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Fishing Report Wed Evening

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Pat : Fishing Report Wed Evening




Date(s): (June 24)

Time on Water: (5:00 PM – 8:30 PM)

Temp/Weather: (85°F and beautiful)

Wind Speed/Direction: (NW at ~5-8 MPH)

Waves: (Calm)

Surface Temp: (66°F)

Location: (East of Ginna)





Total Hits: (3)

Total Boated: (2)

Species Breakdown: (2 steelhead)

Hot Lure: (NK28 Watermelon, Stinger NBK in Green/Yellow)

Trolling Speed: (2.5-2.9 SOG)

Down Speed: ()

Boat Depth: (90-100 ft)

Lure Depth: (1-10ft)




Wife and I out for a beautiful evening. Fair amount of bait pods and a few large fish marked 50-80' down, but no takers for first 2 hours, hence the "head to the surface" decision. Thanks to Chris' I-Bay report yesterday, we (eventually) decided to see if we could hit some steelhead near the surface. Hit 2 on in-line planers with 1oz splitshot ~ 4' ahead of spoon. Both planer hits on yellow/green NBK's. Again taking Chris' info, decided to raise one rigger up to ~30 feet and put the watermelon spoon on a slider - so 10-15' down? - and the 3rd one hit that. Spoons 50' behind planers, and 75' out. Both fish released successfully. Thanks, again, "momay4000" - we were getting pretty discouraged after a couple trips just washing lures. (Wife is bashful, so she made me crop the picture!)


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Thanks - but the credit goes to the website here for providing the format, I only filled in the blanks. Having the "vital stats" at the beginning of the message is concise and helpful if you're in a hurry!

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