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New for the season

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Alright guys....from Santee Claus to the BPS sales I know most of you have some new toys to play with this year. So lets hear about them. I'll start:

Depth Raider

600' Copper from the fish Doc

Otter boats

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I kind of behaved myself this year. other than two new wiper motors, with bigger arms and blades for the boat. the only new toys I got were 4 Accudepth Plus 47 LC's to retire some old GL 47 LC's. Oh, and a new probe for the Dept Raider to replace the one I lost last trip last year ;(


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Here is my list:

4 new Diawa SG47LCA's

2 New 9'6" Dipsey rods

44 new NK spoons from the NK sale

Onboard charger

I will be purchasing a new antena for the boat tomorrow. Hopefully more to come!

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To be honest with you, I only got a few new things...2 new braided dipsy rigs, 2 wire dipsy rigs, 8 mono dipsy/downrigger rigs, 10 tite loc rod holders, 3 canon dowriggers, couple hundred spoons, 40 or so flies, 30 or so j-plugs, a dozen or so flashers/dodgers, planer board setup, Raymarine rc520, Raymarine l750, vhf radio,....

Oh...and a Trophy 2460...

If only the wife knew how much I have blown in the last 5 months...I would be single again I'm sure! :shock:

A friend took me out for Kings last fall and that started the ball rolling...I am addicted!

"Hi, my name is Draggin Ballz and I have a "King addiction"...."

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saved up all winter aaaannnd i bought a full tank of gas..looks like its gonna last all spring and into summer pretty sad considering it only holds 40 gal been taping some lures maybe ill dig the camera out and see if i can show ya ant never posted a pitchure yet

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Well, believe it or not, the 1st five do count towards being able to fish this year…

Clothes dryer

Furnace Expansion Tank set-up

Computer & Cluster board for wife’s van

EGR pickup tube for truck

Root Canal

Rim, tire & bearings for boat trailer

Homemade rigger board w HM rod holders

Bulk spool of Maxima

10Lb Mullet

23 spoons, 6 plugs, bunch of flies

Box of old time trott-line clips

(New bill collector for 1st five doesn’t count though)

Come on tax refund!!!! :lol:

Tom B.


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new eagle fishfinder

30 or so nks - from the sale

100 newly tied flies- hope i have enough

couple of tackle boxes

assortment of tape


1 new rod holder for "bubba"

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2- 47accudepth plus spooled with wire and 2 10- 6 heartland rods for wire divers

This list is going to go on forever, so to sum it up I'm glad the wife doesn't know about most of it. - Mick

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Lets see:

2 new accudepth 47 pluses

1 newSG47lc

2 new dipsey rods

Some of Tom's new custom Spin Drs with flies

A new Garmin 545 gps

A new T8 kicker with solid bracket and remote controls

A couple 15lb shark weights are on the way

A bunch of small teminal tackle and I am sure some more flies and stuff thru out the summer.

Come on warm weather.


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Humminbird 937c with a dual freq. transducer & GPS.

Wire dipsey rig

Atomic Flies

Dreamweaver spoons (gift )

Navionics XL9 - Great Lakes and Maritimes - SD Card

Other assorted STUFF

No wonder my wallet's empty. :shock:

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2 tekota 500lc's

Yamaha HT8 kicker

Restocked my optimisers.

I itemized most everything and got good boat insurance.

1/2 tank of gas . I think price is going down.

1 new boat battery

Hope to splast test on big pond tomorrow or Friday.

I got a good icecutter keel and marine snowbrush from LOU.com.

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Guest ReelDiel

Trolling Plunder:

2 - tekota 600lc's

4 - walker dipsys

20 - nks


Bassin Plunder:

1 - Daiwa-s spinning rod

3 - Abu Revo SX reels

asst lures


i've been pretty good this year!cheers.gif

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I'm going to try some of the plastic/rubber swim bait lures this year so I went to Cabela's in Hamburg, Pa. and Wheeling, WV. and dropped several hundred on that stuff. I didn't have any room for more spoons, stickbaits and dodgers.

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OMG....I don't know where to start, but you guys are making me feel a lot better. Sounds like a few of you joined the empty pockets club with me.

It all started with a trip to Alabama 5-6 weeks ago to pick up a Sea Ray 240 flybridge with twin I/O's, but it's never been a fishing boat so I'm trying to outfit it the best I can within my means knowing I'll upgrade as time goes on.

Garmin gps

Furuno 667 w/thru hull ducer

2 walker downriggers

Tite loc rod holders & track system

super ski mast & planer board

gutted and customized boat interior

various engine parts

bottom painted boat (Blue Water ablative)

topside painted boat (Interlux)

antifoul painted outdrives (Pettit)

New sunbrella bimini for bridge

New sunbrella aft cover

various sunbrella compartment covers

vinyl boat name........Lucky Enuff

lots of odds & ends

more boat stuff to come (but not to much more the wife says!)

Custom spin docs & flys from Tom (with plenty of Hammer flys thrown in)

15 J plugs

30+ spoons (fishlander, dreamweaver, nk & others)

15 jointed rapalas in 7,9 & 11

10 spin docs w some baby docs thrown in

plenty more to come, no matter what the wife says :lol: )

Splash down in 2 weeks :D


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2 New Wire Dipsey Rigs w/ Tekota 600LC

1 Downrigger Rig Talora w/Tekota 600

1 Daiwa Accudepth Plus

2 Daiwa Sealine w/ Firewolf rods from Dicks $69.99 ea. couldn't resist

Bunch of Spin Doctors, Spoons, Atomik Tour. Flies from GLOutdoors

2 Mason Redi-Core setups 5 Color & 10 Color

2 Church Walleye Boards

Some new stuff for the boat ( Heater, Stereo, etc. )

Now if it will just get warm enough for us to use it.


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Guest ReelDiel

actually i'm still waiting on them to be deliverd from abu. Pretty much all my non trolling reels (baitcasters)are abu and i have always like there product from what i can see they seem to be a reel nice reel.

i have been using the old quantum 1310's and i really like them just a little heavy and big for casting all day.

i have to say the reel i judge them all against now is a BPS extreme i bought 2 of these last season on cleareance for like 40 bucks. i have to say they are some really sweet reels... i couldn't believe how well they performed for $40. i mean all day throwing spinnerbaits and cranks effortlessly.

What kind of spinning reels are you using????? I have the Okuma Inspira's sweet reels!!!!!

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