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Fair Haven Wounded Warriers project

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We had a great weekend in Fair Haven. We had the oportunity to fish with some of our soldiers from Fort Drum that are back to recooperate and recieve care for their injuries. The town recieved them with open arms. They arrived at Anchor Resort on Friday and got to do some bay fishing before diner. The fire department provided them with an escort thru town. To everyones surprise the streets were lines with folks to greet them into town and every emergency vehicle was there to light the place up.

The American Legion provided them with a diner and desert that would have been enough to feed most of their base.

On Saturday morning we all decended on Anchor Resort for breakfast before heading onto the lake. Shade Tree, Trophy Nuts, and Popeye hosted these guys on the water.

After a few hours of fishing we proceeded back to Anchor Resort where the weekend residents lead by Dana and Bob Bernetski (Hot Tub) provided them with a lunch fit for kings.

The Chamber and its members helped with deserts and gift bags for the guys.

The one heart wrenching moment for me was during a conversation with some of these great men. They expressed that they never recieved a open welcome like this, not even in their own home towns. Actually the opposite occured where they were not made to feel welcome in some places.

Let's remember what these guys and gals are giving up for us. The men we met nearly lost their lives to help protect the values that we believe in and a way of life that we take for granted.

Next time you see a soldier on the street or in an airport take a second to shake their hand and thank them. I have a new found appreciation for what it means to them.

http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h320/ ... rriers.jpg

http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h320/ ... ercrew.jpg

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Excellent post. Any chance of getting advance notice on the site when this occurs again? I'm sure a lot of folks here would love to be among those standing on the streets to welcome them. Some might even donate their services to help out. Congrats to you and all the others who made this possible. :clap::clap::clap::yes:

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We are planning the same event again next year. Veterans will be friday / sat and kids event sunday, last weekend in June (free fishing weekend). We expect more vets next year so we will need more boats.

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