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Fishing Set up?


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Well i just got a new boat and now i have the great joy of setting it up just the way I want!!! I will troll ontario a lil bit with it but it will be an equal opportunity fishing vessel! She will troll for walleyes on onieda, erie, conesus and of course the occasional trip to fingerlakes for trout. I have two riggers for the back but my question is what rod holder configuration should i use to hit all my fisheries with ease.

The boat is 18.5 crestliner sport fish with a 115 johnson. I was thinking i would do some sort of track system but are they worth all the money? Any pictures or thoughts are welcome! I also need to be able to pop them off to store with a cover on while on the trailer due to no garage :(

a pic for your reference :yes:


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I would definitely recommend a track system it gives you more flexibility to adapt to the conditions. I would probably move that rod storage right in front of your engine and put up 4 pipes or 5 on either side of your boat for upright storage when running or rigging. The only advice I give you is to lay things out before you drill and back everything up with aluminum plating and SS bolts and hardware. Its like an open canvas enjoy setting it up its half the fun.

There are a ton of options out there, do some searching and research and find exactly what you want

If you have any questions on specifics drop me a PM or ask on here.

Have fun

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I went to fat nancys..(my favorite store..lol) and I got two three rod holder setups...they have four quicck mount screws.you mount the bases where you want them..the rod holders are all adjustable..so you can cover all angles...they are made of anodized aluminum..about $150 a piece..if I remember right...

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