good marks on the graph, some bait, and nice temperature stratification.

I think things are starting to set up very nicely after the garbage east wind last week. FWIW, lots of surface debris, bugs, etc. and I saw a few swirls hitting the surface which I presume were probably steelhead.

Good luck to all,

- Chris

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Chris, you continue to boat fish every trip. Good for you and thanks for the info. Guys like you make figuring out where to start when I only get out once a week a whole lot easier.

Killing me sitting at these soccer fields at night when the weather is great and fish are biting! Made a decision a long time ago that I will not miss my kids sports for fishing. Reaching the end of the run for my 2nd kid and with just one left I hope to be able to get out more in the evenings. I enjoy the sports, but love the fishing.

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Thanks for the compliments - but I made the same promise to my wife and kids that you made - never sacrificing time with them for fishing (thank goodness the fishing is usually good at 5 AM when they're all sleeping, or during a friend's birthday party at 6PM on a weekday!).

This is a great site with fantastic advice - I'm glad to hear my reports help out, like others' reports help me each week.

Good luck - we'll be at it again Saturday morning....

- Chris

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Thanks for sharing a good report!

I finally got my boat back from McMillians. A one day tune up job turned out to be six days job as they did not have the part in stock for a simple water pump replacement in the outboard engine. I did not have the boat on my fathers day which turned out to be a blessing in disguise because I had to get my house ready for my parents stay with us.

Indeed, I ran out to the lake after 8 p.m. last night. Started trolling in 80 FOW. Debris everywhere. One hit but nobody home. Perfect sunset. \

Hope to head out this weekend.

Tight lines.

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Chris - As I indicated in my post tonight, your post helped us make a decision to go shallow and enabled us to catch a couple of steelhead instead of "getting skunked" again! Beautiful evening to be out - even better when you're catchin fish! Thanks again.

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